Our 15 Favorite Oversized Deep Couches in 2022

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There’s almost nothing better than kicking off your shoes, putting on a pair of comfy pants and cozying up on the couch for movie night. Or maybe you’re getting ready to binge that new series everyone is talking about. 

But would you even believe us if we told you there was a way to make those moments feel even better than they already do? We’re not kidding. There actually is a way to make lounging at home and watching TV extra comfortable. 

And it requires just one single item:

A deep sofa.

The deeper your couch, the easier it is to curl up however you like, stretch out to your heart’s content, or cozy up under your favorite blanket or throw. If you prefer to sit upright, a sofa with narrow seats is all you need. But if you’re the type of person who demands major comfort, a deep sofa is the way to go.

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AllModern Josiah Genuine Leather Sofa

AllModern Josiah Genuine Leather Sofa

Article SVEN Sofa

Article SVEN Sofa

Apt2b Brentwood Two Piece Sleeper Sectional

Apt2b Brentwood Two Piece Sleeper Sectional

Emilio Recessed Arm Sofa

Emilio Recessed Arm Sofa

Albany Park Park Sectional Sofa

Albany Park Park Sectional Sofa

Why Buy a Deep, Oversized Couch?

Comfort alone isn’t the only reason to buy a deep, oversized couch, though it is a favorite of ours. For instance, you can make the atmosphere even cozier by ordering a flower centerpiece for your coffee table and enjoying a pizza all to yourself. Plus, there are other reasons as to why a deep couch might be right for you.

If you live in a small space, you might assume that a deep couch or loveseat will only make your living room look even smaller. But the fact of the matter is that a deep couch provides more versatility, meaning you can actually maximize the space in your room with the addition of a deep and oversized couch.

And that’s because, with a deep and comfortable sofa, you won’t have to find room for a recliner or a chaise lounge. Instead, your deep couch will be all you need.

Another reason why we love deep sofas is that they’re great for larger and taller people. The deeper the seats, the more room you’ll have for your legs and the rest of your body! Deep sofas are also great if you don’t have a guest bedroom yet you’d love to invite your friends over for the night. The deeper the sofa, the easier it is to lay on your back, just like you would in bed.

How Deep is a Deep Sofa?

Most standard size sofas have a depth of between 28 inches and 32 inches. A couch is considered deep and oversized if it has a depth of 34 inches or more.

But that depth doesn’t necessarily refer to the depth of the seats themselves. Unless they’re removable, back cushions will take up a decent percentage of that space.

To ensure that you’re buying a couch that’s deep enough for your preferences, make sure you check the measurements of the seat depth as well as the overall depth of the couch. Also, before you buy, always measure your space to make sure it will fit!  

Ready to find an oversized couch that fits your style and your budget? Here are our faves! 

Our Top 19 Favorite Deep Couches

Without further ado, here is our list of the 19 best deep couches on the market today!

1. Anthropologie Bowen Sofa

Anthropologie Bowen Sofa

Anthropologie doesn’t just sell great dresses and cool jewelry – they also have an entire collection of home goods, including furniture.

With clean lines and slender metal legs, the Bowen Sofa is one of our favorites. It’s simple and sophisticated. It also features removable cushions and slim, flat armrests. 

You can customize it in a variety of different fabrics, colors and finishes, making it easy to incorporate into any home with a minimalist, modern sense of style.

2. Hay Mags Soft Low Sectional Sofa

Hay Mags Soft Low Sectional Sofa

The Mags Soft Low Sectional Sofa from Hays features a low profile design with deep seats and a configurable design so that you can customize it to fit your home and your style.

This sectional has modern, rounded edges and comes as a one-arm design or can be customized with a chaise lounge or two corner seats for a more traditional look.

It’s super comfy, super stylish, and it’s available in a range of upholstery colors and textures.

3. AllModern Josiah Genuine Leather Sofa 

AllModern Josiah Genuine Leather Sofa 

If you love the look and feel of leather, you’re sure to appreciate the AllModern Josiah Genuine Leather Sofa. A perfect option for any modern or industrial living space, this extra deep three-seater sofa is built on an engineered wood frame and features clean lines and square angles.

The seats are extra deep at 35 inches, while the neutral color makes it a perfect complement to any room decorated in any color palette.

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4. Restoration Hardware Cloud Modular Sofa

Restoration Hardware Cloud Modular Sofa

Restoration Hardware’s Cloud Modular Sofa is equal parts stunning, stylish and comfortable. It’s on the pricey side, as many RH products are, but this is an investment that’s worth every single penny.

You can configure this deep-seat multi-piece sectional in a number of different ways. The more people you want to be able to fit, the more armless chair units you can purchase to fit between the corner sections. 

