A Better Way Of Organizing Purses In Closets

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It doesn’t matter whether you have one tiny closet in a studio apartment or a massive fingerprint-locked walk-in closet like a Real Housewife. The bigger your purse collection, the more likely it is that you’re in need of some serious handbag organization right now.

Clutches. Totes. Crossbody bags. Shoulder bags. Satchels. Bucket bags. Hobo bags. Belt bags.

With so many handbag silhouettes, it’s almost impossible not to accumulate a collection of purses in different sizes, shapes, colors, and fabrics. 

Whether you’re on a home organization kick or are just sick of searching all over your bedroom for your favorite little evening clutch, here are 11 ways to organize your purse collection in your closet, plus tips on how to store them.

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Acrylic Shelf Dividers 

Acrylic Shelf Dividers 

Storage Bins and Baskets

Storage Bins and Baskets

Wall Hooks

Wall Hooks

Storage Drawers

Storage Drawers

Always Store Your Purses Properly

Before we talk about purse organization, let’s talk a little bit about purse storage. 

If you want your handbags to look their best and function as they should, it’s important to store them properly. That means you’ll need to organize them in a way that keeps the fabric intact and maintains its original shape.

It’s always best to store handbags in the dust bags they came in. Designers wouldn’t include them with your purchase if they didn’t want you to use them!

If you like your bags to be visible at all times, dust bags can be problematic, simply for the fact that you can’t see what’s inside. An alternative option is to put them on display in clear plastic boxes. Clear boxes keep the dust away and allow you to see your beautiful handbag collection at all times.

As for maintaining the shape of a handbag, the best way to do so is to add inserts. Inserts can be tissue paper, the original packaging that when stuffed inside the bag when you bought it, or even old t-shirts or old yoga pants that you can roll up or stuff inside.

The thought of stuffing old clothing inside a much-loved handbag isn’t very sexy, but it works!

When devising an organized system to preserve and store purses, it’s also important to consider the fabric of your bags.

Straw, for example, can get brittle and dry in direct sunlight, so you’ll want to store straw bags in a cool, dark place. Real leather bags hold up well in various lighting and climate conditions, but faux leather and PVC bags can melt in the heat … if you stack them close together, they can stick to one another.

Before You Organize, Group Bags Together by Type and Size

There’s no point in creating a closet organization system for a bunch of bags you don’t use or don’t want. Before you start organizing, take time to declutter your collection. Donate or sell bags that you no longer need. This will make it so much easier to organize the bags that you plan to keep!

When you decide which bags you’re keeping, arrange them by size and silhouette. When it’s time to organize, you’ll want to keep all satchels together, all totes together, all small bags together, etc. If you have seasonal bags that you only carry at certain times of year, consider grouping those together so that you can store out-of-season bags in a different location.  

11 Tips for Organizing Purses in Closets

From your go-to leather work totes to the crossbody bags that you carry to weekend brunches, there are all sorts of ways to organize purses in your closet. But since handbags come in so many shapes and sizes, there is no one-size-fits-all storage solution that works for all.

The good news is that you can combine several of the following purse organization ideas to create one closet system for all of your handbags, big and small.

1. Purse Cabinet

White upright cabinet

One of the best ways to store, organize, and protect purses is in a purse cabinet – if you have the space for one. This is a super chic option if you have a large walk-in closet or a collection of fabulous handbags that you want to display.

A purse cabinet is basically a bookcase or china cabinet with glass doors. With one of these in your closet, you’ll be able to see your collection, keep dust away, and easily grab the bag you’re looking for in an instant. If you like the clean, modern look, this one from Ebern Designs is perfect, though it does require some DIY assembly.

2. Bookcase with Cubby Holes

Bookcase with Cubby Holes

A bookcase with built-in cubby holes offers excellent organization for purses of different shapes and sizes. The KALLAX Shelving System from IKEA is perfect, with eight individual cubbies and a flat bookshelf on top that you can use to organize taller, bigger bags that don’t fit inside.   

3. Closet Shelf

Closet shelf for organizing purses in closets

Do you have unused closet space above or below your closet bar? If so, add a shelf (or two) to hold and organize all of your handbags. With a shelf, you can display handbags in acrylic boxes, create a divider system for upright organization, or store large fabric totes and unstructured bags flat.

Want to maximize shelf space to store more handbags? Shelf risers and shelf dividers, like this one from Amazon, offer an easy and affordable space-saving storage solution that creates two layers of storage in an instant.

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4. Acrylic Shelf Dividers 

Acrylic Shelf Dividers 

These clear plastic shelf dividers from The Container Store are the perfect way to store purses upright in your closet. You can place these dividers on a closet shelf as far apart or as close to one another as needed, and each one has a useful hook on the end that provides added storage for hangers, belts, scarves, or other accessories. 

