The 9 Most Affordable Sleeper Chairs [That Are Actually Comfortable]

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Need a bed that’ll fit into a small space? Or an extra guest bed, but you have no dedicated guest room? You may have considered purchasing a sleeper sofa but then realized you don’t really have space for that, either. So, what are you supposed to do? A sleeper chair might be just what you need. 





Vonanda Ottoman Folding Chair Bed

Vonanda Ottoman Folding Chair Bed

Heckman 40″ Wide Tufted Linen Convertible Chair

Heckman 40″ Wide Tufted Linen Convertible Chair

Costway Convertible Fold Down Chair

Costway Convertible Fold Down Chair

Katina Sleeper Chair

Divano Roma Modern Indoor Chaise Lounge Recliner Chair

What Exactly is a Sleeper Chair?

First of all, it’s different from both a sofa bed and a recliner for sleeping. A sleeper sofa is, of course, a sofa or couch that converts into a sleeping area, typically by allowing you to pull a folded mattress out from beneath a storage compartment under the couch. A sleep-dedicated recliner is just your average recliner with a few more pads and pillows. On the other hand, a sleeper chair allows you to save more space than you would with a sleeper sofa by compacting the convenience of a sleeper sofa into a smaller space. A sleeper chair is a practical addition to pretty much any space.

You can find sleeper chairs with twin or full-size mattresses, perfect for a single person, child or guest. When unfolded, the sleeper chair makes a comfortable bed. Folded, the chair is a small, comfy piece of decor that’s entirely functional and often very stylish.

But beyond all this, sleeper chairs are also affordable — at least more affordable than a traditional bed or sleeper sofa — making them ideal for those needing a bed on a budget. 

Sleeper chairs come in a few different “types,” the most popular being the pull-out sleeper chair that allows you to literally pull an additional mattress section out from within your chair (similar to the same way a sleeper sofa works). There are also fold-out sleeper chairs, which, rather than pulling out, fold-out with the backrest and seat of the sleeper chair folding down to accommodate the sleeper (kind of like a futon). 

So, how can you find a sleeper chair that’s (a) affordable, (b) stylish and (c) actually comfortable? Here are 9 of our favorites. 

1. Most Heavy-Duty: Vonanda Ottoman Folding Chair Bed

Vonanda Ottoman Folding Chair Bed

This accent chair with an ottoman turns into an easy bed, all for under $500. 

You can actually use this sleeper chair in four ways. Folded completely, it’s an ottoman. Unfolded once, it’s a small chair with a low back. Unfolded twice, and it’s a lounger with a reclining back and reclining footrest. Unfolded all the way, it makes a cozy twin bed. 

The Vonanda folding chair bed features a sturdy metal frame, a high-density sponge mattress and a velvet cover. Add a sheet, blanket and some pillows, and you have just the perfect space to cozy up. 

The bed can hold up to 600 pounds and comes with a 180-day free trial and admirable warranty. It also comes in 10 colors, from salmon pink to mustard yellow chocolate brown to navy blue. 

2. Most Affordable: DHP Emily Chaise Lounger

DHP Emily Chaise Lounger

If you prefer the look of a chaise lounge to a chair and ottoman, you might want to look into this option, which comes in at just under $150. The chaise lounger features a long, faux leather seat, but then a short adjustable backrest folds down to make a twin-size bed. 

The lounger comes in eight different colors, so you’re sure to find one that matches your decor, and the lounger is easy to put together. It can hold 350 pounds and, even with the longer chaise end, it’s only 61 inches long (70 inches when folded down into a bed). 

Reviewers report that this is one chair-turned-bed that works best for those who prefer a firm mattress.

3. Most Minimalist: Heckman 40″ Wide Tufted Linen Convertible Chair

 Wide Tufted Linen Convertible Chair

A little more expensive than some of the other options on our list thus far, this convertible sleeper chair from Wayfair comes in at just under $600, but, for the money, you get a plush armchair that actually looks like an armchair. No one will believe that this cozy, comfy chair is also a twin sleeper bed.

The chair converts from chair to lounger to bed, depending on your needs. The backrest adjusts to three different levels, and then a hidden strap in the front allows you to pull the extension out and up, creating a bed. The durable chair features a steel frame and a linen cover, with two throw pillows (though you likely won’t need those once you’re using the chair as a bed) and wooden frame legs. The chair can hold up to 330 pounds.

