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21 Great Push Presents [Mom Is Sure To Love]

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Want to give your expecting mother a push present she’ll love? If your partner is expecting a baby, you may feel a need to mark the occasion in a special, above-and-beyond way, recognizing all the hard work she’s doing to literally create an actual human being. A push present can be just the thing. 

What Exactly is a Push Present?

Man holding woman's hand during labor

If you’re new to the term, a push present is a special gift given by a partner to the birthing mother in recognition of her essentially “pushing” out the baby. The gift is typically somewhat lavish and, in many instances, similar to a gift you might bestow for a special anniversary. 

Push presents are relatively new, though. Your own mother and grandmothers probably didn’t receive any lavish gift for popping out an infant. But, more and more, partners are expected to recognize all the labor (literally!) that goes into a pregnancy via a special gift. 

According to a 2004 survey, about 40% of new mothers received a push present, while about 60% wanted a push present, though a small majority of mothers responded to the survey saying that the baby was simply present enough. 

Because push presents are so new, there isn’t really any strict etiquette surrounding the growing tradition. Still, it’s the general expectation that the gift comes from the partner and that the gift be of some significant value. You can thank celebrities and their social media coverage for the high-dollar price tag and exuberant gifts, which have ranged from jewelry to luxury cars.

If you don’t exactly have the budget for a Bentley, no worries. You can opt for a push present that’s just as impressive, but that’ll let you save a little bit of money for the nursery, too (babies are expensive, after all!). So what can you get for your mom-to-be to show her your appreciation? Here are 21 of our favorite push presents. 

Traditional Push Presents

The tradition may be new, but there are already some traditional presents that mom may be expecting before she heads home from the hospital. 

A customizable piece of jewelry

Engraveable bar necklace from Kendra Scott

Jewelry is easily the most popular push present, especially birthstone jewelry showing off your baby’s birth. But if you’re not a fan of this trend, you can go with an engraved piece of jewelry instead.

Check out the options from Kendra Scott for engravable, customizable earrings, necklaces, rings and more, in a variety of tones and styles, from sterling silver to rose gold, at a range of price points. From your child’s birth date to your baby’s name to a special saying or phrase that’s important only to the two of you, the engraving options are only limited by your imagination.

A better night’s sleep

Man and woman enjoying organic superfine suvin sheets

If you think sheets are a boring gift idea, think again. When all mom wants to do is sleep, a new set of sheets can make that coveted time in bed all the more luxurious. 

These organic Superfine Suvin Sheets are made from organic-certified Indian Suvin cotton and boast a 1,000 thread count per inch. For $600, you get one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases for a king-sized bed, with the choice of three different neutral colors.

A better way to stay comfy

Neutral robes hanging up in a row

When a new mom comes home from the hospital, comfy postpartum clothes are a must-have, especially loose-flowing items that allow for easy movement and, in some instances, easy breastfeeding. But giving your partner a nursing bra as a push present isn’t exactly sexy — so, go with something that she can wear over that nursing bra, like a luxurious robe. These comfy robes from Pottery Barn are only $100.

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Unique Push Presents

But why opt for diamonds when you can impress with one of these unique push presents that show a little more thought and effort?

A push present that keeps on giving

Purple and greene boquet from Bouqs

You could give mom a push present that’s a singular surprise in the moment… or you could go with a gift that just keeps on giving, such as a subscription gift. But don’t think that you have to choose a subscription box that’s lackluster at best or filled with cheap junk she’s never going to use. There are plenty of luxury subscription services that are sure to show your partner just how much you appreciate her.

Consider, for example, a luxury wine subscription, which she may especially appreciate after her past nine months of sobriety. Or, go with a year-long flower subscription for fresh bouquets regularly.

If your partner thinks the best gifts are the practical ones, consider a meal kit subscription to keep the family fed and stress-free during those first few months, or a subscription to a new streaming or audiobook service, so she has something to keep her occupied during late-night feedings.

An energizing cuppa

Ember Smart Mug

If you know your partner is absolutely itching to get back to work, keep them fueled through all their less-than-rested upcoming workdays, with some tech to keep their coffee at just the right temperature. The Ember Smart Mug is a crowd favorite that’s not only conveniently available on Amazon but also pretty affordable at less than $150. 

Don’t think that one cup is going to be enough? Seen your partner down steaming cups of coffee before they barely even have a chance to cool at all? Then you might want to skip the Ember Smart Mug and, instead, go straight for a new, upgraded coffee maker and espresso machine, like the chic and sleek Nespresso Vertuo Titan

A new camera

Woman taking a picture of her family

When you have all this new cuteness to capture on camera, don’t settle for mere cell phone pics. Purchase your new mama a new camera, so she can take all the pics she wants during those first few months, all with stellar quality. 

The Canon EOS Rebel T7 model is a nice, beginner-friendly option that doesn’t come with a huge learning curve. 

Experience Push Presents 

But, as many talented gift givers know, sometimes the best, most thoughtful gifts aren’t items; they’re experiences. 

A much-deserved spa day

Woman visiting a spa with her friend as a push present

Treat your partner to a little relaxation. After nine months of carrying a growing child, all the nausea, the cravings, the swollen and tired feet, etcetera, she deserves it. 

