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Everything You Need To Know About Permanent Bracelets

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You’ve seen the TikTok videos, you’ve spotted the trend on celebrities, and you keep hearing people chat about it, but you aren’t really sure what it is.

No, we’re not talking about cottagecore, mermaidcore, Kencore, or any other type of core. We’re talking about permanent jewelry.

Permanent jewelry comes in a few forms, including permanent anklets and permanent necklaces. But the most popular type by far is permanent bracelets.

From what they are to where to get them to whether or not you should make the commitment, here’s everything you need to know about permanent bracelets, plus a few of our favorites. 

What is a Permanent Bracelet?

A permanent bracelet is a piece of jewelry that you wear 24/7, including while you shower, swim, work up a sweat at the gym, and sleep. They are typically delicate, dainty chains made from solid gold, and they come in different link styles and designs. Some jewelers also offer the option to add gemstones or charms.

Here’s how the process works:

Find a jeweler where you can “get zapped” and pick out the type of chain you want to wear on your wrist forever.

The jeweler will measure and cut the chain to ensure the perfect fit for your wrist, then weld or “zap” the ends together. (The welding process only takes a few minutes).

The end result?

A bracelet that fits you perfectly and has no annoying clasp. No clasp means there’s no way to take it off (well, technically, there is, but that sort of defeats the purpose).

The whole point of a permanent bracelet is that you wear it everywhere and never remove it. They’re ideal for some people but a bad idea for others.

The Pros and Cons of Permanent Bracelets

Like all trends, there are pros and cons to permanent bracelets. Here are some things to keep in mind before booking an appointment to get zapped. 

PRO: It’s a Memorable Experience

A permanent bracelet is more than just a piece of jewelry – the fact that you have to leave the house and get it welded onto your wrist by another human makes it a memorable experience as well!

Because you can’t just order one online and have it overnight shipped to you the next day, the process of getting one makes it a unique experience in itself. Get zapped with your bestie, a loved one, or by yourself for an experience you’ll remember every time you look down at your wrist.

PRO: A Cool Way to Celebrate a Loved One or a Best Friend

While plenty of people get a permanent bracelet on their own, the idea of getting a matching one with a best friend or a partner is a definite thing. Permanent bracelets are the friendship bracelets of the 2020s, and they’re definitely a lot more versatile than those embroidery thread bracelets that we all made and wore back in the day.

PRO: A Custom Fit Piece of Jewelry

Bracelets don’t come in super-specific sizes like rings do, so finding a bracelet that fits your wrist perfectly can be tricky. Permanent bracelets ensure a perfect fit, no matter how narrow or thick your wrist may be. 

PRO: Permanent Bracelets are Pain-Free

Besties and partners have been doing permanent jewelry in the form of tattoos forever. But unlike getting your skin embedded with ink from a tattoo gun, getting a bracelet welded around your wrist doesn’t hurt at all.

Jewelers that weld permanent bracelets are experts. The welding element only touches the metal – not your skin – so it’s a completely pain-free process.

PRO: You Don’t Have to Worry About Losing It

Some people are prone to losing their phone, their wallet, their keys, and their favorite pieces of jewelry. With a permanent bracelet, you never have to worry about where you took it off, where you left it, or where you might have dropped it.

You also won’t have to worry about it setting off TSA alarms when you go to the airport. Most permanent bracelets are made from solid gold, so you can wear them through airport security checkpoints.

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CON: You Can’t Wear Permanent Jewelry for Certain Medical Procedures

Permanent jewelry is a no-no when having certain medical procedures, such as surgery or an MRI. If you have an upcoming procedure scheduled, it’s best to wait until after the procedure to get your bracelet welded onto your wrist.

In the event of an unexpected procedure, you’ll need to remove your permanent bracelet – but if you remove it the right way, you can get it reattached later. 