All in all, this is the sleeper chair that you’ll want to go with if style is of utmost importance to you and you want a chair that will seamlessly blend into your current aesthetic.

4. Best for Kids and Teens: Costway Convertible Fold Down Chair

Costway Convertible Fold Down Chair

For something that’s easy for even a child to use, look to this Costway convertible fold-down chair from Overstock. At under $250, it’s a little more affordable, and you really can’t beat the ease of use. The chair does not come with a frame or any legs whatsoever. Instead, it’s made up of a series of firm pillows that stack upon each other. To convert the chair into a bed, you just unfold the pillows until you have, essentially, a foam mattress.

The chair comes in black, so it’ll fit most color schemes, and it also features a breathable and comfy suede exterior, with non-slip feet on the bottom, for ease of use even on hard surfaces.

This is one convertible chair bed that’s going to be an excellent fit for a child’s room (maybe as an extra sleep space for when friends sleepover?) or dorm room. 

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5. Best Splurge: Katina Sleeper Chair

Katina Sleeper Chair

If you’re ready to splurge a little bit on your sleeper chair, consider this comfortable sleeper from Anthropologie. The Katina Sleeper Chair is super-stylish, with a boho chic vibe. It features a pull-out mattress on the larger side and super-plush, so no disassembly is required before bed use. The cushions are removable and reversible, and, as far as comfort goes, you really can’t beat the included mattress. Plus, there’s no assembly required; the chair arrives at your home immediately ready for use.  

You can even ask Anthropologie to make this sleeper chair to order, using your specified fabric (linen or velvet) and fabric color. Just don’t be too shocked at the price. This sleeper chair starts at $1,798, making it by far the most expensive on our list.

6. Most Stylish: Divano Roma Modern Indoor Chaise Lounge Recliner Chair

Divano Roma Modern Indoor Chaise Lounge Recliner Chair

As far as style goes, this lounge chair offers it in spades. The Diviano Roma sleeper chair is big cozy and comes with an ottoman, plus two throw pillows. The tufted design adds visual interest to match the velvet upholstery (which comes in either a muted gray hue or a bright robin’s egg blue). The chair’s back folds down, creating a bed when used with the ottoman. 

Reviewers report that the chair is lightweight, easy to move around, and also easy to assemble. Some reviewers even report purchasing these particular sleeper chairs in pairs to use as their main living space seating. 

To top things off, this sleep chair can really handle a lot of weight, up to 500 pounds.

7. Most Unique: CordaRoy’s Chenille Bean Bag Chair

CordaRoy's Chenille Bean Bag Chair

This option is seriously cool. The CordaRoy bean bag chair starts out as a bean bag — which, yeah, might not be suitable for your living room, though it definitely will work in any kid’s room or a game room — and then unzips and unfolds into not just a twin-size mattress, but up to a king-size mattress! It’s a great option for kids, teens or anyone who wants an easy, casual sleeping arrangement for more than just one person. 

It is also a great option for apartments or small spaces where you might not have enough space for a full sleeper but want to have overnight guests from time to time. 

The bean bag chair ranges in price according to the size you buy. 

8. Best Office Chair Sleeper: HomCom Steel Folding 3 Position Convertible Single Sleeper Bed Chair

HomCom Steel Folding 3 Position Convertible Single Sleeper Bed Chair

Looking for a folding sleeper that can double as an office chair? This convertible sleeper from HomCom is perfect for your home office. 

This dark gray suede sleeper chair bed offers a minimal look but can be a chair, sleeper and lounger all in one. The armrests double as the bed legs, and the backrest has 5 different adjustment levels. The chair cover is removable and easy to wash after you, or your guest takes a snooze. 

You really can’t go wrong with the price tag on this chair either, coming in under $200. 

9. Best Sleeper Chair Futon: KD Frames Lounger Futon

KD Frames Lounger Futon

Last, but certainly not least is the KD Frames Lounger Futon. While this is definitely a tad bigger than a sofa chair, this sleeper comes in a full or queen size but looks more like a love seat. 

This base will last you a long time with solid wood legs and 13 different positions. The mattress is sold separately, but reviewers say a thick density foam or tri-fold memory foam mattress is a great addition. Picking the mattress and cover gives you endless options to make this sleeper match your style and budget. 

