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The 17 Best Neckband Speakers And Alternatives

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Sure, you have your traditional headphones and your earpods and your smart home speaker. You have noise-canceling headphones and maybe even a few Bluetooth speakers that can go on the road with you. But what about neckband speakers? If you’ve been looking for a portable speaker alternative to personal headphones, you’ve found it.

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Bose Soundwear Companion Wireless Wearable Speaker

Bose Soundwear Companion Wireless Wearable Speaker

Monster Boomerang Neckband Bluetooth Speaker

Monster Boomerang Neckband Bluetooth Speaker

Sony Wearable Speaker System

Sony Wearable Speaker System

Audio Sunglasses

Bose Audio Sunglasses

What are Neckband Speakers?

But neckband speakers haven’t really hit the mainstream yet, so what are they? 

Essentially, they are what they sound like. Neckband speakers fit around your neck like a band (or you can even think of them as similar to those airplane neck pillows) and allow you to stream your favorite tunes. They’re portable and hands-free, and they keep the noise relatively low for those around you—but don’t require you to completely block out all other noise.

Who are Neckband Speakers Best For?

You might want to invest in a wearable speaker for a multitude of reasons, but the primary reason that many buyers opt for this solution versus a traditional pair of headphones or a portable speaker is because they allow you to hear everything all at once. So, if you want to go for a run but still be able to easily hear other runners or traffic, these fit the bill. Likewise, if you work from home and want to listen to your favorite podcast while still keeping an ear out for the kids, these, again, work great.

Downsides to Neckband Speakers

But while neckband speakers come with a lot of pros, they also, like every piece of tech, have their cons.

If you consider yourself a true audiophile, you might not appreciate the audio quality a neckband speaker offers.

Likewise, if you prefer your privacy and would rather not have everyone around you listening in to your tunes or podcast, you might not like that a neckband speaker does allow others to hear everything.

Plus, if you’re considering a neckband speaker for the purposes of outdoor use, such as when camping or at the pool, but you don’t really need it to be all that portable beyond just taking it to one place and setting it down, then you might find your money is better spent on a more traditional, Bluetooth-enabled speaker.

The Best Neckband Speakers to Try

So, considering all of the above, do you think a neckband speaker might be a good fit for your audio needs? Then give one of these top options a try.

1. Oraolo Wireless Wearable Speaker

Oraolo Wireless Wearable Speaker

This waterproof neckband speaker comes with a built-in mic and upward-facing speakers that produce 3D stereo sound. It offers 24 hours of battery life and playtime before it needs charging. The silicone band is ergonomic and adjustable, so it can fit the individual curvatures of your neck. The built-in mic allows you to use the speaker not only for streaming music and other media but also for making phone calls.

2. Bose Soundwear Companion Wireless Wearable Speaker

Bose Soundwear Companion Wireless Wearable Speaker

If you only like to buy from the best brands, then check out this wearable speaker from the audible experts at Bose. The speaker features waveguide technology and digital signal processes, creating the most immersive sound experience possible from a wearable speaker. 

There are three buttons on the neckband, allowing you to make calls, play and pause media and access either Siri or Google Assistant. The rechargeable battery works for up to 12 hours without the need to recharge, and the Bluetooth functionality will work up to nine feet away from your streaming device.

3. Long Run Technologies Wearable Speaker

Long Run Technologies Wearable Speaker

This wearable speaker is designed to fit most, as it simply hangs over your shoulders without any need to adjust or try to find the perfect fit. A series of buttons alongside one end of the speaker allows you to turn the device on and off, increase or decrease volume and pause or play media. The speaker also features a built-in mic, so you can take calls.

4. Monster Boomerang Neckband Bluetooth Speaker

Monster Boomerang Neckband Bluetooth Speaker

This neckband features four different speakers for clearer, bass-rich audio. The ergonomic and flexible speaker features a skin-friendly and soft fabric on the exterior. The speaker is extra-waterproof, too, and can handle up to 30 minutes submerged in up to a meter of water. After just 1.5 hours of charging time, it’ll last for 12 hours of use.

5. Avantree Torus Wearable Wireless Neck Speaker

Avantree Torus Wearable Wireless Neck Speaker

Okay, so you want to try a neckband speaker, but you don’t want to give up your earbuds just yet. But you also worry if you take your neckband speaker out and just tuck your earbuds in your pocket, just in case you decide to switch, you’re going to lose them during your run. In that instance, this neck speaker has you covered.

It features a pair of built-in earbuds, so you can use either option anytime you want. When you’re not using the earbuds, they retract into either side of the speaker, so there’s no need to worry about losing them. You can have privacy when you want but still be able to hear ambient noise as needed.

