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22 Tea Gift Sets And 14 Treats That Are Perfect For High Tea

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High tea parties are a great excuse for turning an everyday pleasure into a special event. Just add your favorite friends, some sweet and savory treats and your favorite blend of tea, and you have a recipe for a delightful afternoon.

But of course, when it comes to these teetotaler get togethers, it’s all about presentation—which is why you also need the perfect set to serve up your earl grey and blueberry scones. 

Of course, not everyone takes their tea the same way. And we also understand that not everyone likes to serve it the same way either. That’s why our curated collection of tea gift sets runs the range from modern to traditional and even the exotic.

And, of course, no tea party is complete without a few extra goodies. That’s why we’ve included some best selling tea blends and some delicious bites to go with them.

With a little something for everyone and a few surprising additions, we think you’ll find a set that is literally just your cup of tea. Let’s take a look.


These tea sets put a more modern spin on pots, cups and saucers that will bring your party into the 21st century. In other words, this is not your grandma’s approach to high tea!

1. Bee-uitful Tea Collection 

Honeycomb Tea Set Pack

This gorgeous tea collection is a tribute to our favorite pollinators. It features a genuine gold honeycomb pattern that will make herbal tea in the garden an even more bee-utiful experience, although it’s great for black tea too! This set comes with a teapot, 4 cups, a creamer and a sugar bowl. 

We think your guests will be buzzing with delight!

2. A Floral Twist

Floral tea set with warmer, bone china tea sets for girls, tea gift set for mom

Nothing says high tea like a floral patterned tea set. We like the larger flower pattern of this bone china set and the glass teapot, which gives it a slightly more modern edge. And gold rims and handles on the cups always add a touch of elegance. Throw in some flowering tea, and you’ll have the ultimate floral experience.

The heat resistant borosilicate glass pot comes with a removable tea infuser and strainer. Also included are the cups, saucers and spoons in various quantities depending on your needs. The only downside is that the rack is not included. 

Still, your high tea table will look utterly gorgeous with this set. 

3. Mad for Tea Parties

Rory Dobner Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Tea Pot

If you’re really crazy about tea parties, you’ll love this Alice in Wonderland-inspired teapot, cups, sugar and creamer. Decorated with the drawings of the book’s famous characters, they’ll bring a whimsical touch to your tea party.

Although they don’t come as a complete set, each piece can be purchased separately at Williams Sonoma. Your guests will be smiling like Cheshire cats!

4. Porcelain Polka Dots

Porcelain Polka Dot Tea Set

Elaborate floral patterns and scroll work not exactly your thing? We have you covered. This playful 9-piece set featuring polka dots and stripes will bring an air of casual fun to your tea party.

Included are the tea pot, 4 cups and 4 saucers made of fine porcelain. It’s pretty without being stuffy!

5. Starry, Starry Tea Cups

Van Gogh Tea Cups

Want to add a stroke of genius to your tea party? Each one of these tea cups is inspired by one of Van Gogh’s famous paintings and also includes a saucer and spoon. Choose from Starry Night, Irises, Cafe Terrace, Almond Blossoms, Sunflowers or the Sower.

It’s high tea meets high art!

6. Tea for Two

Blue Bay Porcelain Tea Set for 2 People

This charming set from Blue Bay is a fun way to go when you’re planning tea for two. We love the mix and match pattern of stripes, dots and leaves with a touch of gold trim to make it feel just a little more special. 

The porcelain set includes the teapot, two cups and saucers, plus a sugar bowl and creamer. 

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Traditional Sets

If you’re more of a traditionalist, these sets will bring a classic feel to your high tea party.

7. Retro Roses

Vintage Red Rose Tea Set

If you’re looking for something with a retro vibe, this set with pink roses definitely says classic. We also like the tapered shape of the cup that elevates it a little above the saucer. This set is also handmade from environmentally friendly porcelain clay. 

Just be aware that his five-piece set only includes the teapot, two cups and two saucers, so you’ll have to order extra cups if you aren’t planning tea for two.  

