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Nordgreen Philosopher Watch Review [Minimalist Design, Maximum Style]

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The Nordgreen Philosopher watch proves timeless pieces are still in style, with meticulous attention to detail. Modern Danish design by Jakob Wagner combines form and function to create an aesthetically pleasing classic. 

Meanwhile, the company’s commitment to sustainability and giving back demonstrates a dedication to minimizing its environmental impact while positively affecting people. This article will take a comprehensive, hands-on look at the pros and cons of this Scandinavian timepiece and the company that manufactures it.

The Nordgreen Company

Nordgreen was founded in 2017. Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt had a vision of creating a brand that promotes sustainability, all while creating a beautiful and functional line of designer timepieces.

Their Scandinavian origins are reflected in the Danish surname Nordgreen, which is a combination of the words “Nord” and “Green.” The “Green” symbolizes respect for the environment.

There’s a strong connection between the Nordic region and nature and its ability to endure the test of time. Social and environmental causes have an inherent responsibility to improve the quality of life for all. The Nordic region embraces sustainability as a lifestyle, creating effective and long-lasting solutions as a matter of principle. These values are reflected within the Nordgreen brand.

Through the ‘Giving Back Program,‘ Nordgreen supports the global community’s health, educational and environmental challenges while upholding Nordic values. The brand represents a collection of products that embody a simple purpose, apparent aesthetic appeal and a deep-rooted social responsibility.

This Denmark company has supported a number of worthy causes with quarterly CSR campaigns. Most notable among these are Social Bite UK, Second Harvest Japan, ThanksGive in South Korea, and Water for Good (bringing drinking water to the Central African Republic).

A Responsibly Run Company

Watches are fashion items, with their functionality often taking a backseat to their aesthetic appeal. Nordgreen is renowned for producing high-quality watches with timeless designs. By doing so, Nordgreen watches have a long lifespan. Their sustainability journey is centered around creating products that aren’t disposed of or replaced every season.

Waste from packaging is one of the primary concerns of eco-conscious people. Nordgreen packaging is designed to use as little material as possible. Materials are made from recycled paper and plastic bottles, and FSC-certified cardboard papers are used for shipping boxes. This guarantees that the materials come from responsibly managed forests.

Their Copenhagen office is carbon neutral, which adds to their commitment to sustainability and conservation. It sources 100% of its electricity from wind power. In addition, the office uses recycled materials and uses energy-efficient equipment, and the company plans to make the entire business carbon-neutral in the near future.

To reduce chemical pollution, Nordgreen produces its watch straps using environmentally friendly methods. They ensure texture, quality and durability with a blend of cotton and polyester used in their vegan leather straps.

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Who is Jakob Wagner?

Originally from Copenhagen, Jakob Wagner has a very successful and award-winning career as a designer. He has designed high-tech products for medical, professional, sport and home uses throughout his career. Many reputable brands have worked with Wagner, such as Alessi, Bang & Olufsen, Menu, Muuto, Stelton, Cappellini, B&B Italia, Moros and Hay.

With more than 25 years of experience, Jakob Wagner continues to contribute to Danish design. Through aesthetic appeal and practical application, his works illustrate his passion for design. Additionally, these works reflect the same values that Nordgreen embodies, so the partnership is a perfect fit.

Nordgreen Philosopher Watch

Nordgreen Philosopher Watch

Nordgreen and Christopher have partnered with World Child Cancer to release a limited release Philosopher watch. Northgreen partnered with Christopher, a Danish singer who advocates for causes that support children with cancer. They partnered with World Child Cancer to donate a round of chemotherapy to a child from a developing country for every watch sold. More than 2,000 rounds of chemotherapy were administered to children in Africa, Asia and Central America. For those seeking to purchase the piece, this adds value as a fashion statement and a charitable contribution.

Numerous customization options are available for the Nordgreen Philosopher, such as the dial color and the strap. Dial colors are available in white and black. Metal finishes are available in Rose Gold, Gold, Gun Metal or Silver.

The largest area of customization lies in the strap. If you prefer a metal strap, 3-link and 5-link are offered. The strap will reflect the type of finish metal selected, such as a rose gold strap and matching hands and watch face.

Leather & Nylon Strap Options

There are many colors available with a leather strap: Black, brown, white, grey, patina grey and pink. Alternatively, vegan leather straps are an option. These are offered in black, brown, dove grey and navy blue.

Other alternatives for leather of any kind are given as nylon, mesh, or rubber. However, bundles provide prospective customers with even more additional style choices. Selected metals, straps and color choices offer different looks that could otherwise be easily missed when selecting customization choices. Most straps are offered in either 35mm or 40mm sizes. But some, such as the 5-link Gold strap, are only offered as a 35mm.