6. Sony Wearable Speaker System

Sony Wearable Speaker System

While a lot of wireless neckband speaker owners use their speakers for convenience, when running or doing some sort of activity that requires them to be both hands-on and at least partially cognizant of their surroundings, some use their speakers for entertainment only. Accordingly, this Sony speaker is made specifically for movie-watching and gaming in your home theater. 

The powerful speaker offers cinematic sound and mimics a soundbar. It doesn’t use a Bluetooth connection, either, so there’s never any lag, and your audio always matches up to your video. It even has a vibrate feature, so you can literally feel your audio. It also comes with a charging dock.

7. Panasonic SoundSlayer Wearable Gaming Speaker

Panasonic SoundSlayer Wearable Gaming Speaker

Another neckband speaker made with gaming in mind, this option from Panasonic is lightweight, offering six different sound modes, a built-in microphone and four-channel surround sound speakers. It was developed in coordination with the Final Fantasy XIV Online sound team, too, so you know it’s expert-approved. The speaker even earned a 2022 CES Innovation Award. 

The wired design means there’s no need for charging. Just slip the speaker over your head, saddle up to your desk and start playing.

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8. Sony SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Speaker 

Sony SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Speaker 

The Sony SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Speaker was a CES Innovation Awards 2022 honoree, an accolade that the Consumer Technology Association bestows upon the most innovative products each year. Perfect for use at home or on the go, this speaker offers up to 20 hours of battery life and is IPX4 splash-resistant and sweat-resistant to keep you more comfortable.

This lightweight design features an upward facing speaker with voice pickup technology, dedicated mute, volume, and power buttons, and a built-in mic. It also features a multi-point connection system, so you can connect it to multiple devices at the same time.  

9. ENUOSUMA Neckband Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Wearable Speaker IPX5 Waterproof

ENUOSUMA Neckband Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Wearable Speaker IPX5 Waterproof

If you’re looking to test out an affordable neckband speaker before investing in a pricier one, check out the ENUOSUMA Neckband Bluetooth Speaker. It’s IPX5 waterproof and sweat-resistant, so it’s perfect for wearing when you’re walking, biking, or working out outdoors. A single charge offers up to 12 hours of playback, while Bluetooth 5.0 technology provides a greater wireless range and a more stable connection.

This ENUOSUMA neckband speaker is ergonomic, and it’s made from a combination of TPU and soft silicone, so it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear for hours on end. It also offers 3D stereo sound with ultra-thin speakers that provide deep bass tones.  

10. LG Tone Style HBS-SL6S Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Neckband Earbuds 

LG Tone Style HBS-SL6S Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Neckband Earbuds

With Meridian Audio technology that provides rich bass and clear tones, the LG Tone Style HBS-SL6S Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Neckband Earbuds are a great choice if you have a bad habit of not charging your devices. A ten-minute charge will give you up to three hours of playback time.

On a full charge, this LG model offers eight hours of talk time and eight hours of music play time, and it’s designed with dual microphones and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. With this speaker around your neck, it’s easy to switch between making calls and playing music, perfect for whether you’re working from home, driving, or working out. 

In addition to the external speaker, it also has retractable earbuds that you can wear in your ears.  

11. Bluedio Neckband Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bluedio Neckband Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy the comfort of a wireless, wearable speaker for under $25 with the Bluedio Neckband Portable Bluetooth Speaker. This affordable design features Bluetooth connectivity, upward facing speakers for better surround sound, and multiple connection modes, including an FM radio mode.

Lightweight and comfortable in an ergonomic design, this speaker also has an SD card slot, so you can insert an SD card already loaded with your favorite playlist.

What to Look for in a Neckband Speaker

As you shop for a neckband speaker, whether you’re considering one of the top options above or any other similar product, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.


Do you want a speaker that’s going to be a little bit heavier so that it stays easily in place, no matter how much you move or jostle? Or do you want an extremely lightweight speaker that you can barely feel? Take weight into consideration as you pick out the best option for you.

Battery Life

How often do you plan on using your neckband speaker? Will you be using it during your workday, eight hours per day in your home office? Then you’ll want a speaker that has a pretty long battery life. 

However, if you only plan on using the speaker maybe three or four times per week, when you go on an hour-long run, you can probably opt for a more affordable speaker that needs to be charged more frequently.

Sound Quality

How much do you care about sound quality? Do you constantly notice if the audio is “off” or not quite as good as it could be? Then you’ll want to invest in a high-quality speaker with highly-rated audio capabilities (if not, you’ll go crazy trying to listen to the less-than-stellar audio that some of these products offer). 

However, if you never notice audio quality (or a lack thereof), you probably won’t notice it with a neckband speaker, and you can get away with buying a more affordable option.


Neckband speakers can really range in price. Some can start for as little as under $50, while others can cost multiple hundreds of dollars. Take your budget into account as you start to shop, and keep in mind that a higher quality will inevitably cost you more.

