7 Reasons Why Professional Photography Is Important When Selling A Home

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Are you planning on selling your house on one of the online listings? If yes, then wait! Don’t post the listing just yet. First, hire the services of a professional photographer. Why, you ask?

There are plenty of reasons. 

In this post by Cash for Homes, we look at the seven main benefits of hiring professional real estate photography services and why it makes sense to upload attractive, high-quality photos.

Camera facing a home with bullets indicate why professional photos are a good idea

1. Professional Photos Attract More Buyers

Capturing professional photographs of your property can easily get you anywhere between $1,000 – $100,000 more on your final real estate sale price. That’s some major cash!

Let’s not forget – high-quality photography attracts a larger pool of buyers, particularly more serious ones who won’t shy away from shelling out more cash. 

That means as long as you can supply your listings with professional photographs, it’s enough to double the attention of potential buyers and get them to spend more on the property than they otherwise would have.

2. Buyers Care About Photos 

Real estate is big on visuals. So, anything you can do to enhance the visual appeal is a huge win. As a matter of fact, the majority of buyers would look at the pictures first before anything else. Only after they like the photos would a potential buyer schedule a visit to the property.

And in this technological age, many home buyers scan the internet for new listings. Since it’s not the same thing as physically seeing a property, your photos are the best shot at recreating the real thing. 

In the absence of quality photography, most prospects won’t even bother to click on a real estate listing.

3. Professional Photos Give You a Competitive Edge

Photographer setting up his camera for some professional photos

Almost anyone can tell the difference between professional versus amateur photography. Likewise, it should be easy to recognize the difference between a serious listing and an amateur one.

Below are some areas where professional photography gives you a competitive edge. 

Art Direction 

Professional photography is about more than just capturing a place or a room. Photographers understand how to capture a house or a room in a way that turns it into a work of art. An amateur will never have that kind of artistic direction with their final product.

Room Staging 

Capturing photos of an empty house is not the best trick to use while listing your home. A properly furnished room that is wisely staged looks more appealing. It’s also likely to attract more homebuyers. Buyers can better envision themselves living in that space by looking at staged photographs.

Better Composition 

To capture great photos, you need to think about right angles, light and composition. Only then can you achieve the right combination of beauty, structure, and emotion. A professional photographer knows and understands these things. His compositions will, therefore, have that Midas touch.

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4. Pictures Tell a Story

When prospects look at photos online, it may be difficult for them to get a true sense of how different parts of the house transition. That’s where professional photography comes to your rescue. 

A photographer will capture photos in a way that starts from the outside and captures everything along the pathway leading to the gallery, bedrooms, toilets, kitchen, etc. In this way, buyers can get a feel of the real thing. 

Some would even incorporate a virtual home tour. A virtual tour is the closest thing to seeing the property in real life.

In other words, you can tell a story through professional photography services rather than slapping a few pictures of the house on the internet. Eventually, you can attract a higher price also. The important thing is to grab attention. And, there’s nothing quite like the power of pictures and storytelling to make that happen.

5. Professional Photographers Know How to Get the Right Angles

Man sitting on the ground taking a photo of a home

The trick to quality photography lies in picking the right angles and lighting. Only a professional photographer knows the tricks to accentuate the best features of the house and capture them through photos.

They know how to use lighting and right angles to take beautiful pictures. Understanding where to place the tripod, how to shoot at various levels and whether or not more light is needed in certain areas is not available to amateurs; that kind of skill only comes with professionals. 

6. Help To Sell the Home Faster

Studies tell us that professional photos of a property are one of the best ways to sell that property more quickly. The speed at which such homes sell is tremendous when you compare them with houses listed without professional photographs. 

That means, if you are in a rush to get your house sold quickly, you should probably contact a photographer first. Do not start with a camera and start pointing it in any direction. 

7. Serious Buyers Expect Quality Photographs

Instead of wasting days and even months negotiating with buyers who probably don’t have a whole lot of budget, you should work on attracting the right kind of buyers. In other words, serious ones. 

How do you do that? Well, serious buyers will only look at properties that seem promising. Photos help to convey that message. They can make a property look more promising, something that the prospect will feel inclined to check out.

Any serious buyer would expect to see quality photography for serious photography.  

Bottom Line

In the end, it’s more than clear that hiring the services of professional photography services is a smart idea. You can speed things up drastically and secure more money. 

There’s plenty of evidence to support that quality imagery can attract the right kind of buyers and even attract a higher price.

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