The 7 Best Tech Apps For The Savvy International Traveler

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Traveling is fun. Despite the recent events we’ve lived through, there is no doubt that many of us are eager to take out our passports once again as we travel for business, leisure or both. Oh, to see the world and step out of our comfort zones once more. 

Then again – you wouldn’t want to be too uncomfortable the next time you head to another country. Some technology can minimize burdens and help up the enjoyment factor. So in the name of a good time, let me name seven mobile apps that, in my opinion, are extremely useful for today’s travel-savvy globetrotters.

1. TripIt


While traveling, organization matters. And with TripIt, you’ll no longer have to worry about missing slips of paper, confusing itineraries, or delays whenever you’re asked to present proof of a booking. 

This app provides a platform to store everything from flight information to details of your hotel or accommodation, confirmation numbers, dinner reservations, car rentals – you name it – together in one place. 

All you have to do is forward the relevant confirmation emails to, and the app will transfer this information to a master itinerary that you can easily access or export to your calendar. 

2. Packing Pro

Packing Pro

Hardly anyone enjoys packing. It’s one of those travel necessities that, no matter how simple it looks on paper, always seems to be a struggle – especially given airline restrictions on luggage weight and bag quantity. Thankfully, Packing Pro can make the whole chore easier. 

Use it to get ahead of things early and create a list of items that need to be packed from scratch. The app also offers different packing templates based on categories for camping trips, business trips, as well as items for male travelers and female travelers. 

Packing Pro also reminds you of essential tasks such as purchasing travel insurance and keeping your passport and valuables locked.

3. FlyXO 

FlyXO mobile app

If you find yourself wanting to book a private jet for international traveling but aren’t sure how to research, look no further. The FlyXO mobile app lets you access the best prices for private charters or if you don’t need the whole thing, seats on private jets. 

The app lets you explore flights across thousands of airports and destinations globally. The benefit here is that XO offers multiple ways for you to purchase seats, including private charters with guaranteed availability and single seats on shared flights. 

So if efficient, hassle-free private jet bookings matter to you, this app will certainly cater to your needs.

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4. OANDA Currency Converter

OANDA Currency Converter

Here’s the reality. Every time you set foot overseas, you’re vulnerable to losing some of your hard-earned cash if you’re not well-aware of currency exchange rates. With the OANDA app, forget about doing the math in your head or plugging in values in a calculator. This app covers daily filtered rates for over 190 different currencies and four metals, based on information provided by leading market data contributors. I

OANDA also gives you the option to include a percentage, so you can get a better estimate of the rate you’ll likely be charged by the bank or credit card company for foreign transactions.

5. Vocre


Language barriers can be tricky while traveling. The good news is that technology has helped break them down considerably, especially with the Vocre app. 

Vocre generates instant translations in 59 languages. All you have to do is select your language of choice and then say the intended message into the mic of your phone. The app will instantly convert your message into the new language for your foreign friends to hear or read.

6. TripAdvisor


Anytime you’re traveling for a limited time, you owe it to yourself to make every dinner, cultural event and excursion memorable. But how do you ensure you’re making good decisions on what to see and visit? That’s where TripAdvisor comes in. 

It’s the go-to app for browsing various options (with reviews and photos included) for leisurely activities. Plus, you can filter through options by star ratings or the most recommendations. 

ProTip: some restaurants featured on TripAdvisor make reservations through its partner app OpenTable

7. Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet

Finally, Trail Wallet helps you maximize actually enjoying your trip without constantly worrying about money. Trail Wallet is perfect for tracking your travel spendings, which you can organize by month or by trip. 

Use it to set a daily budget during those trips where money might be a little tight. And with the Quick Add screen, you can easily update your current expenses once you’re handed a bill or receipt. Just a matter of taps, and you’re done. No need to keep all those paper slips in your pockets.

And You’re Off!

With these apps to help manage the less glamorous side of things, there’s no reason to feel that traveling isn’t convenient or safe enough for you, even if you don’t often travel alone. Remember…traveling is an amazing gift. Grab it with both hands every time.

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Best Travel Apps

  1. TripIt
  2. Packing Pro
  3. FlyXO 
  4. OANDA Currency Converter
  5. Vocre
  6. TripAdvisor
  7. Trail Wallet

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