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How To Design A Home Putting Green

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Have you ever been down the fairway with a buddy and watched them sink putt after putt while yours stopped short every time? Golf’s a game of frustration, but a little extra practice can give you an edge. The secret weapon of every good golfer is a home putting green. 

Why You Need A Putting Green

At first, the idea of a home setup might sound absurd. And maybe it is, a little, but a backyard putting green isn’t as far-fetched or expensive as you may think. It might make you feel rich or like a PGA star, but a putting green is simple to install and provides hours of summertime enjoyment.

It quickly becomes the focal point of outdoor gatherings every time you host friends or family, and it gives you a quiet practice space to tune up your game or destress after work. It’s much cheaper and requires far less maintenance than a swimming pool while still adding recreation to your landscape. Plus, it’s pretty fun.

How To Find A Spot 

golf balls near hole on the green

Technically, you can put a putting green anywhere, but the ideal situation is to have around 600 square feet. Your space should be well lit, with some exposure to wind and adequate irrigation for lawn care. Avoid steep hills, but the ground doesn’t have to be perfectly flat. A slight incline can add a challenge.

If you live in an urban area or simply don’t have a suitable outdoor space, you could also create an indoor putting green in a basement. As long as you have about 60 square feet indoors, you can set up an attractive, practical putting space.

Designing Your Putting Green 

Remember, this is your putting green. You can do whatever you want with it. Let your creative juices flow when designing it. Think about all the issues that you’ve had with your putting game. Think about all the obstacles that you have had trouble getting past. You can incorporate these into the design. It doesn’t just have to be a straight shot. The more interesting a green you create, the more use you’ll get out of it.

Let’s start with the basics. In general, the things you need to focus on are:

  • Reading the putt
  • Aim
  • Rolling the rock
  • Distance control 

With these basic factors, you can have targets at multiple distances. From there, it’s a game of muscle memory. Adding that infamous notion of “touch“ to your game and honing it would be the most efficient way to use an indoor setup. 

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The two ways that you can do this are by adding a fixed obstacle or creating modular tasks. 

With a fixed obstacle, you can simply carve up a piece of foam from your local craft shop and put it under your turf. You can moisten it, add different textures, and do anything to slow down the inertia and fine-tune your sense of touch. 

Modular obstacles resemble something more like a trick shot. Now, you’re not trying to hit the ball off of the wall and have it bounce off of a cowbell and into a hole in the other room. You’re simply adding things that can complicate the situation.

  • Cut angles
  • Take away advantages like a clear shot
  • Add impediments to angles you’ve mastered

These are the main goals of an indoor obstacle setup. You don’t need to make a whole mini-golf course to accomplish this. Using the home putting green to figure out deficiencies in your game is meant to shave strokes off your final score. Make yourself work for it. 

Choose a Surface

various gold balls on putting green

When it comes to putting green, you have to figure out if you want to mow the grass or put in turf. It’s an age-old question, and you can go about it a few ways.

Natural Grass

If you’re going to mow, you’ll want to ensure your mower blade can drop to an eighth of an inch. The lower cut you can get, the more your green will mimic a professional golf course. Keep the area well-hydrated, so it doesn’t scorch in the sun. This combination may mean that you mow more often, depending on how frequently you plan to use the green.


Good quality turf is manufactured to mimic the exact ball role you would have at the best golf courses around. Because of this, everything else falls in line. That concept of touch doesn’t go out of whack. High-quality turf uses hyper-realistic material for multiple phases of a golf course, including a putting green. An authentic look and feel are what you’re going for. Honestly, if you’re going to factor in maintenance, golf courses have dedicated teams working year-round to make sure everything is perfectly manicured. With turf, you can reduce that effort down to something you can manage in your spare time.

Caring for Turf

Caring for turf is simple. Aside from basic rinsing, you’re only managing mildew and damage your pets may cause. If you go with high-end turf, there may be an installable system that takes care of liquid waste. For solid (or semi-solid) waste, just scoop it up like usual and spray down the affected area with a hose. Now, not all turf may have these features, but the concept is still the same. Spray it down with a hose, maybe add some gentle detergent to prevent any weird smells, and let the sun do its job. 

Have Fun!

Now that you’ve set your turf, you’re ready to smoke the competition. Or, if you’re more generous with your putting green, you can invite some friends over and have a party. You can do many things with your golf buddies if you have a putting green.

Put a few coins on the table and make a bet. Loser buys pizza. You can introduce your kids to the game early by putting green at home. Or, if someone you know is going through a rough patch, there’s no place better to talk things out than on a putting green. There are a million ways you can enjoy your new favorite installation. The possibilities are endless. But one thing is for certain; if you put in the time, you will get better.

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