8. Ode to Bridgerton

Blue floral tea set gift

Not even Lady Whisteldown herself could find fault with this vintage style tea set. Fans of the show may have noticed that the Bridegertons often wore the very same Wedgewood blue flower pattern. 

The complete set includes the teapot, 4 cups and saucers, a sugar bowl and creamer, 4 gold plated spoons, 4 embroidered tea napkins and a Lady Whistledown English Breakfast tea. In other words, everything you need to make your high tea the event of the season!

9. Bold Relief

White Tea Gift Set with carved relief

This set with a retro relief pattern is something that you might find in a palace, but it will be a great addition to your own little castle. We like the toned back colors of the porcelain and the convex-concave pattern that will bring an extra dimension of elegance to your table. 

The 9-piece set includes the teapot, 4 cups and 4 saucers. 

10. Affordable Elegance

Bone China tea set

You don’t always have to break the bank to buy bone china. We like the delicate scrollwork of this set that includes the tea pot, 6 cups, 6 saucers, 6 gold painted spoons, a creamer, a sugar bowl and the rack for about $100.

And PS: the bone china is also lead-free, so you can sip your favorite tea with no worries. 

11. Teal Dream

White tea set with teal flowers

We liked the scaled-back approach of this pattern that’s lively without going overboard on the flowers. This tea set includes the tea pot, 4 cups, 4 saucers and an infuser for loose leaf tea. 

The porcelain is lead and cadmium free, and the infuser is made with extra-fine holes to ensure your tea is properly strained. In other words, don’t plan on reading anyone’s tea leaves with this set. 

12. Shabby Chic

Shabby floral chic tea set

This turquoise tea set with a shabby rose pattern will make a colorful centerpiece for any tea party. The set includes the tea pot, 4 cups, 4 saucers, a sugar bowl and a creamer. All the pieces are accented with a gold trim to add an extra touch of glamor. 

Just say yes to color!

13. The Royal Treatment

Floral tea set with gold rim

If you’re a tried and true traditionalist, you can’t go wrong with a tea set from Royal Albert. The old country rose pattern of this 15-piece Bone China set is a timeless classic. Decorated with pink, yellow and burgundy roses and 22-karat gold trim, this set is a tribute to the English country garden.

Included are the tea pot, 6 cups and saucers, a sugar bowl and a creamer. Oh so beautiful and oh so very British. 

14. Take Wing

Tea gift set with birds and flowers

This sweet set featuring birds and flowers is the perfect choice for an afternoon tea in the garden. Made with real gold and silver, this porcelain is also environmentally friendly and fired at high temperatures to keep its colors bright.

The 9-piece set includes the tea pot, 4 cups and 4 saucers. We’re sure your guests will be singing its praises!

15. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Tea

Americana style blue tea set with tray

This Liberty Blue Tea set is a beautiful reproduction of an antique design and features colonial ladies and gentlemen in pastoral settings. This handmade porcelain set includes the teapot, 2 cups and saucers, the sugar bowl, creamer and tray.

The English may have brought the tradition of tea drinking to the states, but we Americans can still drink it on our own terms!

Unique Sets

If you’re looking for something truly different, these tea sets run the gamut from exotic, whimsical and, in some cases, a little OTT. But sometimes breaking with tradition makes drinking tea all the more satisfying.  

16. A Glass Act

Contemporary auto-pouring glass tea set

What makes this set unique is the auto pouring tureen that sits atop the stand and serves as the brewing pot. Made with a mechanism that filters out the tea leaves, you’re free to use bags or loose-leaf blends.

This set comes with 6 cups, 1 tureen, a serving cup and the stand. It also comes with a pretty gift box if you plan on making it a present. 

17. Elevate Your High Tea

Gold tile bone china set

This 17-piece bone china tea set truly deserves to be the centerpiece of a grand affair. We love the art deco vibe of the tea pot, 6 cups and saucers, the creamer and the sugar bowl. The perfect set to raise your pinky finger in style!

