5 Ways To Rethink Your Tupperware Drawer

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Tired of rifling through cabinets to find a food storage container only to have a stack of plastic lids fall on your head? We‘ve all been there!

If your kitchen storage cabinets are overloaded with wonky piles of reusable plastic containers and lids, it’s time to get organized. There are tons of ways of organizing Tupperware, from shelf risers and bins to DIY hacks, even in a small kitchen that lacks storage space.

Whether you own actual Tupperware brand products, a complete set of LocknLock containers, or a mix of Rubbermaid, Ziploc, and Target food storage solutions, here’s how to organize all those bowls, bins, canisters and lids in your kitchen.

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How NOT to Organize Tupperware

Before we get into how to organize, let’s talk about how NOT to organize.

Unless you have tons of unused kitchen storage space, it’s best not to store Tupperware containers with the lids on. Most Tupperware sets are designed to nest inside one another, so you’ll maximize storage space by placing your containers in a neat stack and storing the lids separately.

Even if you have mismatched sets and miscellaneous pieces from different brands, the best way to maximize space is to stash smaller containers inside larger ones.

Organizing Tupperware Food Containers (and Those Pesky Container Lids)

As with all organization projects, it’s always best to have a strategy and plan before you start. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating the best kitchen organization system for your plastic containers and Tupperware lids.

1. Start With Some Good Old Fashioned Kitchen Decluttering

Before you attempt to organize your Tupperware collection, take a few minutes to assess what you have and what condition each piece is in. If you have a container that‘s missing a lid or has a broken lid, it‘s time to recycle the lid and repurpose the container.

Larger storage containers can be repurposed as catchalls for sponges, rubber gloves, scouring pads, or other cleaning supplies beneath your sink. Smaller, shallower containers make great kitchen drawer organizers, especially for junk drawers filled with spare keys, pens, and miscellaneous household items. You can even use old plastic containers as drawer dividers – they’re great for holding paper clips and USB cords in your home office.

Once you set aside all of the containers you intend to keep, nest them inside one another to maximize space. Now you’re ready to start organizing Tupperware!

2. Choose One Cabinet, One Shelf, or One Tupperware Drawer

There’s nothing more annoying than having to search in seven different drawers and cabinets to find the one piece of Tupperware you need. For maximum organization and efficiency, designate one shelf, one kitchen cabinet, or one drawer to hold your collection of food storage containers.

3. Organize Tupperware Containers by Size

Organize your food storage containers by size and shape, keeping bowls with bowls, canisters with canisters, and square and rectangular containers together. Place the largest items on the bottom of the shelf and top them with smaller items to create a space-saving storage solution that won‘t topple over every time you remove a piece.

Don’t want to stack your containers too high?

You can add an inexpensive IKEA shelf riser or shelf insert to create two or more shelving layers out of one.

4. Find a Place for Those Lids

Most people will agree that the problem with creating a Tupperware storage solution is finding a place for all of those darn lids. When you have lots of containers in different sizes, you have lots of lids in different sizes, and if they’re not organized, finding the lid that matches the container you want to use can be super frustrating.

In a perfect world (and a perfect kitchen) you’ll be able to store your lids in the same location as your containers. If that’s not an option, don’t worry. You can organize lids in all sorts of places, including inside cabinet doors, on a separate shelf, or in a drawer with a divider system.

5. Create a Storage System for Lids

There are all sorts of clever ways to store lids. From common household items you can buy on Amazon to DIY techniques to create your lid organizer, here are some of the best ways to keep those Tupperware lids at bay.

The Peg Board Method

In the mood for a mini DIY project? Line a drawer with a pegboard and insert pegs to create a divided storage solution to hold food container lids.

The best part about this storage option is that you can move the pegs around to create as many rows of storage as you need.

Use an Over The Door Storage Bin

With a basket or bin that hangs over a door, you can turn the inside of any cabinet door into a lid organizer. If you store your Tupperware containers in a cabinet but don’t have a spare cabinet shelf for ids, this is an easy way to keep all of your containers and lids in the same space. 