CON: Accessibility is Limited

Depending on where you live, getting a permanent bracelet might not be that easy. Not all jewelers offer the option and the ones that do tend to be concentrated in bigger cities. The good news is that a lot of jewelry brands are chasing the trend and offering pop-ups in smaller cities around the country. 

CON: Styles (and Outfits) Change

The biggest drawback to getting a welded bracelet is that there may be occasions when you don’t want to wear it – occasions that call for outfits that require far fancier jewelry than a delicate paperclip chain. 

With the exception of an engagement ring or a wedding band, there aren’t a whole lot of pieces of jewelry that people wear all day, every day, and for every occasion. Permanent bracelets are thin gold bracelets that most people consider to be super versatile. But if delicate, dainty jewelry just isn’t your personal style, don’t waste your time or money on this trend.

Can You Remove a Permanent Bracelet?

One thing you should keep in mind about the permanent jewelry trend is that technically, it’s not permanent. Permanent bracelets are thin and delicate, so if you need to or wish to remove them, you can do so with a simple clipper or a pair of kitchen scissors.

If you cut it at the small ring that connects the two ends of the chain together, it is possible to re-weld the bracelet back on at a later date.

5 Permanent Bracelet Studios We Love

Permanent bracelets range in price depending on the quality of the gold, the shape and size of the links, and where you get them welded. Here are a few of our faves to check out now. 

1. Catbird

At the CatbirdNYC welding annex, you’ll find a gorgeous selection of “forever bracelets” in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. Catbird offers a variety of chain styles, but our favorite is the Hundred Summers bracelet.

If you’re looking to get zapped in New York City, make an appointment at Catbird’s Soho location or welding annex in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

2. Love Weld

With options in 14k yellow gold and white gold, Love Weld offers an assortment of stylish, delicate chains that can be zapped around your wrist, ankle, or neck. We especially love the Kassidi disk chain with little round links.

Love Weld has locations in Texas, New Mexico, New York, California, and Colorado.

3. Link x Lou

Link x Lou has locations in over 30 states across the country, so there’s a good chance there’s a location not too far from you! Their Figaro chain (available in white gold and yellow gold) is perfect for wearing with any and every outfit day and night.

4. Marisa Mason

With locations in Santa Barbara and Oakland, California, Marisa Mason is the place to go for a customized permanent bracelet. Chain options vary depending on availability, but they always have a chic assortment of pretty, delicate chains. If you’re getting zapped with a lover or a best friend, consider adding lock and key charms to make it something extra special!

5. Astrid & Miyu

At Astrid & Miyu in New York City, you’ll find five classic, delicate 9k gold bracelets to choose from. Each one is available in white gold and yellow gold, but our favorite is the Astrid chain, which also comes in rose gold.

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More Permanent Jewelry Welders Around the Country

Most permanent bracelet welders have limited locations, but some do pop-ups to share the trend and experience with an even greater range of customers.

Here are some jewelers around the country to check out if you’re ready to get a permanent bracelet zapped around your wrist.

In Chicago, IL: Alexandra Marks

In Portland, OR: Grayling Jewelry

In Orlando, FL: Carla Poma

In Myrtle Beach, SC: Ash Hoffman Jewelry

In Lewisburg, WV: Cat and Kate Boutique

In Philadelphia, PA: Bario Neal

In Royal Oak, MI: Essbe

Are Permanent Bracelets a Good Idea?

If a dainty chain bracelet just isn’t your thing, then no, a permanent bracelet is not a good idea. But if you love the idea of never having to worry about losing a bracelet or you want to make a symbolic commitment to a best friend or a loved one, then go for it!

Permanent bracelets are definitely having a moment right now – and when that moment ends, or you’re ready to move onto the next trend, you can always just snip it off. 

Permanent bracelets are a great way to commemorate special milestones, relationships, or memories—without the actual commitment or pain of a tattoo or piercing. And because you wear them 24/7, you don’t have to worry about taking them off or losing them when you work out or sleep. So if you want a way to wear custom jewelry all day, every day, be sure to check into local zappers in your area. 

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