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10 Best Smart Mirrors In 2022 [And How Smart Mirrors Work]

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Will the marvels of modern technology never cease? In addition to your smart fridges, smart cars and, of course, smartphones, you can now make your lifestyle a little bit smarter with a smart mirror. Not your average sheet of glass, a smart mirror looks like a regular mirror at first glance — but then wakes up to reveal a slew of smart options via a digital display hidden underneath.

Smart mirrors come in various options to fit a range of uses; some provide you with your daily news and weather while you get ready for work, while others guide you in a strenuous workout. Some help out with your makeup routine. Others are simpler and provide you with built-in lighting, temperature readings or speakers. 

Interested in adding a smart mirror to your space? Here’s everything you need to know about these mirrors, as well as the 10 best smart mirrors to consider buying for any budget. 

How Exactly Does a Smart Mirror Work?

In most instances, a smart mirror is a two-way mirror outfitted with a digital display, powered by the computer elements that you might find in similar smart devices. LED lights behind the mirror illuminate the digital display while still allowing you to use the other areas of the mirror not in use to fix your hair or perfect your pilates form. When you’re not using the mirror’s digital elements at all, the entire mirror can be used just like a traditional mirror.

Best Smart Mirrors to Buy

So, ready to start shopping for your smart mirror? Whether you want a smaller, budget-friendly option, or something large, impressive and do-it-all, there’s a smart mirror out there for you.

iHome Vanity Mirror 

iHome Vanity Mirror

Let’s start with the bare basics in smart mirrors: the iHome Vanity Mirror. It does a lot for the price (under $100), but it’s not necessarily super-smart. Instead, it simply gives you built-in LED lighting, a USB charging port, a two-way speaker and Bluetooth connectivity. Play your music while you’re getting ready and even access Siri. 

While there’s no built-in screen on the iHome Vanity Mirror, you do at least get a few smart features for a meager price. Plus, the mirror’s small size and adjustable tabletop stand make it ideal for small spaces, such as bedrooms or dorm rooms. 

Bonnlo Dimmable LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror

Bonnlo Dimmable LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror

On the affordable side, at under $200, this Bonnlo Dimmable LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror is smart — but just slightly so. It’ll make for an excellent focal point in your bathroom or bedroom, but it’s not going to be the smartest device in your home. 

It features a frameless touch screen on the front that allows you to adjust built-in lighting around the edge of the mirror; then, the mirror will remember your preferred lighting settings for your subsequent use. It also automatically de-fogs, a great function for small bathrooms. It also features Bluetooth speakers and can stream music from your phone. 

ByeCold Horizontal Vanity Touch Switch Bathroom Mirror

ByeCold Horizontal Vanity Touch Switch Bathroom Mirror

For $250, you get a few extra features from this ByeCold Horizontal Vanity Touch Switch Bathroom Mirror. The backlit bathroom mirror includes a dimmable LED light and a defogger. The small screen in the lower left-hand corner will show you the day’s weather, including temperature, humidity and more, all thanks to the mirror’s WiFi capabilities. It’ll also show you the time and date. Turning on the mirror’s light or the screen is as simple as tapping along the bottom of the mirror. 

ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity Mirror 

ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity Mirror

For about double the price, you can go with this ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity Mirror, but do note that you won’t get many more smart features for the cost. Instead, this mirror is all flash, with its 12 exposed LED bulbs and its built-in speakers. Stream your favorite music or podcasts to the mirror via your Bluetooth device, and enjoy a great sound as well as a great look. 

The bottom of the mirror’s screen features a row of buttons, as well as a small panel that shows you the temperature, time and other details. In addition, the buttons allow you to control the speaker volume. 

Gesipor LED Bathroom Mirror 

Gesipor LED Bathroom Mirror

Around $500 and similar to the Bonnlo option, the Gesipor LED Bathroom Mirror features an anti-fog function, multiple light settings, Bluetooth capabilities and a surround-sound speaker system. The small screen toward the bottom of the mirror reveals the time and date, but then also offers a series of buttons that allows you to adjust the mirror’s back lighting and speaker volume. 

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Integrity Lighted Mirror with Television 

Integrity Lighted Mirror with Television

If you don’t mind spending somewhere around the $5,000 range, you can get a new mirror and a new television for one price. The Integrity Lighted Mirror with Television mirror features a television screen feature toward the bottom of the mirror, so you can watch your favorite shows, the news or whatever else you want while you get ready in the morning. The mirror features a lit band around the edges, to ensure you get the lighting you need for the best grooming experience. 

The only downside to this smart mirror? The television feature is really the only “smart” thing about it. You can’t talk to the mirror via your Alexa or Google Home devices, or stream your music to the mirror, and it isn’t hands-free.

Echelon Reflect Smart Mirror

Echelon Reflect Smart Mirror

The Echelon Reflect 50-inch Smart Mirror comes in at around $1,500, but that’s a great deal for what you get. Made with your workout in mind, the high-quality Echelon device features a touch screen and connects you directly to Optical Flow technology, which offers users interactive workout sessions and live instruction. It can even track your heart rate. The mirror is outfitted with tons of fitness classes and the easy-to-use software makes setup a breeze.