18. Retro Fun

Hand painted polka dot ceramic tea set

This whimsical vintage tea set will help you and your guests ward off the evil eye. We love the fun pattern and the fact that this set is so complete. Included are the teapot, warmer, 6 cups and saucers, 6 plates for those sweet and savory goodies, plus a sugar bowl, creamer and tea.

What more could you ask for except good weather to enjoy your tea in the garden.

19. Dreams of Tangier

Handmade silver tea set with tray

Prefer your tea Moroccan style? This handmade silver teapot, tray and 6 hand painted glasses will turn your tea party into an exotic adventure. For an even more authentic flair, brew your tea with fresh mint and lemon verbena. 

20. Elephant Walk

Elephant shaped tea pot with creamer and sugar holders

It’s not every day you see tea being served up in a floral elephant with gold trim. But this adorable elephant set was too cute to resist including in our list. Each set is handmade of fine porcelain and includes the teapot plus two baby pachyderms that serve as the sugar bowl and creamer. 

21. Tea Pot? Check!

Hand painted check tea pot

This hand painted enamel tea pot by illustrious designers MacKenzie-Childs of New York will make a truly artful addition to anyone’s collection. But what makes this set even more special is that it comes with a collection of teas from Fortum & Mason. 

In case you weren’t in the know, this famed London establishment has been supplying tea to the royal house for over 300 years. Packaged in an elegant gift box, the assortment includes six of their most popular blends, including the Royal Blend, Breakfast Blend, Afternoon Blend, Queen Anne Blend, Earl Grey Classic and Smoky Earl Grey. 

It’s the perfect set for sharing gossip about the Royal Family over a proper cup of tea.

22. Pheasant Run

Floral tea set with pheasants

Who says tea for one shouldn’t be a special affair? We couldn’t resist this gorgeous bone china tea pot, cup and saucer that will make you feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury even when you’re sipping your tea sans company.  

Free of lead and cadmium, this single set is double fired to keep its brilliant colors from fading. Cheers to you!

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14 Goodies to Accompany Your Tea

Now that you have the perfect teaware, it’s time to start looking at tea accessories. Here are some of the best tea goodies to include in your gift basket or tea party.

1. Fortnum & Mason Mini Huntsman Hamper

Fortnum & Mason Mini Huntsman Hamper

This mini huntsman hamper from the renowned English tea house Fortnum & Mason is filled with their Earl Grey and Afternoon Blend teas, a trio of preserves and buttery honey shortbread. When it comes to high tea, it’s the total package!

2. Cartwright & Butler Shortbread Selection

Cartwright & Butler Shortbread Selection

Nothing goes better with a high tea than some traditional English biscuits. The tin features two delicious choices, including buttery caramel with sea salt or almond flavor. Our mouths are watering already!

3. Prestat Milk Chocolate Thins with Earl Grey Tea

Prestat Milk Chocolate Thins with Earl Grey Tea

Love chocolate and Earl Grey? Then you’ll love these delicate wafers featuring your two favorite flavors plus a touch of peppermint. A heavenly duo!

4. Tea Drop Sampler

Tea Drop Sampler

Traditionalists may gasp, but we couldn’t resist including these organic, dissolvable tea drops that you simply put in a cup of boiling water for an aromatic treat. Flavors include rose earl grey, citrus ginger, matcha green tea, sweet peppermint and blueberry acai. Pure bliss for tea lovers. 

5. Tea From Around the World Set

Tea From Around the World Set

Turn your tea party into a journey around the world with ten different blends from across the globe. It also comes with a book containing background information and brewing tips for each tea. So very international!

6. Heart Shaped Tea Bags

Heart Shaped Tea Bags

These heart shaped tea bags are too cute and sure to charm any tea lover. Flavors include English Breakfast, Earl Grey and White Berry. We heart these tea bags!

7. Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety Box

Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety Box

You can’t go wrong with a variety sampler from Taylors of Harrogate. After all, they’ve been crafting teas since 1886. This sampler box includes 48 tea bags with Pure Assam, Earl Grey, Lemon & Orange and more. And for only $11, it’s a steal!

8. DavidsTea Sweet Indulgence Sampler

DavidsTea Sweet Indulgence Sampler

If you’re looking for something truly indulgent, these blends from DavidsTea taste as decadent as dessert. Their 12 unique flavors include chocolate macaroons, s’mores, lavender buttercream, birthday cake and more! Put us on your guest list!

9. Tea Leaf Reading Kit

Tea Leaf Reading Kit

Want to add a little mystery to your high tea party. Try reading some tea leaves with this leaf reading kit that includes a symbol dictionary, loose leaf tea and a mug. We predict a fun afternoon!

10. Tea of the Boston Tea Party

Tea of the Boston Tea Party

For tea lovers and members of the DRA, this historical collection of teas features the blends that were thrown overboard by American colonists during the Boston Tea Party. It also comes with brewing directions, flavor profiles and uncommon facts about tea in early America. Why not savor a sip of rebellion?

11. Gourmet Honey Spoons

Gourmet Honey Spoons

For a unique way to sweeten your tea, try these honey pops that melt when placed in hot water. Plus, no messy honey spills!

12. Heart and Home Ceramic Teaspoon Set

Heart and Home Ceramic Teaspoon Set

These adorable spoons will bring a touch of cheer to your high tea. And they even have a hole in the end for displaying them on the wall when they’re not in action stirring a cup of Assam. Simply lovely. 

13. Vintage Honey Bottle Sampler Set

Vintage Honey Bottle Sampler Set

If tea accessories are your thing, you are going to love this vintage honey bottle sampler. These vintage bottles will look adorable on your tea table. Flavors include orange blossom, saw palmetto, wildflower and buckwheat. So sweet!

14. Golden Moon Organic Tea

Golden Moon Organic Tea

For those guests who only do organic, this lovely sampler includes nine different blends of loose leaf tea beyond chamomile. Flavors include rooibos, chai tea, Jasmine tea, and more. Each blend is free of artificial flavors, chemicals and plastic tea bags. They are also gluten free! Simply tea-rrific!

Raise Your Pinkies, Everyone!

We hope our collection of tea sets and goodies has inspired you to start planning your next high tea party. Whether you take your tea with milk and sugar, lemon or just straight up, sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying a really good cup with friends— especially when it’s served up in porcelain and a side of cookies, finger sandwiches and a little juicy gossip!

Enjoy, friends!

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Best gifts for Tea Drinkers:

  1. Bee-uitful Tea Collection
  2. A Floral Twist
  3. Mad for Tea Parties
  4. Porcelain Polka Dots
  5. Starry, Starry Tea Cups
  6. Tea for Two
  7. Retro Roses
  8. Ode to Bridgerton
  9. Bold Relief
  10. Affordable Elegance
  11. Teal Dream
  12. Shabby Chic
  13. The Royal Treatment
  14. Take Wing
  15. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Tea
  16. A Glass Act
  17. Elevate Your High Tea
  18. Retro Fun
  19. Dreams of Tangier
  20. Elephant Walk
  21. Tea Pot? Check!
  22. Pheasant Run
  23. Fortnum & Mason Mini Huntsman Hamper
  24. Cartwright & Butler Shortbread Selection
  25. Prestat Milk Chocolate Thins with Earl Grey Tea
  26. Tea Drop Sampler
  27. Tea From Around the World Set
  28. Heart Shaped Tea Bags
  29. Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety Box
  30. DavidsTea Sweet Indulgence Sampler
  31. Tea Leaf Reading Kit
  32. Tea of the Boston Tea Party
  33. Gourmet Honey Spoons
  34. Heart and Home Ceramic Teaspoon Set
  35. Vintage Honey Bottle Sampler Set
  36. Golden Moon Organic Tea

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