Other Features

Are there certain features you know you want from your neckband speaker? Do you definitely want a built-in mic for hands-free calling while wearing the speaker? Do you want an adjustable speaker, so multiple people in your family can wear it comfortably? Or do you know you need a waterproof speaker because you’ll be wearing it while sweating at the gym? 

Whatever features are most important to you, make sure to look for neckband speakers that offer them.

Intended Use

At the end of the day, though, the most important factor to consider when shopping is your intended use. If you don’t go with an option that’s going to work well when running, watching the kids, working, or whatever you plan on doing, then you’re less likely to use your new speaker, meaning your latest tech purchase was just money wasted.

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Neckband Speaker Alternatives

Of course, if you decide that maybe one of the above speakers isn’t a great fit for you, there are other options. You’re not limited to your AirPods or headset. There are other wearable speakers to consider.

12. Clip-On Speakers

Clip-On Speakers

Clip-on speakers, like this option from JBL, can easily clip onto your backpack, belt loop or other convenient places. The waterproof, durable and portable Bluetooth speaker from JBL comes in a range of colors and can play for up to 10 hours without charging. Stream wirelessly from your phone or tablet, and take the speaker on the go, whether you’re hiking up a mountain or just headed to the pool.

13. Magnetic Wearable Speakers

Magnetic Wearable Speakers

One alternative that’s particularly attractive if you feel like neckband speakers are just a little too heavy and uncomfortable, magnetic wearable Bluetooth speakers — like these from Zulu audio — feature just two small, round speakers attached by a cord. There’s no bulky pillow-like contraption that hangs around your neck.

Just slip the magnet inside your shirt and attach the speaker to the outside of the fabric; then, do the same with the other magnet, so the speakers are situated one on either shoulder. You get the audio you want, but with no bulk.

14. A Wrist-Strap Speaker

A Wrist-Strap Speaker

This small, round speaker is an interesting alternative. The wireless Bluetooth speaker can be used anywhere in your home as a general speaker, similar to your Google Home or Amazon Alexa device, but it also comes with a handy wrist strap that allows you to wear it on the go. It also features a clip so you can attach the speaker to any cloth item, such as your shirt, tent, hammock or anywhere else.

15. Audio Sunglasses

Bose Audio Sunglasses

What if you could wear your speakers without anyone even being able to see them? That’s exactly the kind of audio solution that these Bose sunglasses offer. 

The sunglasses feature built-in speakers that allow you to hear an immersive, right-next-to-your-ear sound without the need to carry around a separate pair of headphones. And, because the speakers are right next to your face, no one else can really even hear your audio.

The speaker portion of the sunglasses sits right behind your ears, and they work via a one-touch button on the side. If you purchase the sunglasses via other providers (rather than on Amazon), you can even get the glasses outfitted with prescription lenses.

16. EDYELL Hat with Bluetooth Speaker

EDYELL Hat with Bluetooth Speaker

Want another wearable audio solution that’s discreet? Try this flat-bill cap that sports a speaker system in the bill. The side of the hat features buttons that allow you to change the volume, switch songs and take calls.

17. Perytong Sleeping Headphones Bluetooth Headband

Perytong Sleeping Headphones Bluetooth Headband

Whether you’re traveling, sleeping, doing yoga, or meditating, the Perytong Headphones Headband is a comfortable and convenient way to listen to your favorite tunes. Featuring an ultra-thin design that wraps around the head, this Bluetooth headband has a control module in the center, so it’s perfect for back sleepers and side sleepers.

This headband has a stretch fit with a breathable mesh lining. It’s also machine washable (just be sure to remove the control pod first). 

Which Option is Best for You?

Whatever your reason for looking for an alternative style of speaker, you’re likely to find something that can fit your needs on our list above. Whether you need something portable and waterproof or discreet and immersive, you can find a tech solution for you.

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The Best Neckband Speakers & Alternatives: 

  1. Oraolo Wireless Wearable Speaker
  2. Bose Soundwear Companion Wireless Wearable Speaker
  3. Long Run Technologies Wearable Speaker
  4. Monster Boomerang Neckband Bluetooth Speaker
  5. Avantree Torus Wearable Wireless Neck Speaker
  6. Sony Wearable Speaker System
  7. Panasonic SoundSlayer Wearable Gaming Speaker
  8. Sony SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Speaker
  9. ENUOSUMA Neckband Bluetooth Speaker
  10. LG Tone Style HBS-SL6S Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Neckband Earbuds
  11. Bluedio Neckband Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  12. JBL Clip On Speaker
  13. Zulu Audio Magnetic Wearable Speakers
  14. Wrist-Strap Speaker
  15. Audio Sunglasses
  16. EDYELL Hat with Bluetooth Speaker
  17. Perytong Sleeping Headphones Bluetooth Headband

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