18 Ways To Treat Yo’ Self On Singles Day [2021]

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In China, Singles Day (November 11) is a big deal. We’re talking mammoth. As in, it eclipses many of the other dates on the calendar, making it one of the most popular shopping holidays worldwide. But there’s no need to live in China in order to celebrate (because, after all, if you’re single, you deserve a little love and attention, too, no matter where you live). 

So how can you celebrate this Chinese holiday? What’s the traditional way of celebrating? Here’s everything you need to know for a fun holiday that’s all about you and your singledom.

What is Singles Day?

While November 11 is Veterans Day in the States, it’s China’s Singles Day, and it’s so popular that it ranks as the world’s largest e-commerce shopping day, outranking even the States’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Kind of an Anti-Valentine’s Day, Single’s Day came about in 1993 when some Nanjing University students decided to have a little fun with their single status by creating their own holiday (which was then known as Bachelor’s Day, because only men participated). They chose November 11 because the double 11 date resembles… well, single folks. Clever, right? 

A lot of Singles Day activities are geared at helping singles meet other singles, but that’s not really a celebration of single status. Another aspect of Singles Day is much more celebratory — buying yourself presents via China’s e-commerce giants like Alibaba, and Tmall. Singles’ day shopping has been known to regularly beat out Amazon prime day deals in terms of sales.

Since 1993, Singles Day has become nationally recognized throughout China. You’ll find retailers offering Chinese consumers Singles Day sales, and the media often puts on special Singles Day events featuring celebrities. There’s even a Singles Day traditional food, youtiao, a deep-fried stick that’s similar to a donut or churro. The stick represents the “one” of singledom and also the date. 

But, as mentioned, there’s no need to live in Beijing to adopt this holiday for yourself. The holiday has slowly spread to Southeast Asia and the United Kingdom. It’s a great opportunity to treat yourself and enjoy a bit of self-indulgent pampering because, after all, no one else is going to do it for you.

So what should you do for this year’s Singles Day? We have a few ideas.

Singles Day with Friends

A group of friends at a dinner party

There’s no shame in spending Singles Day with all of your other single friends. In fact, the more, the merrier. Grab your single friends and plan a Singles Day event that may just become an annual occurrence. 

Singles Day Dinner Party

With Friendsgiving events becoming more and more popular, why not extend the idea of spending important moments with your chosen family and friends to “romantic” dinner dates as well? Break out the candles and cook up a fancy, impressive dinner. Turn on some music and open a bottle of wine. There’s no reason you and your friends need to be in a relationship in order to enjoy a great meal, great drinks, great music and a classy evening with some of the people you like most.

Singles Day Karaoke Night

When Singles Day first got its start, back in the 1990s, one of the popular ways to celebrate was going out for karaoke (though, back then, the idea was still to actually meet someone who could alleviate your single status). Grab your pals and head to the nearest karaoke bar for a night of belting out your favorite single status-themed tunes. Maybe even make a nod to Singles Day history and choose some of your favorite 90s hits.

Singles Day Spa Trip

Where better to treat yo’self than at your local spa? Grab the guys or girls (or both!) and head to your favorite spa for a day of platonic pampering. And who said couples massages had to be for actual couples? Ask your spa if you can do a friend’s couples massage, and you may just save some cash on your treatments versus paying for two separate experiences. You’ll leave your day (or weekend) at the spa feeling oh-so-rejuvenated.

Singles Day Weekend Getaway

Singles Day falls on a Thursday this year, meaning it’s perfect timing for a weekend getaway. So, get out there and have some fun. Plan a quick little Thursday through Sunday getaway for you and your favorite pals. Maybe you head to a quaint bed and breakfast in the mountains and enjoy a bit of hiking before the weather turns cold. Maybe you take that spa trip and turn it into a full, weekend-long affair. Maybe you head somewhere you can really live it up for a few days, like Vegas.

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Treat Yo’Self on Singles Day

Woman shopping on a laptop

Are your single friends slowly dwindling? There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself on Singles Day, all by yourself. Here are a few things to consider purchasing (or doing) on this biggest shopping day in the world. 


Who else is going to send you flowers? Call up your local florist and have a beautiful bouquet delivered to your home or office. You deserve to have beautiful bouquets if you want them, and there’s no reason you need to wait around for a partner to provide them. 

A Sweet Treat

Don’t care for flowers that are just going to die in a few days? Send yourself a sweet treat, like one of the options from Edible Arrangements or your local bakery. Chocolates, fruit, cookies, cupcakes — whatever you’re craving, get it delivered and enjoy the simple luxury of not having to share your goodies with a single soul.

A Gift That Lasts All Year Long

Why limit treating yourself to one day a year? Couples get anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, etcetera. Make every month special with a subscription to one of our favorite subscription boxes. Whether you want to be surprised with fresh flowers every month, or a yummy box of snacks, or even monthly wine deliveries, you can find a subscription box uniquely tailored to your interests, likes and hobbies. 

A Much-Awaited Luxury Item

In the past, luxury retailers have participated in Singles Day sales with shopping events of their own. Keep an eye on your favorite designers, as well as high-end retailers like Nordstrom, to see what kind of sales they’re offering around mid-November. This might just be the perfect time to treat yourself to that luxury item that you’ve been eyeing but that you just haven’t had the right excuse to purchase. 