Can’t decide if you want a fabric sofa or a leather sofa? This modular design is available in over 160 fabric choices plus an additional 50 different types of leather, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

5. Greyleigh Aguero Square Arm Modular Sofa

Greyleigh Aguero Square Arm Modular Sofa

The Aguero Square Arm Modular Sofa offers timeless style with deep and comfy down-filled cushions and matching throw pillows. It has removable seat cushions as well as removable back cushions, so you can enjoy even more seating space if needed.

This sofa comes in a variety of neutral colors, making it easy to coordinate in any room with any type of décor. Plus, it’s built on a solid wood frame for long-lasting durability.

6. West Elm Haven Sectional 

West Elm Haven Sectional 

Looking for a modern sofa that you can customize to fit your particular living space? The West Elm Haven Sectional boasts extra-deep seating, a configurable design, and low, padded arms so you can sink into it with ease.

This sectional sofa features soft cushioning as well as reversible cushions, and it’s available in a variety of textures and fabrics, including linen, velvet, twill, microfiber, and performance fabrics.

7. Ansonia Contemporary Velvet Sofa

Ansonia Contemporary Velvet Sofa

Add instant sophistication to your living space with the deep-seated comfort and style of the Ansonia Contemporary Velvet Sofa. This design measures about 34″ deep and features a sturdy frame, square arms, velvet upholstery and thick foam-padded cushions that make it perfect for sitting or lounging.

With two throw pillows included, this sofa is detailed with slender legs so that it’s easy to vacuum and sweep beneath. 

8. Pottery Barn Big Sur Square Arm Upholstered Sofa

Pottery Barn Big Sur Square Arm Upholstered Sofa

As one of Pottery Barn’s best sellers, the Big Sur Square Arm Upholstered Sofa is a cozy and inviting piece that blends seamlessly into any modern home. This deep couch has a simplistic, modern design with square arms, short legs that keep it low to the ground, and removable seat and back cushions.

One of the things we love most about the Big Sur sofa is that you can choose how many cushions you want. In addition to the standard two or three cushion options, this couch can be customized with a single bench-style cushion, which just makes it that much more comfortable for lounging or napping.

The Big Sur sofa comes in a wide range of colors and fabrics. And should you want a matching chaise or armchair to coordinate, Pottery Barn makes those too.

9. Apt2b Brentwood Two Piece Sleeper Sectional 

Apt2b Brentwood Two Piece Sleeper Sectional 

If it’s a multi-purpose sofa you’re looking for, check out the Brentwood Two Piece Sleeper Sectional from Apt2b. Detailed with tufting on the back cushions, this sofa is sure to become a focal point in any living room.

Built on a solid wood frame, this sleeper sofa can be purchased with the chaise on the right or left side, and you can choose from different wood finishes as well as over 60 different fabrics and upholstery colors.

This eco-friendly design is custom-made in the U.S. and features removable cushion covers for easy cleaning. It includes a deluxe innerspring queen-size mattress that makes it a must-have if your home is the party pad and you host a lot of overnight guests.

Not in the market for a sectional or a sleeper sofa? The Brentwood also comes in a standard sofa model for less than half the price.

10. IKEA Soderhamn Sofa

IKEA Soderhamn Sofa

IKEA is known for its affordable, comfortable, and Scandinavian designs. The Soderhamn Sofa is no exception. This modern sofa features a low profile, deep seats, slim metal legs, and removable, machine washable covers.

IKEA makes an entire collection of Soderhamn designs, including an armchair, an ottoman, a chaise lounge and modular components that you can combine to create a large or small sectional. All pieces in this collection come in a variety of colors, making it easy to find a hue to suit your mood and space.

Hate the thought of assembling IKEA furniture? IKEA has partnered with TaskRabbit, so for a few extra bucks, you can hire a local Tasker to put it together for you.

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11. Zuiver 122” Square Arm Sofa

Zuiver 122” Square Arm Sofa

This sofa is big and offers extra-deep seating, but despite its size, the Zuiver 122″ Square Arm Sofa manages to maintain a rather simple, minimalist design. With a seat depth of 36″, this couch provides plenty of room for three people to sit and lounge, snack and watch TV more than comfortably.

The arms are flat and square, it sits low to the ground and the cushions are filled with soft, comfy foam padding. Just keep in mind that this piece is over ten feet wide, so you’ll definitely want to measure and then measure again to make sure you have enough room for it and that it will fit through your door. 

12. Castlery Jonathan Sofa

Castlery Jonathan Sofa

The Castlery Jonation Sofa proves that furniture doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to look amazing. We love this sofa for its boxy, modern shape, low profile design, and soft cushions. It measures over 39″ in total depth, but with the fixed back and seat cushions, you’ll get about 25″ of actual seating depth – still plenty of room to cozy up with a good book or watch your favorite shows!

13. Article SVEN Sofa

Article SVEN Sofa

With tufted seat cushions and loose bolster pillows, the Article SVEN Sofa will fit perfectly into any mid-century modern living room.