The spring bars for this watch are removable, making switching out different watch bands an option. But, some people have difficulty working with spring bars, so be cautioned if doing so.

The Style of the Nordgreen Philosopher Watch

The Style of the Nordgreen Philosopher Watch

The style itself is a very minimalist watch yet sophisticated. There’s no flash but simple elegance. Pieces such as these often capture the very essence of what makes a functional accessory timeless.

Minute and hour hands are symmetrical, while the second hand has an asymmetrical, unique base and tip. At first glance, this may seem out of sync with the overall design… But attention is delicately drawn to this second and, making it easier to read, and doesn’t draw too much away from the overall appeal. 

Watch Movement

The style itself is a very minimalist watch yet sophisticated. There’s no flash but simple elegance. Pieces such as these often capture the very essence of what makes a functional accessory timeless.

Minute and hour hands are symmetrical, while the second hand has an asymmetrical, unique base and tip. At first glance, this may seem out of sync with the overall design… But attention is delicately drawn to this second and, making it easier to read, and doesn’t draw too much away from the overall appeal. 

Watch Movement

Nordgreen pieces all feature Japanese quartz movements. Miyota is a well-known Japanese watchmaker that Nordgreen partners with as part of its passion for sustainability.

Watches with quartz movements have a battery-operated second-hand, which moves in individual ticks. The quartz movement on luxury watches may not be as artistic and high-end as a mechanical movement, but it is low maintenance, less expensive and durable.

In terms of sustainability, reliance on batteries is a drawback. Batteries in watches usually last about two years and end up in landfills a few years after being created.

A combination of materials and craftsmanship

316L stainless steel is used in the manufacture of the Philosopher case. 316L is surgical-grade steel that is hypoallergenic. The Philosopher comes in brushed steel, which has a more rugged appearance. A combination of brushed steel and an elegant design makes for a highly versatile watch.

Nordgreen provides two years warranty on all their watches. The Nordgreen Philosopher is waterproof up to three ATMs, the equivalent of splash or rain resistance. Due to the absence of a domed sapphire crystal, the Philosopher may be more likely to scratch.

Breakdown of Specifications

  • Case Thickness – 7.2mm/7.84mm
  • Case Width – 36mm/40mm
  • Case Material – 316L Stainless Steel
  • Case Color – Gold/Rose Gold/Gun Metal/Silver
  • Strap Colors – Vary
  • Strap Width – 18mm/20mm
  • Strap Length – 14cm-19cm/16cm – 21cm
  • White Dial
  • Water-Resistant
  • Interchangeable straps

Pros of the Nordgreen Philosopher Watch

Style-wise, The Philsopher makes for a classic example of a purely timeless yet fashionable timepiece for the minimalist at heart. There’s a variety to choose from with the different strap options and finishes. But the overall design isn’t arrogant or pretentious.

Watches for men tend to be worn as statement pieces. Not all are versatile when it comes to different settings. A watch that you wear to dinner may not be the most appropriate timepiece to wear while golfing or even on the job. As a minimalist, this presents a problem since one does not generally need multiple watches. Concerning The Philosopher, Nordgreen has a particular appeal; versatility. A watch of this type can seamlessly transition from everyday wear to formal occasions or even a casual game of golf.

This watch boasts a high level of craftsmanship and quality materials. Moreover, there is a cause behind the brand, promoting sustainability, making the purchase more meaningful.

Cons of The Philosopher

There are a few points that may not be so appealing or possibly even be a deal-breaker for some people.

Switching the straps can prove to be tedious for those lacking experience with spring bars. This doesn’t have to be the ultimate deal-breaker, but something to consider if you want multiple strap options.

Vegan leather options are available for the straps. But, if you’re a hard-core vegan, you may not want to buy from any brand that still uses materials sourced from animals. This comes down to personal preference when supporting brands.

Another slight drawback is the face of the watch. There are no numerals used, which for some, can make reading the watch difficult. People accustomed to checking their watches quickly would be affected by this. If you have other watches with large, detailed numbers, this may take some adjustment.

A date feature is also available on the watch, which needs to be regularly adjusted in certain months to ensure you have the right date.

Again, these are slight drawbacks for most but can be real decision-making aspects for others.


For the price point, style, and versatility, it’s a Scandinavian watch brand that will last for a lifetime. Choosing one that is sustainable, minimal and attractive is a smart move. The Nordgreen Philosopher watch allows you to contribute to a better future. Stylishly and responsibly. Without sacrificing higher quality materials.

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