How To Prepare The Perfect BBQ With Your Portable Grill

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Finding the right grill has been made much easier over the years thanks to the uptick in at-home grilling and companies offering easy delivery through online shopping. When it comes to finding the right grill, there are a number of questions you’ll need to ask yourself. What do I want to grill? Where? And how often? This article is dedicated specifically to the free birds who are looking for one to take with them to the beach or on their next camping trip. Maybe you just want to hang out in a backyard and have a grill that can move freely around the backyard. Portability provides freedom in the home too. 

But what comes after you check out? 

Is there more to know about your portable grill before you fire it up for the first time? In short, yes. Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare for your first portable grill BBQ.

Don’t Force Moving Parts

Rule number one: Do not force moving parts. They are made to move, but usually only one way. It is possible to manually adjust these components to move freely in multiple directions, but keeping moving parts moving only the way the engineers made them is the best course of action. 

Remember when you are folding the supports for your new unique grill to take a moment and become familiar with how everything moves, what each part does and how it acts under pressure. This will save you time and effort while setting up or collapsing your portable grill. 

The next thing to focus on is the heat of the grill:

  • Put enough lump charcoal, pellets or whatever fuel is being used in the grill without overfilling. It is important to get the heat correct. 
  • Heat the grill so that you can hold your hand a few inches above the cooking surface for about 1 to 1.5 seconds. That is when the portable grill is ready for the outdoor chef to throw the food on and hear the hiss and sizzle and smell the savory odors of the food being cooked. 

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Your Ingredients Matter

Quality of meat matters for every grill master! Purchase quality meat from experts like Meat N’ Bone, Allen Brothers, or other quality dealers. One of the easiest ways to make a good impression and really bump up the offering from the grill is to focus on quality ingredients. The above-mentioned dealers offer meat that has been selected to perform well while being grilled, with special attention given to areas such as the marbling of the meat. This attention to detail from the meat dealer goes a long way toward making your meal a success. 

Just as important as the meat are the spices. Trust us, this is one area you don’t want to skimp. 

If you’re going to take your dog along, don’t forget to pack your little canine buddy some healthy treats. Distracting your dog at the right time with a tantalizing treat will also greatly enhance your portable grilling experience for everyone. 

Get Organized

You’ve got your portable grill, and you have selected prime cuts of meat, but that’s not all! Now you need to get your spices, veggies, and meat to the location of your grill. Nothing is worse than leaky goods in the cooler. 

Tupperware is designed to keep your food safe and secure while being stored or while traveling, and it works well in large coolers as a way to keep your ingredients from getting soggy or infused with flavors of other food you’ll be bringing.

Turn A Meal into an Experience

Man with his portable grill. Alpine lake in distance, sunset Switzerland.

Outdoor grilling, especially portable grilling, is not just about the food—it’s about the experience. Don’t forget to pack the Frisby, pickleball gear or your favorite outdoor game. Liberate yourself, friends and family from the tedium of traditional outdoor dinner parties. 

With a portable grill, you will be able to prepare delicious food in any location. You get to choose the backdrop for your event. If you want a beach scene, then grill at the beach. The next week, grill in the forest while taking in the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. Portable grilling provides a means to access areas you may have otherwise not considered. 

Portable grilling gives you a multitude of options and provides much entertainment for the whole family or an intimate gathering. Choosing the right grill and the right planning can make a mundane midweek evening into a magical night full of wonderful food and delightful conversation. 

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Don’t Forget to Clean Up

After you and your party are finished eating, don’t forget to clean up. It is more important than ever to take care of our natural spaces. Enjoying outdoor grilling, adventure grilling, or setting a grill up at the park is much better when you don’t have to deal with what others left behind. Make your space clean and enjoy the outdoors for years to come.


Make sure you pick good quality ingredients, pack distractions for your pet, and organize your ingredients into Tupperware to keep the food fresh and secure until it’s ready to go on the grill. And remember, do not force the grill into the position you desire. Gently allow the mechanisms to move as they were intended. Last but not least, don’t forget to clean up. Following these simple guidelines will help make your next outdoor dining experience one to remember. 

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