Everything You Need To Know About Pawp: The Digital Clinic For Your Pets

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When it comes to your pet, you want them to live their best, healthiest life. Right? What pet owner wouldn’t want that? But it’s not always easy to get to the vet. You call and leave a message and wait for a return call, just so you can make an appointment for a date three weeks from now. 

Have an emergency? You’d better be prepared to pay for it, as emergency vet visits aren’t cheap.

And now, during the pandemic, when many vet offices have changed their hours and policies to comply with COVID-19 restrictions, it may be harder than ever to get a vet appointment, especially if you don’t have a particular need. 

But why should caring for your pet’s health be such a hassle? After all, going to the doctor yourself has become easier than ever, thanks to a range of tech. You can call up your doctor and FaceTime with them anytime you have an ailment. You can pick appointment dates and times via your computer screen. You can even text with your therapist.

So why can’t things be the same for your pet? Enter, Pawp.

What is Pawp?

Pawp is a revolutionary method for pet care. A digital clinic for pets, you can talk to a vet instantly, 24/7, with video chat. The best part? No appointment is needed. Forget hanging around on the phone waiting for someone to take your call — this is service when and how you need it, with licensed vets. 

While the vets can’t prescribe medications for your pet on the spot, they can make recommendations and help you evaluate the best plan forward for your pet, whether that means grabbing an over-the-counter solution from your favorite local pet store or going into your regular vet for a prescription. 

Beyond this, your membership includes access to a $3,000 emergency protection fund, protection for up to six pets, unlimited video chats with your licensed vet, personalized vet recommendations for when you need extra care and access to a wealth of info, like vet-backed articles and resources.  

Every membership includes access to the $3,000 emergency protection fund, which is especially helpful given that most emergency vet bills cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, and nearly 100% of all pets are uninsured — so if you do have a pet emergency, you’re likely out of luck and paying for the fees out of pocket (or if you do have insurance, paying a hefty deductible).

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How does Pawp’s $3,000 emergency protection fund work?

Here’s how. You see your pet having a medical emergency, and you immediately start a video call with your Pawp vet for real-time advice. If they can confirm that you are, indeed, having a pet emergency, they’ll activate your fund for use. 

From there, you can visit any in-person vet clinic and admit your pet for emergency care. When the vet clinic gives you your invoice for the care, they’ll call Pawp and talk over the charges. Before you even leave the vet, Pawp provides up to $3,000 in coverage for your pet’s emergency care.

This means that you’re far less likely to worry about paying for a costly pet medical emergency or waiting around for insurance reimbursement, and you never have to make the tough decision between paying rent for the next few months or paying for your pet’s treatment.

The Pawp Emergency Fund Fine Print

There are, of course, a few details to consider. When you first sign up for Pawp, you will have a waiting period of at least 14 days before you can access your emergency fund and, from there, you can only access the fund one time per year. You also must call the Pawp vet before taking your pet into the in-person vet clinic, so they can verify your pet does need emergency treatment. 

What kind of emergencies are covered? Think things like choking, injuries or toxic ingestion. Stuff that’s not covered is pretty straightforward — like scheduled surgeries and vaccinations. Emergencies caused by pre-existing conditions and your pet’s medical history are also covered.

What Does It Cost?

Of course, you’re probably thinking, ‘If I really get all that, Pawp has to be expensive, right?’ Wrong! Pawp starts at only $19 per month. You just pay Pawp, they pay your vet directly and you pay $0 in out-of-pocket expenses. 

You can choose from either a monthly or yearly plan, and cancelling your plan is easy if you choose to do so; you’re not locked into a long contract. You can cancel your Pawp subscription right on the website, and you’ll still enjoy access to vet video calls throughout your subscription length. However, you do lose access to the emergency fund immediately. 

The one downside? Pawp only covers small animals, with a special focus on cats and dogs, so if you’re looking for coverage for your exotic parakeet or python, you may need to go with traditional vet care and pet insurance. 

But Why Shouldn’t Your Employer Pay For It?

That’s right! Just like your employer likely provides reduced-cost health insurance (and maybe even dental and vision insurance) to you and your family, Pawp makes it easy for your employer to likewise start offering pet insurance. This is a great option for those pet-friendly offices that love their furry friends.  

Employers choose how much they want to subsidize and how much their employees’ co-pay should be, whether they want to subsidize only a small amount or finance the entire Pawp plan for the whole team. Then, employers are only charged when customers actually use Pawp. 

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Pawp Doesn’t Replace Your Traditional Vet

Just to be clear, Pawp can’t completely replace your traditional vet. You’ll still need to see your normal vet for any emergencies, vaccinations, treatments, prescriptions and even getting approval for your pet to travel internationally. There are some things that just have to be done in person.

Who is Pawp Right For? 

For those who want qualified vet advice on the fly, Pawp really delivers. The service’s convenience and instant, 24/7 access make it ideal for the more worrisome pet parents among us, while the $3,000 emergency protection fund provides greater peace of mind. 

Plus, at their price, you really can’t beat Pawp; you’ll be hard-pressed to find any other service or traditional pet insurance that provides the range of offerings Pawp does, for only a flat rate of $19 per month, for up to six pets. 

Interested? Visit for more.  

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