7 Helpful Tips For Organizing Your Kitchen [2021 Guide]

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Whether it’s a simple family meal or a large celebration with friends, the kitchen is the heart of any home where loved ones gather. If this part of your house is disheveled and disorganized, it can cause frustration when mealtime arrives. If you need to revamp your kitchen into a more organized room, these seven tips will help you get everything in place. 

Make the Most of an Island

Family around the island in kitchen

No matter if you have a custom-made quartz island or a simple cart island that you ordered off Amazon, this furnishing is a fantastic way to keep your kitchen tidy. If you find yourself strapped on space, consider purchasing an island. With the amount of extra storage it provides, even the most basic option can do wonders when rearranging a kitchen. 

If you are like many people and find yourself chopping, dicing and mixing at your island, place all those tools within your island, so they are at your fingertips when needed. Otherwise, use this space to store kitchen necessities that you use regularly but not as often, such as towels, baking sheets and storage bags. 

Clear the Counters and Cabinets

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Freeing up counter and cabinet space is one of the best things you can do to declutter your kitchen. Preparing a meal is difficult if foods, gadgets and tableware are all over your countertops and cabinets. Before tackling anything else, get these areas cleared off.

Start cleaning the cabinets first, as this is where many items will be tucked away, so it is best to have this part of the kitchen ready to rock when you find more stuff to store. One of the best tools to invest in for organized cabinets is a turntable. These are simple and convenient inventions, especially when it comes to high spaces where it is difficult to see. Turntables are stands with round plates attached. The plates rotate, thereby making it much easier to find what you are looking for at the moment.

Once the cabinets are good to go, clear off the remaining items on the countertops. If you are running low on storage space, try hanging some things on the wall, such as pans or a utensil set. Shelf risers are a great way to create more room. These shelves go on your countertops but take up much less space, as the shelf is raised, so it hardly uses any room on the countertops, but you can still set items on top of it.

Commit to One Container

Tupperware filled with leftovers on the counter

When it comes time to refrigerate your leftovers, you walk to the cabinet to get a container, open the door and 50 types of storage containers come tumbling out. Over the years, you develop a broad range of storage containers, making it tricky when trying to keep the kitchen organized.

Go through your containers and recycle or throw out the old ones. If you have the money, or if all your containers are just too worn, get rid of them all and buy new ones. However, commit to only buying the same style of container moving forward. Doing so makes it much easier to store the containers and prevent an avalanche of Tupperware from falling on you when you open the door. 

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Utilize Labels

Labels are a great way to identify the item you need quickly. After all, nothing ruins a recipe quite like mixing up salt and sugar. Purchase premade labels or blank labels and create your own. You can stick them on nearly anything in your kitchen but be sure to use them on items that are hard to discern, specifically seasonings. If you have a spice rack or drawer, unless each bottle is labeled, it’s very tricky to tell which spice is which, so make sure each bottle is marked. Other items to label include pasta, cereal and baking goods. 

Add Bins and Baskets to the Pantry

Even though the pantry is a part of the house that is used often, it’s easy to let this one slip when it comes to cleanliness. You get in a hurry packing lunch or making dinner and just throw ingredients back in the pantry willy-nilly. Making some minor adjustments can help your pantry stay organized, even in the midst of busily making a meal.

Use bins and baskets to divide everything in the pantry into sections. Then label each section! By having everything divided, you can rest assured everything is going back in its proper place, even if you are in a hurry.

Move Stuff That is not Used Regularly

Every kitchen has a few rarely used objects. These are items that take up lots of space but are only brought out a few times a year, usually for holidays. This includes things like the giant turkey platter for Thanksgiving, the Christmas cookie cutters, or the heart-shaped cake tin for Valentine’s Day. Do yourself a simple favor and find a different place to store those rarely used items.

If you are low on storage, pick a cabinet in the kitchen and use it specifically to store these items that are not used much. Otherwise, think about converting a nearby closet into an additional pantry. This is a great way to make more space in your kitchen for items you use regularly. 

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Store Baking Items Vertically

For some reason, it’s common in most homes to store baking sheets horizontally. You stack a baking sheet on top of a cupcake sheet on top of a cake pan, and before you know it, you have a tower of baking sheets that comes crashing down the second you try to remove one. Start storing these items horizontally; that way — when you need something — you can grab it with no fear of having your arm crushed by a bunch of falling sheets. Kitchen storage racks are an excellent way to keep these items in order.

Organized Kitchen, Organized Home

No matter the size, every kitchen needs to be refreshed from time to time. These tips will get your kitchen in order and increase its functionality. Start incorporating these recommendations into your kitchen setup to keep you organized from meal to meal. 

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7 Tips For Organizing Your Kitchen: 

  1. Make the Most of an Island
  2. Clear the Counters and Cabinets
  3. Commit to One Container
  4. Utilize Labels
  5. Add Bins and Baskets to the Pantry
  6. Move Stuff That is not Used Regularly
  7. Store Baking Items Vertically

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