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Men’s Fashion Guide – The Checklist Of Great Smart Casual Outfits

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A style like business casual for men involves clothing you would wear in an office or other professional settings. On the other hand, casual attire is what you wear when you hit the clubs or hang out with your friends. 

But what about a smart casual outfit for men? It combines the best of both worlds. This style doesn’t look too formal, but it’s still elegant enough for various occasions. If that sounds interesting, here’s what you should know about smart casual attire for men!

Smart Casual Basics

mens chino pants

Chino Pants

Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Classic Leather Shoes

Classic Leather Shoes



Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets

Men's Leather Wallets

Men's Leather Wallets

Men's watch

Men's Watch

The Basics of Smart Casual Outfit for Men

The crucial thing to understand is that it’s all about the combination. It’s often hard to place a clothing item in “casual” or “business” categories. If you want to master the smart casual look, the trick is to combine informal and professional attire.

For example, you can pick a simple white t-shirt for a casual look. But putting on a nice blazer adds the “smart” touch to the casual appearance.

The biggest mistake to avoid is going with any excessive patterns and logos. For example, navy blue black high-end sneakers fit the smart casual look. But picking the same sneakers with a childish-like design doesn’t fit the dress style. 

smart casual for men

It would be best if you also stuck to well-fitted clothing items. A loose shirt isn’t a part of a smart-casual look. Wear clothes that are cut to fit and ensure they are ironed and clean. Keep colors simple, and don’t forget to add accessories for a touch of elegance.

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Where to Wear Smart Casual Clothes?

Is your best friend planning a wedding in the open? Are you heading for dinner with family and friends? Did you receive a party invitation, or are you getting ready for a date? Perhaps it’s not a special occasion, and you are just preparing for another day at work.

These are all situations suitable for smart casual clothing. It’s not an exaggeration to say you can wear it almost anywhere. But if you are having second thoughts, check with the event organizer. That ensures you’ll look appropriate and avoid being over or under-dressed.

Essential Items for a Perfect Smart Casual Look

Are you ready to build a wardrobe of smart casual attire for men? Here are the main items that will ensure you fit this style perfectly!


It’s impossible to imagine casual wear for men without jeans. Go with high-quality and straight-leg classic jeans. They shouldn’t be too tight or loose, so make sure they fit well. Dark shades of your jeans are easier to combine and look more professional. Light colors are more casual, but you can choose them during the summer.

Apart from jeans, chinos are the ultimate pants for a smart casual appearance. You’ll find them in various cuts, colors and styles. Pick tan, brown, gray, navy blue or black in your wardrobe. It’s easy to match chinos with other clothing pieces and achieve the desired look.


Picking a style like smart casual for men doesn’t mean you give up formality. You still need a touch of elegance, especially if you are heading to work or on an evening occasion. The easiest way to be more formal is to wear long-sleeve shirts. They are an essential component of any men’s smart-casual wardrobe.

The secret lies in choosing the right colors. Go with classics like white, navy or black, and don’t pick too formal shirts. If you want an even more relaxed look, roll up the cuffs. It can be ideal for the summer.

T-shirts are welcome in a smart-casual wardrobe, but make sure they are well-fitted. They shouldn’t be loose to avoid the casual look. Also, pick single-colored options without patterns or drawings.


Nothing will finish up your look like a fine pair of high-quality shoes. The good news is that the smart casual dress code for men allows you to choose from a wide selection. 

Classic leather shoes are versatile and suitable for almost any occasion. Even semi-high boots or high-end sneakers can be an excellent fit with smart casual clothing. As for fabrics, go with suede or similar material that ensures you look stylish.

Blazers and Sweaters

Smart casual outfits for men can go down two paths. The first one is more casual, and the alternative is a more formal appearance. Blazers are a wise addition to your wardrobe if you are up for the latter. 

You want high-quality material that will last for years. Pick linen or tweed, and avoid designs that look too formal. As for colors, go with navy blue or black. Those colors are simple to mix with other elements and suitable for different occasions.

mens leather jacket

Sweaters and leather jackets can be an excellent pick for cold days. They are also ideal for adding refinement to your clothing combination. Turtleneck sweaters give that elegant but casual touch to your appearance. Cardigan sweaters could be a substitute for jackets.


You shouldn’t underestimate the power of accessories. They emphasize your personality and make the entire combination unique. 

Men’s wallets are the perfect mixture of aesthetics and functionality. Men’s top-quality leather wallets add to the image while providing a safe place to store cash and essential items. A great wallet will stay with you for years and fit the smart casual style ideally.

If you wear your shirt’s sleeves rolled up, there should be a snazzy-looking watch on your hand. A stunning belt can add elegance without making you too formal. Sunglasses are another essential accessory during the summer.


Smart casual outfits for men bring the best of both worlds. They mix professional and informal clothing to ensure you look stunning on any occasion. You want to stick to single-colored and cut-to-fit clothing items. Building a smart-casual wardrobe will give you plenty of room to mix your clothing elements. You can mix as you see fit and be a bit more casual today but a tad more formal tomorrow.

Choosing smart casual clothing and combining them with the right accessories will ensure you look and feel confident, so don’t hesitate to give this style a shot!

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Smart Casual Wardrobe Must-Haves

  1. Chinos 
  2. Long Sleeve Shirts
  3. Classic Leather Shoes
  4. Blazers 
  5. Leather Jackets
  6. Men’s Leather Wallets
  7. Watch

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