The 12 Best Sofa Covers For Picture Perfect Homes [Messy Family Approved]

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Back in our grandmothers’ days, it was common to cover the “good” furniture with clear, plastic slipcovers. Often, these custom-made additions were sold along with the new upholstered purchase to protect the life of the furniture’s fabric. Visiting grandma meant sitting uncomfortably on sticky, hot plastic with scratchy seams!

Fortunately for us, due to the wide variety of comfortable, durable and stain-resistant fabrics, we have as many options for covering up our sofa as we do reasons. Whether you just want a new look for your living room, or want to protect your furniture from a frisky pet, kiddos who like juice boxes and fingerprinting, and weekly football watching parties with a few rambunctious friends, there is a sofa cover that will meet your needs.

Sofa covers come in two general categories: Those designed to separately cover each cushion and provide a tailored solution, also known as a slipcover, and those that are a throw style and sit on top of your existing sofa primarily as a temporary protective cover. 

Here are our 12 top couch covers. 

Best Sofa Covers for Home Décor Changes

Sometimes we just get tired of the colors and patterns that we liked a few years ago, or maybe a move to a new location just makes that dark grey print the absolute wrong shade for the room. If that’s the case, check out these stores for some great slipcovers for that sofa you picked up from them last year. 

Ikea Slipcovers

Couch covered with white ikea sofa cover

If you own an Ikea sofa, you are in luck and have many options for a slipcover change. These washable covers are made to work with specific Ikea couches and result in a tailored update for your sofa. This is a great solution for sofas that have worn upholstery or stains and people who just want a new look. The covers come in a wide variety of fabrics, colors and prints, as well as solids, and range in price from around $50 to over $300.

Even furniture stores with a higher price point than Ikea offer custom slipcovers for their pieces, although on a more limited basis. 

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Pottery Barn 

Couch with white Pottery Barn sofa cover, two muted red throw pillows, a floral throw pillow and a modern art piece in the background

Pottery Barn offers updates, so if you have one of their sofas, a slipcover with a perfect fit may be available. A slipcover for a Pottery Barn sofa can range up to almost $2000. However, if your underlying couch is in good condition and suits your room and family, then it can be worth the investment, so you don’t have to buy a brand new sofa.

Ballard Designs

Nautical room with sofa and two accent chairs covered with Ballard Designs covers.

For a more substantial monetary investment, Ballard Designs offers slipcovered sofas in custom fabric choices. Once you own one of their sofas, an extra slipcover purchase can give you a completely new look.

It is also possible to have slipcovers custom-made for your furniture. If you have an investment piece and want to change it up or protect it from overuse, searching for a local upholsterer should give you some cushion cover options. Custom slipcovers will generally be more economical than reupholstering because of the types of fabrics that can be used and the labor involved.

Best Sofa Cover for Pet Owners

We can’t help it; we love our fur babies. Yes, they may shed, drool, scratch and have an accident on our sofa, but many of us want to cuddle up with our pets right on the couch, no matter what. The best covers for pet owners are those that can be easily removed for washing. The same reasons that you need a cover are the same reasons that you don’t want to have to fight hard to get it in the machine and clean again because you are going to need to wash it every so often. 

Sure Fit Deep Pile Polyester Velvet Cover

Sure Fit Deep Pile Polyester Velvet Cover

An option that is a throw style that works well for pets is the Sure Fit Deep Pile Polyester Velvet cover available at Macy’s in a handful of different colors.

This cover protects against paw prints, hair, dust and moisture, and comes with silicone pads on the back for a secure, non-slip grip. An added bonus includes pockets on the armrests for holding your remotes (or a few pet treats). 

Grip Tight Furniture Protector

Grip Tight Furniture Protector

Another option is the Grip Tight Furniture Protector sold by Orvis. Available in three colors and three sizes, it offers the benefit of being water-resistant and is popular as a pet protector.

A throw style pet protector cover also gives you the option to remove it easily for those occasions when you may want to entertain in your home and don’t want to have the cover on.

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Best Sofa Covers for Parents

Kids are messy and unexpected things happen. Chances are you purchased your sofa before you had kids, and it may not be the most stain-resistant piece of furniture in your home. Don’t fear or bust out the resale catalog just yet-simply purchase a stretch cover designed for your sofa length, number of cushions and arm style. 