Book her a day at your nearest luxury spa for all the pampering she needs. You’ll get some alone time with the new baby, and she’ll come back refreshed and rejuvenated. 

A day (or a few) off from her household chores

Woman relaxing on her couch in a clean house

All too often, new moms are the ones with the longest maternity leave, so once their partner heads back to the office, they’re stuck with all the household responsibilities — new baby, cooking, cleaning, you name it. Take one thing off her to-do list by paying for a house cleaning service to come to keep things spic and span for a while. 

A newborn photoshoot  

Newborn in crochet head covering and a sheepskin

If you’ve yet to book a newborn photoshoot (and we wouldn’t blame you if you let this new baby to-do slide when there are so many other things to do when prepping for a new baby), go ahead and book one as your push present to mom. You’ll get gorgeous photos of your new child, perfect for birth announcements, holiday cards and, of course, hanging around your home. 

A much-needed vacation

Man, woman and baby cuddling on the grass with blankets, pillows and floating lanterns

Vacation might be the furthest thing from your mind as a new parent, but trust us — if you don’t plan a vacation soon, you never will. Go ahead and book a stellar trip for nine months to a year out and then surprise mom with a getaway to somewhere she’s always wanted to go. It’ll give her something to look forward to, and it’ll ensure that you actually have a first vacation as a family before the baby graduates kindergarten. 

Budget-Friendly Push Presents 

If you don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a push present, you don’t have to. You can find budget-friendly push presents that will allow you to save a little cash for the upcoming diaper runs and the other many costs that come with a little one.

An easy way to keep track of baby

The Story of You

So your partner may not be the scrapbooking type, or maybe they are — regardless, every new parent will appreciate this book’s simple method for keeping track of baby’s milestones, no trips to the craft store required. The Story of You is an interactive photo journal filled with prompts to help you easily log some of the most memorable moments in your child’s first months of life, from the first time you bring them home to their first steps. 

Choose from multiple elegant finishes and colors, and enjoy this beautiful book for only $100. 

A meaningful, one-of-a-kind print

Baby's heartbeat picture on a shelf next to some books and some greenery

Create a nursery keepsake that you simply can’t find elsewhere. During your partner’s next check-up, record your baby’s heartbeat and then send it off to this Etsy creator, who will then turn your baby’s heartbeat into a visual work of art. For a perfect gift that’s so unique, you won’t believe how affordable it is — less than $20!

If you don’t think getting a recording of your baby’s heartbeat is feasible without tipping off mom to your push gift-buying schemes, you might want to go with a star map print that shows the night sky from the day, time and geographical coordinates of your baby’s birth. 

A designer diaper bag

Woman with a brown diaper bag

If a diaper tote is one thing you’ve yet to purchase as new parents (and you didn’t get one as a baby shower gift), treat mom to a designer diaper bag that she’ll enjoy using even sans diapers. You can find budget-friendly options like this $100 diaper bag backpack from Amazon, but we also have recommendations for even more diaper bags here

But Don’t Leave Dad Out

Sure, dad may not be doing all the hard labor, but he was there during all of the morning sickness and late-night cravings. He deserves a little something, too (or, at least that’s what some mothers think, as dad push presents are gaining popularity). If you’re a mom-to-be and you’d like to get your partner a push present as well, consider one of these dad-friendly push presents.

A new piece of jewelry 

Fossil Smartwatch

Dads like jewelry, too! Opt for a watch, so he’s always keeping an eye on the time — including feeding schedules, nap times and more. Go with a watch with a classic look, but a few smart features as well, like one of the smartwatch options from Fossil.  

An easy way to incorporate the new baby into his daily routine

Man giving his baby a high five from the jogging stroller

Does this new dad never miss his daily jog? Send him out with the newborn baby in tow, thanks to the highly-rated BOB running stroller

A way to get in touch with his roots 

Man with his two grown sons and grandson laughing and having fun

It’s not uncommon for new parents to show new interest in their lineage. There’s something about having a new baby in the house that sparks a little curiosity regarding one’s heritage. Gift dad an subscription so he can dig deep into the past and learn a little more about those genes. 

One Last Note on Push Present Etiquette

Okay, so we did say that there wasn’t really any hard and fast push present etiquette, but there is one rule that you’ll want to follow: make sure to give your gift at the right time. That means not in the middle of the actual labor and not while your partner is actively in pain or having some sort of medical procedure done, either before, during or after the labor. 

Either present the gift before the labor or well after, or even after you’ve arrived at home. Feel things out and wait for a moment that’s quiet, intimate and special.

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Our 21 Favorite Push Presents: 

  1. Customizable Jewelry
  2. Organic Superfine Suvin Sheets
  3. Nursing Bra 
  4. Comfy Robes 
  5. Wine Subscription
  6. Flower Subscription
  7. Meal Kit Subscription
  8. Audiobook Service
  9. Ember Smart Mug
  10. Nespresso Vertuo Titan
  11. Canon EOS Rebel T7 model
  12. A Much-Deserved Spa Day
  13. A day (or a few) Off From Chores
  14. Newborn Photoshoot 
  15. The Story of You
  16. Heartbeat Print 
  17. Star Map Print
  18. Designer Diaper Backpack
  19. Smartwatch
  20. BOB Running Stroller
  21. Subscription

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