5. File Sorters

Bamboo mail sorter

Upright file sorters, like the ones you place on a desk to sort documents and mail, are ideal for organizing clutches and wallets. Whether you organize your purses on a shelf or in a bookcase, designate room for a file sorter, and you can house all of your clutches in one convenient space. 

6. Storage Bins and Baskets

Rattan storage baskets for organizing purses in closets

Storage bins and storage baskets come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles, making them an easy way to organize anything in your closet, including handbags. Small open-top bins are ideal for clutches and small shoulder bags. Large, flat bins are great for holding unstructured tote bags. Big square bins offer convenient storage for satchels, straw bags, and bucket bags.

Keep in mind that storing purses in open-top bins means they might accumulate dust, so it’s always best to protect your handbags in dust bags for safekeeping. Also, be careful not to cram too many bags into one bin. If zippers and hardware from one bag rub up against the fabric of another bag, there could be permanent damage. 

7. Hanging Purse Organizers

Some people use hangers to organize handbags, but that’s not a great idea for structured bags that need to stand flat. Instead, consider buying a hanging purse organizer as a space-saving way to organize all sorts of flat-bottomed handbags in a small closet lacking shelf storage.

Even if you aren’t limited on closet storage space, hanging storage bags might be the ideal organizational solution for you.


Because they do double duty as dust bags, which makes them perfect for holding vintage handbags or less expensive bags that didn’t come with a dust bag of their own.  

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8. Storage Drawers

Fabric Storage Drawers

Wheeled storage carts with drawers are excellent for purse organization, especially when they include drawers of different sizes.

This 3 Drawer fabric cart features three large drawers to hold structured bags, organize soft bags, clutches, small crossbody bags, belt bags, and wallets. These drawers also offer clean, smart storage for all of your detachable purse straps, random wristlet straps, and purse accessories such as tassels, pompoms, and charms.  

Storage carts are a convenient organizational tool, especially if you live in a small apartment lacking closet space. In addition to purses, rolling carts make it easy to organize sheets and towels, seasonal clothing, and all sorts of personal items and accessories.  

9. Over the Door Storage Baskets

People often overlook the wasted storage space that exists on the back of a closet door. With an over-the-door storage basket, you can turn that unused space into a space-saving storage solution for belt bags, clutches, wristlets, and other small purses.

This 3 Tier Storage Basket is sized to fit over the top of any closet door, and it’s a smart and functional way to keep purses organized and within easy view. With this eye-level storage system, the days of searching for your favorite tiny minaudiere high up on a closet shelf are over!

10. Wall Hooks

Wooden Wall Hook

No matter how big or small your handbag collection is, it’s always best to have a variety of organizational tools. While purse cabinets, bookcases, and shelves are ideal for organizing purses with flat bottoms, some bags should be hung.

Add a few hooks on the wall inside your closet or add a wall plaque with multiple hooks to the back of your closet door to create a hanging storage solution. Bags with soft straps, unstructured fabric bags, and purses with rounded bottoms can get flattened or misshapen if you try to stand them up. These are best stored on a peg or a hook on the wall.

Wall hooks also come in handy if you tend to rotate just a few different bags each season. Some people find it easier to store the bags they’re not currently carrying on shelves or in bins and then hang their current rotation on hooks for easy access and better visibility.

11. Curtain Rod with Shower Curtain Rings

If wall hooks aren’t your thing, don’t worry – there’s another way to hang and organize handbags in your closet: 

With a curtain tension rod and shower curtain rings. 

This DIY trick works every time, and it’s super easy to put together. 

Start by buying an adjustable tension rod that’s about 1.25” in diameter. That’s the size of a standard shower curtain rod, and most shower curtain rings and hooks are designed to fit that size.

Next, place the rod as high or low in your closet as you want it and adjust the length so that it fits snugly and won’t fall once you add some weight to it.

Attach your curtain rings or curtain hooks to the rod and voila, you’ve got an instant hanging purse rack inside your closet.

Just be sure to use a rod that can hold the weight of your purses. Some tension rods can only handle a few pounds of weight, while others are designed to hold 20 pounds or more.

What’s the Best Way to Organize Purses?

It’s time to stop hanging your handbags from doorknobs. It’s time to stop rummaging through the bottom of your closet to find that bag you used to love but haven’t seen in two years.

Organizing purses in your closet is easy if you create various storage options and buy the right organizational tools for your collection. From shelves, cabinets, and bookcases to bins, drawers, and rods, there are all sorts of easy and affordable ways to transform your mess of handbags into a well-organized collection that you can be proud of.  

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Creative Ways to Organize Purses In A Closet:

  1. Purse Cabinet
  2. Bookcase with Cubby Holes
  3. Closet Shelf
  4. Acrylic Shelf Dividers
  5. File Sorters
  6. Storage Bins and Baskets
  7. Hanging Purse Organizers
  8. Storage Drawers
  9. Over the Door Storage Baskets
  10. Wall Hooks
  11. Curtain Rod with Shower Curtain Rings

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