Top 10 Ways to Help Your Dog Sleep Soundly Each Night

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Dogs are loyal creatures that rightly have the moniker – Man’s Best Friend. These furry friends can be the most loving companions and have a heart made out of pure gold. However, their cute attention-seeking antics can become tiring at night. If you have ever had to nurse your dog through the night, you will know what I’m talking about here. 

A good night’s sleep is paramount to staying energetic and alert during the day. These ring true for humans and dogs alike, making it crucial for your furry friend to get the sleep and rest required at night. It can be heartbreaking to see them struggle at night due to several physical or mental ailments. Here’s a quick look at some tips to help your dog sleep peacefully through the night. 

Why Is Sleep Integral?

Pug wrapped up in a blanket on a grassy path

Life in the twenty-first century is hectic, chaotic and full of work and responsibility. As a result, we all need to sleep properly at night to wake up refreshed and energetic. However, this can be challenging when your best friend is howling through the night. Dogs, much like humans, need their scheduled sleep at night to stay focused, cheerful, happy and relaxed. The sound of your furry friend crying for help during the early hours of the morning is a terrible way to wake up and face the day. Hence, it is integral that your pets sleep peacefully through the night, as it boosts their physical and mental health.

Sleeping is vital because it provides our body with the rest required to recuperate and energize. Our bodies utilize this period to repair, heal and recover from injuries, making it essential to staying healthy. 

A bad circadian rhythm can make it challenging for individuals to function efficiently throughout the day. In fact, several studies have linked lack of sleep to different physical and mental ailments, including depression, hypertension, cardiovascular and metabolic issues. Hence, ensuring your pet sleeps peacefully at night is crucial to you and your furry friend. 

Sleep Patterns of Dogs

Like most other animals, dogs follow a poly-phasic sleep cycle involving multiple naps throughout the day. If you’ve had a pet for a while, you would surely have noticed how your best friend falls asleep during the day and wakes up energized and ready for a walk. Several studies show that dogs, on average, sleep for roughly twelve hours a day. Hence, if they sleep too frequently during the day, you will face problems at night when your circadian rhythm moves into the sleep phase. 

Since humans require eight hours of sleep at night, it is best if you regulate your pet’s cycle to match yours.

But how do you make them sleepy at night to ensure you don’t sacrifice on your shut-eye?

Top 10 Ways to Get Your Dog to Sleep Peacefully at Night

1. Maintain A Schedule 

Firstly, ensure you establish a general routine regarding your dog’s day-to-day activities. Following the same schedule daily can help your pet adjust to your needs and requirements. Take them out for a walk at the same time every day. Also, keep the hour before their intended sleep-time as chill and relaxed as possible.

2. Schedule Their Feedings

Make sure you feed your dog a few hours before you intend to put them to sleep to ensure they digest their meals comfortably. Sticking to the routine may seem challenging on weekends when you have extra time on your hands, but do your best and follow them as closely as possible.

3. Use CBD Products

Bottle of CBD next to a bowl of dog food

Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It possesses several medicinal and therapeutic properties and can help your furry friend in several ways. One should try CBD hemp oil for pets as they act as a potent relaxant, helping ensure your dog calms its nerves and relaxes its body at night. 

Several studies have highlighted how such hemp products can help dogs and individuals suffering from sleep-related disorders. Consider investing in CBD-infused dog treats to help your best friend sleep through the night.

4. Monitor Their Treats

Avoid giving your furry friends too many treats or engage in exciting activities before bedtime. Doing so will make them more irritable and giddy, making it challenging for them to fall asleep on time. 

Reserve these periods for stress-free and peaceful activities, such as snuggling and resting. Additionally, you can opt to take them out for a stroll at night to help calm their nerves, tire them out and prepare them for bed. 

5. Take A Potty Break

Small poodle going pee on the grass

Ensure your dog does their business about half an hour before bed to make sure they won’t wake you up at three in the morning because they need to go. Once again, sticking to a predetermined schedule will make this more efficient. 

6. Get ‘Em Tired

Dogs work similarly to children in many ways. Therefore, if you want your pet to sleep peacefully at night, you need to make sure they get tired during the day. 

Taking them out and ensuring they get plenty of exercise will help them fall asleep better. Doing so will also help them stay fit, active, and healthy while preventing various physical ailments. 

All dogs should spend at least half an hour every day exercising. You can extend this to around an hour or two during the weekends to ensure your pets enjoy uninterrupted sleep at night.

7. Don’t Share the Bed

Man sharing his bed with a floppy faced dog

Since consistency is integral, it is vital your dog sleeps in the same space every night to make a habit out of it. Doing so will make it easier for their bodies to recognize when it’s time to go to sleep. 

While we have all been guilty of letting our furry friends into our beds at night, it is best to avoid making a habit out of this. Doing so can hurt both your and your dog’s sleep quality. 

Studies show that over 63% of people who share their beds with their pets end up losing out on sleep due to movement, barking and boosts your chances of skin infections. Additionally, having their favorite human toss and turn around at night makes it challenging for your four-legged friends as well.

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8. Set Up a Comfy Sleep Space

Set up a comfortable space for your furry friends to ensure they enjoy a peaceful sleep at night. A good quality sleeping environment or ecosystem will make it easier for them to fall asleep, feel rested and wake up refreshed the next day. Consider investing in a high-quality dog bed and a warm blanket to ensure your dog has everything it needs to fall asleep peacefully. 

Having a low sound nearby will quicken the process, and pet owners can utilize small clocks and white noise from radios. Reduce excessive noise and lighting in the room to make their sleep as comfortable as possible.

9. Check For Pain

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Dog treats containing hemp extracts such as Delta-8 can alleviate symptoms associated with chronic pain, joint aches, and mobility issues. All these medical conditions can make it challenging for your furry friend to get some shut-eye at night. 

Addressing these issues by utilizing natural remedies will make it easier for them to get the rest they require to recover.

10. Talk to Your Vet

Lastly, consult a veterinarian if the problem persists, as it may be due to an underlying medical condition you have not diagnosed.

As you can see, sticking to a schedule and using natural remedies like cannabidiol can ensure your pet sleeps peacefully through the night. Following these tips can help you ensure you enjoy the rest you need as well by preventing interruptions. 

Have we left out anything important? Help other dog lovers make the lives of their friends easier by sharing your experiences and tips through the comments below!

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