Take Yourself on a Date

Why not take yourself on a date? There’s no reason not to! Imagine your dream date scenario and then enjoy it all on your own. Maybe you go to a museum and then to that favorite cafe on the corner. Maybe you pack up a luxurious picnic and head to that favorite spot at the park. Maybe you go for a movie, dinner and a drink. However extravagant or low-key you want to be, make the time to plan a special evening or day all for yourself. 

Give Yourself the Day Off

If your single life revolves around work, you may have a problem. When there are no other major responsibilities in your life, it’s all too easy to become married to the job. So, give yourself the day off for Singles Day — or two, as Singles day is on Thursday, after all. Do whatever you want — or nothing at all. Sleep in, don’t check your email and enjoy a day filled with not having to do anything you don’t want to do. 

Easy, Affordable Ways to Treat Yo’Self on Singles Day

Woman walking through a forest on a dirt path

But what if you only have a very small window of time to treat yo’self, as well as a very limited budget (because, let’s face it, sometimes affording rent as a single person is way more difficult than it would be if you had someone to split that bill with)? You can still treat yourself—no big budget, online shopping or huge time commitment required. 

Spend the Day Outdoors

If you’ve been feeling a bit down regarding your single status lately, you might just need to get outdoors for a bit. Spending the day in nature can really help to reset your mindset. So, hit a hiking trail. Spend the day lounging about your favorite park. Enjoy your favorite at-home activities in the backyard or on your back deck or balcony. Drinks, dinner, yoga, watching Netflix on your laptop — it’s all a little bit better when enjoyed while watching the sunset or sitting beneath the stars. 

And if you don’t have a whole day free? Try to get outside for the morning or afternoon, or even an hour or two.

Plan An At-Home Spa Day

Don’t want to leave the house? Plan an at-home spa day. Slap on that face mask, cozy up in your favorite fluffy robe, turn your phone off and enjoy just relaxing. Make a soothing cup of tea or a light, bubbly beverage and read a book, do some yoga or take a long, luxurious bath. Whatever your favorite way to relax and show your body a little love while you’re at it, pencil it in for however long you have—whether it’s all day or just an hour after the kids go to bed.

Make Something Special

Is there a particular item you love to cook or bake but that you just don’t make all that often? Dig out that super-special recipe and make yourself something ultra-yummy this Singles Day. Whether it’s a batch of those incredibly indulgent and chocolatey brownies you love so much or a comforting dish that you normally only have around the holidays, whatever it is, make it. When you live alone, you can make whatever you want, eat whatever you want, whenever you want — so do it! 

Try Something New

Doing something new and fun can be a great way to not only liven up your Singles Day but also to maybe meet some new people. It doesn’t need to be anything over-the-top. Just go to a new restaurant or a new cafe. Stop in a new store. Visit a new park. Try a new hobby following videos online. Just do something new to you, and see what you discover. 

Treating the Other Singles in Your Life 

Two friends hugging each other

Of course, it’s also nice to recognize the other singles in your life. Surprise your favorite single friends with a gift that shows them you care about them and that they matter — even if you’re not in a romantic relationship.

A Surprise Delivery

When you order those flowers, baked goods or a subscription box for yourself, order the same for your friend. It’s an easy way to put a smile on their face and share your single joy. 

A Thoughtful Note

But acknowledging your single friends doesn’t need to be all that expensive. Pick out a thoughtful card and write them a note inside, letting your friend know all the reasons why you think they’re great. 

A Helping Hand

Sometimes, a single person just needs another individual to help them out (especially in this pandemic). If you have a single friend who’s struggling right now to find time for themselves, offer to help. 

Maybe you offer to babysit their kids or dog for a day. Maybe you ask if they’d like you to take care of that pesky repair that they’ve just not gotten around to. Maybe you just mow their lawn. Whatever you know they could need help with, offer your help, so they can slow down, breathe easy and enjoy a little alone time. 

Singles Day Sales

Why not take advantage of some of those great Singles Day sales, too? While you might not be able to find many Singles Day retail events in the United States, you can shop from Alibaba Group and take advantage of some serious savings. 

According to Benzinga, Alibaba’s Singles Day sale will be hosted on Tmall, Alibaba’s primary retail platform, and nearly 300,000 brands will be participating, offering various deals and savings. 

You can also find savings via AliExpress, where the retailer’s 11.11 Sale will include a range of products, from tech to toys. Snag smartphones and drones for 30% off, toys for more than 50% off, and so much more. 

Celebrate Singles Day in Style

Celebrate all of the great things about being single this Singles Day. You may just realize there are a lot of things you’ll definitely miss once your single days are done for good. Whether you plan a day date for yourself, spend the day with friends or just buy yourself a great gift, treat yo’self this Singles Day. 

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18 Ways to Celebrate Singles Day:

  1. Host a Dinner Party
  2. Karaoke Night
  3. Spa Trip
  4. Have A Weekend Getaway
  5. Buy Yourself flowers
  6. Order Some Sweet Treats
  7. Get a Subscription Box 
  8. Buy A Luxury Item
  9. Take Yourself On A Date
  10. Give Yourself The Day Off
  11. Spend the Day Outdoors 
  12. Plan An At-Home Spa Day
  13. Make Something Special
  14. Try Something New
  15. Send A Surprise Delivery To A Friend
  16. Write A Thoughtful Note
  17. Lend A Helping Hand
  18. Snag Some Singles Day Deals

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