Red Barrel Studio® Cushion Sofa Slipcover

Red Barrel Studio® Cushion Sofa Slipcover

This stretch cover from Red Barrel Studios by Wayfair is available in a variety of configurations and a wide selection of colors. This type of cover is designed to fit over your individual seat cushions, and it provides a more custom look than a temporary throw style. These covers are washable and fairly easy to put on, and are an economical alternative to custom slipcovers.

Red Barrel Studio® Stretch Cover

Red Barrel Studio® Stretch Cover

If your sofa does not have individual seat cushions and has one long bench cushion, then this Red Barrel Studio option would work well for your sofa.

These stretch covers are less than $100 and will help protect your sofa investment for a long time. When it’s appropriate and the risk of kid accidents has diminished, you will unveil your sofa to find the original fabric unstained and its condition protected.

Best Sofa Covers for Boho and Cottage Styles

Think you can’t find a slipcover for a more easy going aesthetic? Think again!

Matelassé Relaxed Fit Cover 

Matelassé Relaxed Fit Cover 

If you love a shabby chic look, using slipcovers fits your style perfectly. This matelassé relaxed fit cover works well in a country style family room or beach house. 

Reversible Floral Patchwork Cover

Reversible Floral Patchwork Cover

A fun alternative type of throw cover is this patchwork, lightly quilted, microfiber scalloped cover available on Amazon. If you’re a lover of quilts and things country, this might appeal to you. It’s available in a variety of sizes, including loveseat and recliner. 

This cover comes in multiple color selections and has the added benefit of being reversible.

Best Sofa Covers for Sectional Owners—Subrtex Cover

Subrtex Cover

It’s a challenge finding covers for your sectional couch since there are so many unique configurations of sofas out there. If your sectional is comprised of two separate pieces with a chaise, then the Subrtex cover would work well for you. It comes in both left and right configurations.

Best Sofa Cover for Keeping Cozy—Hudson Sherpa Sofa Cover

Hudson Sherpa Sofa Cover

Here’s an alternative throw cover from Hudson Sherpa that will keep you warm and cozy with its Sherpa fabric. On the reverse, the microfiber fabric will keep you cool. The cover has the added benefit of being waterproof, making it useful in households with pets and young children. Elastic straps on each side hold it in place. 

Best Sofa Cover for Outdoor Furniture—Vailge Stretch Cover

Vailge Stretch Cover

Protecting your outdoor furniture is a smart move. Fortunately, there are several products available in a variety of sizes. This stretchy cover from Vailge is high quality, waterproof and UV resistant. It also has a layer of PVC, making it a great choice for your patio. It even comes with handles so that it is easy to take off and straps to secure it so that high winds will not blow it off.

Tips for Choosing your Cover

No matter what your living room furniture looks like, the most important detail in choosing the right furniture slipcover is to measure correctly. Check the product description, which will detail if their measurements are arm-to-arm or if they include the overall length of the sofa, then measure your sofa couch accordingly. Stretch fabrics have a lot of forgiveness built in, and many throw covers are designed to fit a variety of sofa lengths but get out the measuring tape and double check your sofa size before ordering to save you the hassle of having to return the product.

The second detail to address is what is your overall concern about protecting your sofa. If you need a sofa protector that’s going to hold up next to spills, make sure it’s a waterproof or water-resistant cover. If it’s for pet protection, make sure it has a secure system for holding the cover in place lest your pet decides to create his own bed with it. If you want to protect your sofa from daily kid wear and tear, then look for one that is easily machine washable.

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12 Best Sofa Covers: 

  1. Ikea Slipcovers
  2. Pottery Barn 
  3. Ballard Designs
  4. Sure Fit Deep Pile Polyester Velvet Cover
  5. Grip Tight Furniture Protector
  6. Red Barrel Studio® Cushion Sofa Slipcover
  7. Red Barrel Studio® Stretch Cover
  8. Matelassé Relaxed Fit Cover 
  9. Reversible Floral Patchwork Cover
  10. Subrtex Cover for Sectionals
  11. Hudson Sherpa Sofa Cover 
  12. Vailge Outdoor Stretch Cover

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