Surprisingly affordable considering how luxe it looks, this sofa is made with a sturdy wooden frame, high density foam-filled cushions and loose back and seat cushions. 

It comes in a variety of fabrics and colors, but we especially love the royal, regal look of this piece in Cascadia Blue Velvet. Absolutely gorgeous! 

14. Rove Concepts Nico Sofa

Rove Concepts Nico Sofa

The Rove Concepts Nico Sofa screams casual luxury with plush, rounded cushions that contrast against a squared, geometric frame. Built upon a kiln-dried hardwood frame, this couch practically beckons you to sit down, kick up your feet and relax.

The Nico Sofa is available in a wide range of textures and colors. It also includes three throw pillows with removable covers so you can keep a monochrome look or add your own colorful, printed pillow covers.

15. Interior Define Ms. Chesterfield Fabric Sofa

Interior Define Ms. Chesterfield Fabric Sofa

If you’re looking for a statement piece for your living room, the Ms. Chesterfield Fabric Sofa is the perfect choice.

This customizable couch from Interior Define is available in over 100 upholstery options as well as more than a dozen leg options in different colors, finishes, and shapes. The standard depth is 34.5”, which makes it deeper than most sofas, but it also comes in an extra deep option that measures 38.5”.

Between the soft, tufted back and cushion, the included throw pillows, and the extra-deep size, this sofa is about as comfy as it gets. 

16. West Elm Harmony Sofa

West Elm Harmony Sofa

The West Elm Harmony Sofa will draw you in for afternoon naps, late night movie watching, and every moment in between.

This extra deep sofa features a clean, modern design with square arms, removable lumbar back cushions, and wood block legs. It’s available in multiple colors, fabrics, and sizes, and you can customize it with cushions up to 47 inches deep. And trust us when we say that’s really deep! s

17. Emilio Recessed Arm Sofa

Emilio Recessed Arm Sofa

Measuring 41 inches deep, the Emilio Recessed Arm Sofa is comfortable, contemporary, and versatile enough to complement a variety of interior design styles.

This three seat sofa boasts a low profile with short wood legs, soft foam cushions, and toss pillows. It’s available in over 70 fabric and color options and has a chill, relaxed look that only adds to its comfy appeal. 

18. Albany Park Park Sectional Sofa

Albany Park Park Sectional Sofa

With foam and feather cushions wrapped in vegan leather, the Albany Park Park Sectional Sofa offers the perfect blend of style and comfort.

This L-shaped sectional features standard-sized cushions but has a 52” deep cushion on the end, offering endless hours of comfort for lounging, reading, watching TV, or even sleeping. It comes in left-facing or right-facing options, so you can choose the configuration that works perfectly in your home or apartment.

19. BenchMade Modern Couch Potato Sofa

BenchMade Modern Couch Potato Sofa

The very fact that it’s called the Couch Potato Sofa should give you an idea of just how comfortable this BenchMade Modern sofa is.

This sofa features square arms, a floor-hugging profile, and ultra-soft back cushions. The standard depth is 40”, but you can order it extra deep at 43” if you want even more room to stretch your legs. It’s available in your choice of performance fabrics, velvet, and leather, making it easy to customize the exact look you want for your living space.

Should You Buy a Deep, Oversized Couch? 

A deep, oversized couch is the best way to turn your living room into a cozy, comfy space that encourages you to chill, relax, and unwind at the end of a long day.

No matter what your style or budget is, deep-seated couches are available in every color and at every price point.  

Just do yourself a favor and be sure to measure properly before ordering an oversized couch. Kicking back and lounging on a new, deep sofa is a great feeling! But having to refuse delivery or return ship an oversized couch? There’s nothing fun about that.  

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Best Oversized Deep Couches: 

  1. Anthropologie Bowen Sofa
  2. Hay Mags Soft Low Sectional Sofa
  3. AllModern Kianna Genuine Leather Sofa
  4. Restoration Hardware Cloud Modular Sofa
  5. Greyleigh Aguero Square Arm Modular Sofa
  6. West Elm Haven Sectional
  7. Ansonia Contemporary Velvet Sofa
  8. Pottery Barn Big Sur Square Arm Upholstered Sofa
  9. Apt2b Brentwood Two Piece Sleeper Sectional
  10. IKEA Soderhamn Sofa
  11. Zuiver 122″ Square Arm Sofa
  12. Castlery Jonathan Sofa
  13. Article SVEN Sofa
  14. Rove Concepts Nico Sofa
  15. Interior Design Ms. Chesterfield Fabric Sofa
  16. West Elm Harmony Sofa Emilio Recessed Arm Sofa 
  17. Emilio Recessed Arm Sofa
  18. Albany Park Park Sectional Sofa 
  19. BenchMade Modern Couch Potato Sofa

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