Insert Drawer Dividers

Adjustable drawer dividers make it easy to organize lids and all sorts of other kitchen essentials. With these bamboo drawer dividers, you can easily designate a section of a drawer as a place for lids and other items such as cooking utensils, food storage bags or trash bags, and dish towels or oven mitts.   

Use Curtain Tension Rods

Don’t want to shell out money for a drawer divider? A slim curtain tension rod is an easy DIY way to keep your Tupperware and lids together in the same drawer. If you have many lids of different sizes, add two or three rods to create a super-organized system.

Buy a Dish Drying Rack

Because they already have built-in slots to hold plates, dish drying racks are a great way to organize food container lids. With one of these in a drawer or a cabinet, you’ll never have to fumble around searching for lids again.

Use a Plate Rack

Plate racks are excellent for holding and organizing food container lids. They hold lids vertically and make it super easy to spot the lid you need when you need it. For maximum organization, group lids together by size or arrange them in size order from smallest to largest. 

Depending on how large your lids are, you can store a plate rack on a shelf inside a cabinet or in a drawer nearby your stacked, organized containers. 

Buy a Lid Organizer

Buy a food storage lid organizer if you want an instant storage solution for lids. They come with adjustable dividers so that you can neatly arrange lids by size, and they can be stored on a cabinet shelf or in a deep drawer alongside your food containers. 

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Five New Food Storage Collections to Buy Now

In the market for some new Tupperware containers? Check out these sets from the original Tupperware brand (as well as some much more affordable alternatives).

1. Tupperware Modular Mates Get-it-All Set

Organizing Tupperware With The Tupperware Modular Mates Get-it-All Set

Tupperware is not now, nor has it even been “cheap.” But if you’ve ever used it, you know that this stuff can endure decades of use!

Most people think of Tupperware as the way to store leftovers in the fridge or send aunts and cousins home with extra turkey, stuffing, and potatoes after Thanksgiving dinner. But it‘s also a stylish and modern way to organize dry goods in your pantry.

The Tupperware Modular Mates Get-it-All Set includes different containers and matching lids. Sized to hold everything from dried pasta and rice to cereals and snacks, this is one easy and effective way to create an organized pantry.

2. Tupperware Vintage Wonderlier Bowl 5-Piece Set

Organizing Tupperware With Tupperware Vintage Wonderlier Bowls

The Tupperware Vintage Wonderlier Bowl 5-Piece Set in fun retro colors is sure to bring back childhood memories! This five-piece set includes five round bowls in different sizes. Use them to hold fresh salad mixes in your fridge, store leftover veggies, potatoes, or spaghetti sauce, or carry snacks and fruit to your next picnic.

3. Target up & up™ Food Containers

Target up & up food storage containers

If you need small food storage containers, check out the up & up™ food storage containers from Target.

These are WAY flimsier than real Tupperware, but they’re an excellent value for the price.

4. OXO Snap 30 Piece Glass/Plastic Storage Set

OXO Snap 30 Piece Glass/Plastic Storage Set

Are you trying to reduce your use of plastics? The OXO Snap 30 Piece Glass/Plastic Storage Set is a winner.

This set includes 15 different glass containers and 15 compatible lids, which are detailed with locking tabs to ensure leak-proof and spill-proof storage. The lids are such a pretty color they’ll make your fridge or pantry look super chic!

5. LocknLock 38 Piece Clear Food Storage Set

LocknLock 38 Piece Clear Food Storage

The LocknLock 38 Piece Clear Food Storage Set makes a great addition to any kitchen. Durable yet affordable, this set includes 19 containers in different shapes and sizes, all of which are dishwasher safe.

What Are the Best Ways to Organize Tupperware?

How you organize your Tupperware depends on the size of your collection and the size of your kitchen.

Whether you have five pieces or fifty, the most important thing to remember is to store those lids independently. Storing containers with lids on them is simply a waste of space. It’s always best to nest containers inside one another and stash those lids in a separate space.

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5 Food Storage Collections For Your Kitchen

  1. Tupperware Modular Mates Get-it-All Set
  2. Tupperware Vintage Wonderlier Bowl 5-Piece Set
  3. Target up & up™ Food Containers
  4. OXO Snap 30 Piece Glass/Plastic Storage Set
  5. LocknLock 38 Piece Clear Food Storage Set

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