Is a Sleeper Chair Right for Me?

Typically, those shopping for a sleeper chair are doing so for one of two reasons: they want to save space, or they want to save money. A sleeper chair will definitely do those things for you. 

However, sleeper chairs are also ideal for those who need to sleep in a more upright sitting position (and who are just not ready to invest in a raisable mattress just yet). This includes individuals with insomnia, who find that sleeping in a more upright position can lower stress hormones and decrease blood flow to the head, thereby making sleep easier. Others who have found sleeper chairs to be more beneficial to their health include those who suffer from back pain, poor blood circulation, heartburn and overall stress. 

The only time a sleeper chair might harm your health rather than help it is if the sleeper chair is made from particularly flimsy materials, which could result in back pain.

What to Look for in a Sleeper Chair  

There are a few things you’ll want to look for when shopping for a sleeper chair.

First, consider your intended use. Will this sleeper chair be used frequently? Are you or someone else going to be using it as your regular, every-night sleeping spot? Then you want to possibly pay a little bit more for a higher-quality chair and mattress. 

Comfort and Location

Comfort is key. On the other hand, if the chair is only going to be used for sleeping once in a blue moon, you might be able to prioritize style over comfort.

Along those lines, if you plan on placing the chair in your living room or home office versus a child’s room, you may want to choose a certain look. If you plan on moving your sleeper chair from room to room as needed, you’ll also want a chair with wheels (versus normal feet) or one that’s very lightweight. 

Ease of Use

Consider the chair’s ease of use, too. You don’t want some poor, overnight guest to be fumbling to convert their sleeper chair into a bed late at night. On the other hand, you also don’t necessarily want something that’s going to be challenging to put together after it arrives at your home — the more difficult it is to put together, the more likely you won’t put it together correctly. No one wants their sleeper chair falling apart mid-snooze. 

Also, keep in mind the weight capacity whenever you buy a piece of multifunctional furniture. 


Look at the fabric used on the chair. Is it something that’s going to be, firstly, comfortable to sleep on and, secondly, easy to clean? You don’t want something that’s going to stain easily or something that’s impossible to keep residue-free (you’re sleeping on it, after all!). Ideally, you’ll find a sleeper chair with removable upholstery that can be washed in your home washing machine. 


Additionally, pay attention to how tall the chair is once it’s unfolded or reassembled into its bed form. While the sleeper chairs that fold out fully, requiring the user to lie basically on the ground, are mostly okay for occasional use, you likely want something that feels a bit more “real bed”-like if you’re using the sleeper chair every night. 


And, lastly, of course, consider the pricing. If it’s, again, going to be something that’s not often used, you may not necessarily want to drop a lot of money on this particular piece of furniture. Consider, too, if the sleeper chair is truly a high enough quality for the retailer’s price. A high-quality sleeper chair will have a thick sleeping surface, a comfortable fit both while in chair and bed form, and a durable frame.

Taking Care of Your Sleeper Chair

After you’ve purchased your sleeper chair, be sure to take good care of it. Clean it often. If your chair features a removable cover, wash it, especially if stains occur or if it’s frequently used as a bed. Otherwise, give leather sleeper chairs a quick dust off with leather cleaner; fabric chairs can benefit from a quick vacuum on occasion. 

Ready to Start Shopping?

Whatever your reason for shopping for a comfortable sleeper chair, you can find a good, affordable fit among our list of top favs!

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The 11 Best Sleeper Chairs: 

  1. Most Heavy-Duty: Vonanda Ottoman Folding Chair Bed
  2. Most Affordable: DHP Emily Chaise Lounger
  3. Most Minimalist: Heckman 40″ Wide Tufted Linen Convertible Chair
  4. Best for Kids and Teens: Costway Convertible Fold Down Chair
  5. Best Splurge: Katina Sleeper Chair
  6. Most Stylish: Divano Roma Modern Indoor Chaise Lounge Recliner Chair
  7. Most Unique: CordaRoy’s Chenille Bean Bag Chair
  8. Best Office Chair Sleeper: HomCom Steel Folding 3 Position Convertible Single Sleeper Bed Chair
  9. Best Sleeper Chair Futon: KD Frames Lounger Futon

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