When you’re not using the mirror, it looks just like any other decorative mirror you might have in your home. 

Just keep in mind — if you go with a mirror-like this, it’s not exactly something you’d want to use for getting ready or putting on makeup. When in use, the mirror is more about what’s happening on the screen versus the actual reflective qualities of the mirror, meaning you might not get the visual quality you’re looking for. At the end of the day, it’s a smart mirror made with fitness in mind, so that’s what it does best.

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Kohler Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror

Kohler Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror

If you already love Kohler’s home products, you may love this Kohler Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror that’s outfitted with Amazon Alexa. In fact, Kohler claims that this mirror is the first Amazon Alexa-embedded bathroom mirror available to consumers. Think of it as your new Amazon Echo — it can do all of the same things, from ordering something on Amazon to playing your favorite playlist. The mirror’s lights are also voice-activated, but you can control it all via the Kohler app if you don’t feel like talking. 

The best part? The mirror starts at only $800. 

The Mirror

The Mirror

Probably the most well-known smart mirror thanks to a string of television commercials, The Mirror is another option that’s designed with fitness in mind. Features include live instruction, customized workouts, customized playlists, music streaming, connection to your Bluetooth devices or Apple Watch, individualized profiles for each user in your household and more. You can even buy accessories for your Mirror, such as a branded heart rate monitor, mirror cleaning kit and resistance bands. 

Just like the Echelon Reflect Smart Mirror, The Mirror starts at around $1,500. And, just like the Echelon Reflect Smart Mirror, The Mirror is 100% geared toward fitness. This isn’t the most fantastic pick for your bathroom or vanity table, but it is a great pick for your home gym.

QAIO Smart Bathroom Mirror 

QAIO Smart Bathroom Mirror

The smartest bathroom mirror on our list, QAIO Smart Bathroom Mirror, is directly connected to Alexa or Google Assistant, whichever is your preference, and comes with a host of valuable features. You can watch the news or TV (or even a movie), read articles, view footage from your door camera, adjust your bathroom lighting — just about anything you’d need during your morning routine. In addition, the mirror is outfitted with two television screens, both of which vanish entirely after you’re done using them.

QAIO also comes in various sizes and shapes, so you can pick the option that’s right for your decor, whether that’s a single sink mirror, double sink mirror, cabinet mirror or another option. They start at right under $1,500. 

What’s the Right Smart Mirror for You?

It all depends on your end-use. 

If you want a smart mirror that’s similar to a traditional mirror with a few fun features and still budget-friendly, you may want to go with the ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity Mirror or the Bonnlo bathroom mirror. 

If you’re looking for a mirror to specifically help with your workouts, you probably want to go with an option like the Echelon smart mirror or The Mirror. 

If you want something for the bathroom that comes with all the bells and whistles, you might want to go with an option like QAIO. 

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Smart Mirror 

To help you make the right choice when shopping for a smart mirror, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind beyond just the end-use.

What are the main functions that you’ll use every day? For example, are you going to use your mirror to check the weather while brushing your teeth?

And how often are you going to stand at the sink and watch television for an extended period of time? 

Some of these features are cool and convenient, but they’re not necessarily practical or all that useful.

Additionally, price is something to consider. Some of these smart mirrors are close to $2,000. If you don’t have $2,000 to invest in your home at this time, you may want to hold off on purchasing a smart mirror or go with one of the more affordable options.

You’ll likewise want to consider the amount of space you have. If you have a small bathroom, you may not have the wall room for a sizable smart mirror. 

Lastly, if you live in a rental property, a landlord may not be too keen on you installing an enormous, wall-mounted smart mirror. For these situations, or if you live in a minimal space, you may want to go with a smart tabletop mirror that you can place on your bathroom vanity. 

Did You Know You Can Make Your Own Smart Mirror?

Really! You can! With suitable materials and a little bit of hardware and tech know-how, you can build your own smart mirror at home. In fact, making your own smart mirror versus buying a high-priced smart mirror has become pretty popular, with tons of DIY guides available online.

This guide shows you how to quickly put one together in an afternoon. All you need is a monitor, two-way glass (which you can purchase on Amazon), a motherboard (which you can also buy on Amazon) and some essential hardware items that you may already have in your home, like wood glue and painters’ tape. 

A Smart Mirror Can Add Flair and Fun to Your Home

If you love new technology and are already making efforts to create a smart home, installing a smart mirror just makes sense. However, take your time with the shopping and make sure to choose the best option for your home. Smart mirrors range in features, price and more, and you don’t want to make a purchasing decision you regret.

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The 10 Best Smart Mirrors in 2021:

  1. iHome Vanity Mirror 
  2. Bonnlo Dimmable LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror
  3. ByeCold Horizontal Vanity Touch Switch Bathroom Mirror
  4. ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity Mirror 
  5. Gesipor LED Bathroom Mirror 
  6. Integrity Lighted Mirror with Television 
  7. Echelon Reflect Smart Mirror 
  8. Kohler Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror 
  9. The Mirror
  10. QAIO Smart Bathroom Mirror 

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