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Red Light Therapy For Brain Health

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Sarah Dawson has been involved in the light therapy industry for quite some time now and is currently an executive at platinum therapy lights. She is a very passionate individual who really believes in the potential that light therapy holds for so many. She loves sharing her views on light therapy and is very enthusiastic about the many treatment potentials it holds. 

Our brains are easily the largest and also the most complex organ we have in our bodies. It has a mind-blowing 100 billion nerves that can communicate with each other via trillions of connections known as synapses.

It is interesting to note that our brains weigh just about 3 pounds. Just those 3 pounds, in particular, make us who we are. The brain gives us the ability to speak, think, write and question the entire purpose of life.

So, the next thing you must realize is that just like all other parts of the body, the brain can also fall victim to injuries, diseases and just general depreciation as we age.

A lot of research has concluded that light therapy can have several positive benefits for our brains. We can use light therapy to ward off those ailments and ensure that our brains are running at total capacity.

In this article, we will talk about how light therapy can contribute to positive brain health.

How Does Red Light Therapy For The Brain Work?

If you have not yet taken a close look at the benefits of therapy using red lights, you need to do so. Once you understand how light therapy works, you will be able to see the vast range of health benefits it can provide. 

When you let your head be exposed to red light, you are allowing the light to penetrate your skull. Your brain can then absorb this beneficial light. This red light has the potential to help repair any brain cells that are damaged. Red light therapy can also help with replenishing tissues and helps us heal faster from brain trauma injuries. 

The way by which this type of therapy can achieve this is pretty fascinating. The main thing it does is stimulates the cells that carry out mitochondrial functions. It can then boost the production of ATP in the body, decrease the accumulation of oxidative stress, and better deal with inflammation. The light that is absorbed by your mitochondria can enhance proper cell functioning. This will enable the cells to regenerate better and help them fend off any issues. 

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Red Light Therapy And Brain Health

Man sitting in front of a red light therapy device

Let us dive straight into it. Numerous studies have opined that light therapy is indeed good for keeping the brain healthy and functional

You should know that therapy using red lights has numerous benefits for our overall health. However, regarding brain health, you will be pleased to see that it can help you improve your reaction time, memory, and mood. Here is a list of other benefits that you will be able to derive from light therapy for better brain health

Red Light Therapy Offers Faster Recovery For Stroke Patients

More than 795,000 people in this country suffer from strokes each year. These are also sometimes known as brain attacks. These attacks cause damage to your brain and will increase your chances of developing long-term disorders. You may also lose a lot of key brain functions due to a stroke. This is because about 90 percent of strokes are types of ischemic strokes. When this kind of stroke happens, there will be a disruption in the blood flow to your brain. 

Researchers have looked at solving this particular issue with red light therapy, and the results are pretty impressive. People who were the study participants noticed significant and lasting improvements after only just a single treatment. The results obtained were visible even after 90 days. 

Light Therapy Can Accelerate Recovery From Brain Trauma

Each year, emergency rooms in this country have to accommodate more than 2.5 million people because of concussions and many other forms of head injuries.

If someone is suffering from brain trauma, they may notice some particular symptoms. These symptoms include headaches, amnesia, confusion, slurred speech, extreme depression, loss of memory and even suicidal thoughts. 

Even a mild TBI may be challenging to treat because the symptoms may not appear immediately. Sometimes, TBIs can take many years to manifest themselves fully. This is why you mustn’t wait to be evaluated if you suffer a head injury. 

Light therapy has been able to show a lot of promise when it comes to treating this form of brain injury. However, to get the full benefits of light therapy, you need to ensure that the device you are getting is powerful enough to meet your needs. This is because the light from the device must penetrate your skull and go deep into it to reach your brain. 

As mentioned before, light therapy can stimulate ATP production and increase the brain’s blood flow. Certain wavelengths of light have the real ability to affect the cellular activity present in brain tissues that are injured. 

Red Light Therapy Can Help With Psychiatric Disorders

It is no secret that psychiatric disorders are some of the most challenging treatment methods. Owing to this, people with psychiatric disorders have difficulty finding the help they need. The prescription drugs generally given to psychiatric patients do not always work, and they can also have harmful side effects. 

Light therapy has been used to treat some particular forms of psychological disorders like Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) for quite some time. By bringing the illusion of real natural light into your home through red lights, SAD can be reduced if not eliminated. Depression and sleep issues can also be reduced with light therapy. The best thing about using red light treatment is that it has no known side effects.

Using Red Light Therapy At Home For Brain Health

By utilizing your body’s natural healing mechanisms, red light therapy can be beneficial for treating depression, TBIs, brain attacks and sleep problems. Light therapy is safe and effective; we hope you can see the massive potential of this form of treatment. 

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