The Best 2023 Party Themes for Kids

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Your child is another year older, and you can’t help but feel a mix of emotions. On the one hand, you’re amazed at how much they have grown. But on the other hand, you still see the baby face you brought home from the hospital many moons ago. You can’t let this important moment fly by without some pomp and circumstance. 

Creating something new and fun for your child’s birthday party can be extremely stressful. Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate the process alone. Here’s a rundown of some fun children’s birthday party themes and ideas that you can take advantage of to make your child’s birthday the best one yet.

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Magic Mania Theme

Abracadabra and alakazam! Amaze your child and their friends with a magic-themed celebration. Provide partygoers the chance to learn and witness awe-inspiring magic tricks and even take part in their own magic-themed crafts, like creating magic wands from cardboard tubes.

To create the perfect atmosphere, consider turning your party room into a magic theater and putting on a magic performance on a stage covered with drapes. In addition, be sure to decorate the space with silver, white and black streamers, table covers, and balloons. Silver stars from a birthday party supply store can easily hang from the ceiling for a captivating look. And don’t forget the jelly beans—or “magic beans”—for an added sweet touch.

Explorer Theme

Kids dressed in pirate costumes playing on wooden raft

Do you have a child who loves the days of old when explorers traveled to new lands and discovered new things? Are they a fan of movies like Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider? If so, going for an explorer-themed birthday party can be a great way to help them celebrate their birthday party in a way they enjoy most. 

If they love real-life locations like Greece, decorating your space with temples and gods of old can help them feel like they’re traveling back in time to find the relics of a long-lost culture. If they’re more interested in the fantastical, you can always go for an Atlantis theme instead (or another similar location from mythology or fantasy). With this idea, you can decorate with ruins and offer water games for them to play to stay cool. 

Arguably the best game to play when you have an explorer-themed party is to host a scavenger hunt. Have all the children work together to find fun treasures and candy that reward them for their cooperation. You could also throw in a few activities featuring excavation toys and archaeology kits where children can dig for crystals or dinosaurs. Remember, birthday parties for children can be both fun and educational!

Mario Bros. Theme

Perhaps your child is into classic video games, like those featuring Mario and Luigi. If so, feel free to invite these fictional brothers to your child’s next party. 

When decorating for the party, choose yellow, green, and red table covers, balloons, and streamers, as well as yellow stars to the mix. You can also tie a single balloon to each guest’s chair while tying five balloons to your child’s. For an additional touch, use a washable marker to draw a mustache on each guest as he or she arrives, or feel free to give them crowns instead if they prefer to feel like Princess Peach.

When it’s time to eat, serve up some fun Italian dishes, like pizza and spaghetti. Some nice cupcakes or cookies are an excellent way to top off the birthday celebration.

Jungle Safari Theme

If your child loves wild animals, then you can’t ask for a better birthday party theme than a safari theme.

With this party idea, feel free to use orange, yellow, and green table covers, streamers, and balloons. You can use a safari hat and a nice banana bunch as your party centerpiece. Then bring the jungle to you by twisting green streamer pieces together. Hang them up to look like vines.

Another way to add a safari vibe to your party is to play rainforest sounds in the background. And, of course, make sure that your partygoers get to enjoy all of the animal crackers they want!

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Circus Theme

Kids laying in the grass with face-painted masks

Behold! A circus-themed birthday party is full of wonder and excitement, offering a host of vibrant colors and entertainers sure to keep your child and your guests riveted until the very end. 

To throw the perfect circus-themed party, focus on decorating with plenty of balloons, striped ribbons and tablecloths, and fun posters featuring some performers or animals that you would expect to see at a circus in the past. This theme even extends to your party favors, which can feature snacks like cotton candy, toys like clown noses, and even popcorn. 

Looking for something to do during a circus-themed birthday party? No problem! Some great activities include throwing rings around old milk bottles and playing cornhole, which are just a few games that you may find at a carnival or circus. And don’t forget the face paint! This is sure to be a favorite among the kids.

When it comes to the circus, the only limit is your imagination!

Throw a Birthday Party Your Child Will Never Forget 

All of these birthday party themes are sure to bring countless smiles and giggles to both your child’s and their friends’ faces. And the best part? Each of these ideas—and the activities that go with them—can easily be executed in your own home. 

Take advantage of these fun children’s birthday party inspirations to kick your child’s birthday celebration up a notch this year. In no time, you can be well on your way to making their birthday memorable for all the right reasons.

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