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When it comes to buying new clothes for your little munchkin, it’s hard to say no! Every parent wants the best – clothing that is not only comfortable and practical but also showcases their unique personality. From the tiny onesies that make you go “aww” to the adorable outfits that turn heads at every playdate, baby clothing is all about expression (and making Mom happy).

Today, I’m reviewing Nest Designs, a company that focuses on evergreen fashion items, bedding and more for you and your little ones. Whether you’re a seasoned parent or a soon-to-be mom or dad, get ready to unlock a treasure trove of cuteness and inspiration.

Nest Designs is a haven for discerning parents who seek exceptional quality and design for their babies’ wardrobes. Our review will delve into the world of Nest Designs and explore why it has become a go-to destination for stylish and conscious parents.

Buckle up and prepare to dive into a sustainable and fashionable brand for you and your pint-sized fashionistas.

Where It All Began

Every brand has a story, and Nest Designs comes to us with humble and heartfelt beginnings.

Nest Designs was founded in 2013 by Tammy Lo with the vision of creating gender-neutral clothing options; when she couldn’t find anything that suited her pregnant sister’s style, she decided to start designing for both babies and mamas.

By combining fashion and function, Nest Designs is committed to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices.

Dedication To Quality

One of the key factors that sets Nest Designs apart is its unwavering dedication to quality. Their fabrics range from GOTS-certified organic cotton to silky bamboo.

From the soft bamboo Pima materials to meticulous attention to detail, Nest Designs strives to make every piece a cherished wardrobe staple. Everything they sell is designed in Vancouver, British Columbia and made overseas. They have met all of their manufacturers face to face and select partners that value their mission of creating stylish, environmentally friendly options.

Sustainability and Conscious Choices

In a world where conscious consumerism is gaining importance, Nest Designs takes pride in its sustainable practices. They are not interested in creating fast-fashion clothing options that will get thrown out when the season comes to an end.

Their commitment to eco-friendly materials, ethical manufacturing, and goal of reducing their environmental footprint helps your baby look good and contributes to a better future for the planet.

Making Parenthood Easier

Nest Designs understands the challenges of parenting, and they aim to make your life easier. They have an entire section dedicated to helping you select apparel based on the TOG (or Thermal Overall Grade) rating. Basically, it helps you decide what type of warmth your child needs depending on their environment. Factors include bedroom temperature, type of clothing they will be wearing at bedtime and your child’s internal temperature.

In addition to their TOG information, they have a blog covering everything from washing a bamboo jersey to creating a bedtime ritual to keep parents and kiddos happy.

Product Offerings

Cardboard box of Nest Designs clothing

Fashion-forward parents rejoice! Nest Designs offers a range of stylish options that blend contemporary design with timeless charm that speaks. Nest offers practical features and thoughtful design elements incorporated into their clothing, such as easy diaper changes, adjustable closures, and machine-washable fabrics. With Nest Designs, you can have both style and functionality.

Here is a breakdown of their different offerings.


Their baby product line has the most extensive range of options. From swaddles and crib sheets to waterproof changing pads and bibs, they’ve got tons of cute baby sleep essentials and changing products to choose from. When it comes to their baby clothes, I am bummed I didn’t know about them when my son was younger. I love the short sleeve and long sleeve onesie varieties. And you really can’t go wrong with a kimono top, my son lived in these as an infant! I love that they have printed and solid versions, making them a super versatile wardrobe piece. 


For their toddler and kids selection, they have it broken into three different categories: bedtime clothing, bedding and clothing & accessories.

Similar to the baby line, you can choose from sleepsuits, pajamas and adorable rompers. They also have toddler bedding, cozy blankets, pillows and more for their bedroom and bathroom.

Finally, they have a wide variety of clothing options from long sleeve rompers to underwear; you have so many options for dressing your toddler in sustainable clothing.


For adults, they have a section for men, women and bath. From adult long sleeve sleep suits to nursing pajamas to loungewear, mamas have several cute options to choose from as well! Their men’s line is full of breathable pj sets and loungewear.

One of the best parts about their adult line is that you can get matching sets with your minis. Dad can rock The Tortoise & The Hare Men’s Bamboo Jersey Short Sleeve PJ Set while mom snuggles up in the Women’s Bamboo Robe and your toddler runs around in the Bamboo Two-Piece Long Sleeve PJ Set.

Our Personal Review – Mommy & Me

Box of Nest Designs clothing

Our family was able to review matching items from The Lion and The Mouse line. Here is more insight into my thoughts. 

Packaging and Personalization

Do you ever receive something that is almost too pretty to open? That was the case with our Nest Designs delivery! It came in a sturdy branded cardboard box wrapped in tissue paper and secured with a sticker so nothing shifted around. And my favorite part was it came with a handwritten note! Before I even opened the package, I was blown away by the thought that went into it.

Bamboo Short Sleeve Play Set – The Lion and The Mouse

Little boy wearing pajamas by a door

Right off the bat, this short-sleeve set is so soft. They refer to it as buttery soft, and I couldn’t agree more. At first glance, the top seems to run a tad long, but my child is also on the smaller side, so I could be skewed. The double button claps at the neckline are a great feature, especially if your kid has a big head like mine and you are constantly trying to finagle them to get their pajamas on before bed.

The bamboo mixed with the Pima cotton is high quality. It is recommended to wash their clothes before use. The one drawback I see is that the fabric is a tad see-through. This doesn’t really matter much as a pajama set, but if you were wearing it out in public, I think you would be able to see the diaper design through the pants. However, it is a great breathable option for bedtime that could go under a long sleeve sleep bag or sleepsuit and not cause any overheating.

I am excited to see if it truly does get softer after each wash, as Nest Designs claims.

Women’s Bamboo Jersey Robe – The Lion and The Mouse

Of course, the matching mama robe is equally as buttery soft. I think this would be a perfect thing to add to your baby registry if you want to take newborn pictures in the hospital with a matching set for you and your baby.

I am 5 feet tall, and the sleeves hit me mid-forearm while the length hangs an inch or so past my knees. It is incredibly stretchy and lightweight, it will be a great go-to for cozy summer weekend mornings. It also has an inside tie as well as a kimono-style belt. And as any woman would say, “I love the pockets!”

Organic Cotton Dry Baby Wipes

As a mom, can you ever really have enough wipes? The answer is no. These wipes would be great for any mamas with sensitive skin with kiddos. They are super soft, fragrance-free and biodegradable. You can use them wet or dry, making them a perfect addition to your car or diaper bag. I was a little skeptical about them tearing easily once you got them wet, but they held up! I also think that for an all-natural wipe that is good for sensitive skin and the environment, at the same time, the price point is extremely reasonable.

Wrapping It Up

Nest Designs is more than just a baby clothing brand – it’s a lifestyle choice for parents who value quality, style, and sustainability. With their commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, fashionable designs, and conscious choices, Nest Designs has become a trusted name in the realm of baby fashion. From cozy footed sleep bags to matching women’s sleepsuits, Nest Designs has something to suit every taste.

So, embrace the opportunity to dress your little one in garments that reflect your values and celebrate their unique personality. Explore the world of Nest Designs and elevate your baby’s style to new heights.

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