Our 11 Favorite Trundle Beds For All Your Needs 

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If you’re looking to save space in your home, there are many ways to do so, and one of the easiest ways is buying space-saving furniture. There are many options, from wall-hanging desks to fold-out couches. When saving space in the bedroom, though, you might want to consider a trundle bed.  

Here’s everything you need to know about shopping for the best trundle bed for your small space, whether you want a convenient option for house guests or a space-saving solution for a studio or apartment.

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trundle beds with headboards

Max & Lily Solid Wood Daybed with a Trundle

wooden trundle bed

Kodiak Boho Daybed with Trundle

stylish trundle bed

Valentina Trundle Daybed

trundle bed with bookshelf

Discovery World Furniture Full Bookcase Daybed

bunk bed trundle bed

Max & Lily Bunk Bed, Twin-Over-Full With Trundle

What is a Trundle Bed?

But, before we get into the best trundle beds on the market, let’s get one thing straight: What exactly is a trundle bed?

If you’re unfamiliar with this particular piece of furniture, it’s a bed on wheels. It sits low to the ground and can be rolled beneath a traditional bed, so it’s out of sight and out of mind until you need it. While this does eliminate your ability to use your beneath-the-bed space for other storage, if you’re not already using that space in your home, a trundle bed will fit seamlessly into your bedroom; no extra floor space required. 

Trundle beds are an excellent fit for those with frequent houseguests, from friends to relatives, who don’t have a separate guest room or room in a living space for a sleeper sofa or something similar. They’re also ideal for children, especially if you need to fit two kids — siblings or friends, either one — into one bedroom. Some parents even prefer trundle beds for children transitioning from cribs to “big kid” beds, as the low-to-the-ground configuration can help prevent nasty falls. 

What to Look For When Shopping for a Trundle Bed

There are a few things you’ll want to look for when shopping for a trundle bed. First, let’s look at the options available, from the design and cost to the storage space (if any) and the size.


Some trundle beds come as standalone beds that slide beneath your existing bed. However, others come with a daybed or traditional bed attached. The former is a better fit if you already have a bed you’re thinking of using with your trundle bed, and your overall concern is saving space. The latter is ideal if you’re outfitting a new space entirely and just want to double the number of guests you can sleep in one space. 

Less frequently, you can find pop-up trundle beds that slide from beneath the existing bed and then pop up, so they’re elevated off the ground. These options, however, are not that easy to find and can’t hold as much weight as their drawer-style counterparts. 


Of course, your budget plays a significant role in what trundle bed you buy. Some trundle beds are pretty pricey, costing over a thousand dollars, while others can be ordered at more budget-friendly prices on Amazon. Look for trundle beds that will fit your budget and not strain your bank account.

Additionally, do note that many trundle beds do not come with a mattress included. They just come as the bed frame, so you’ll also want to consider that extra cost. 

Functionality and Ease of Use

Check out buyer reviews and see if you can spot any particular, consistently-reported issues when using the trundle bed. Does it roll easily? Is it comfortable? 

Additionally, don’t forget to look at whether or not the trundle bed comes already assembled. If you don’t fancy spending a few hours surrounded by tiny pieces and tools, you might want to specifically look for a trundle bed that’s delivered ready to use.

Bed Size

As you peruse your various trundle bed options, you’ll notice that most trundle beds come in twin sizes. However, for most adults, a twin bed isn’t exactly enough space. So if you imagine that adults will be using your trundle bed most often, you might want to look for a larger trundle bed in full size or queen size. While it’ll be more expensive, it will also be more comfortable for your overnight guests. 


Some trundle beds or daybed-trundle bed combos are a little on the flimsy side, especially if you go the budget-friendly route. While these types are fine for spaces where the trundle bed won’t be used all that often, if you imagine your trundle bed will be used regularly, you might want to go with a more durable option made from high-quality materials. 

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The 11 Best Trundle Beds

Have a better idea now of what kind of trundle bed is best for your needs and what features you want to look for in a trundle bed? Then check out these 11 best options.

1. The Urban Daybed & Trundle from West Elm

daybed trundle bed combo

Favorite brand West Elm offers a daybed and trundle bed combo for just over $1,000. Choose from nine different colors and fabrics to get the perfect fit for your current decor, from distressed mauve velvet to dove-hued twill. This daybed is minimalistic and could blend into any living room decor like an oversized couch once you cover it in a plethora of pillows. 

Just roll it out from beneath when you need to use the trundle bed. When you’re finished using the trundle bed, it slides back into place, where a strategically placed cushion hides it from view.

2. Max & Lily Solid Wood Daybed with a Trundle

twin bed over trundle bed

A more budget-friendly option available on Amazon for just a few hundred dollars, this trundle bed with a headboard is a great pick for a kid’s room. The classic, white, slatted bed frame works well with most children’s decor. A wooden drawer in the front hides the pull-out trundle bed from view. Then, when you’re ready to pull it out for use, you can pull on either of the hand holds to free the bed for the night. And, if you’re not into the white wood frame look, you can get this bed and trundle duo in natural and darker wood tones similar to espresso and black and gray. 

3. Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle

trundle beds with a metal frame

This similar twin-size daybed and trundle combo offers two sleeping arrangements, but the style is a bit more adult and modern so that it would fit in well alongside any guest room or adult bedroom furniture. 

However, it’s worth noting that this affordable daybed and trundle bed combination requires assembly at home and doesn’t come with mattresses as some options do. Instead, you’ll need to buy your mattresses separately, though the daybed and trundle will fit a standard, twin-sized mattress. 

4. Kodiak Boho Daybed with Trundle

Boho Trundle Bed

This option also only comes with your bed frame, so you’ll have to buy the mattresses separately, and it is a bit pricier — but for a good reason. Ultra-durable, this wooden daybed and trundle combo is one you’ll want to consider for long-term use. You’ll get years of comfort from this option. 

The dark wood design features a slatted back and arms for the day bed, and then a wooden drawer hides the trundle bed from view. 

5. DHP Metal Trundle for Daybed Frame

DHP trundle beds on wheels

If you want the trundle bed — no daybed or traditional bed needed — consider this affordable option with a small, twin-size metal frame on wheels that slides wherever you like. A matching twin-size bed can be purchased separately, but if you don’t need it, you can buy the trundle bed only. Two of the casters are locking, so you can easily keep the bed in place, and the trundle can hold sleepers weighing up to 225 pounds. 

Amazon reviewers report that this option is a great fit for use when needed but easily stows away when it’s not. The frame is strong, and assembly takes just about an hour.

6. Valentina Trundle Daybed

Valentina Twin Upholstered Daybed with Trundle

For another daybed option that looks far more like a couch than a bed, look to this stylish trundle bed offering from Wayfair. Available in gray, pink or blue, the daybed has a comfortable, luxurious look to it, thanks to the upholstered daybed’s finish. The trundle bed blends into the upholstery until you pull it out to reveal the twin-sized bed. Of course, you will need to assemble this one and buy the trundle mattress, but the bed has everything needed for assembly, including tools. 

The trundle bed boasts a 250-pound weight capacity, while the daybed offers a 400-pound capacity.

7. Discovery World Furniture Full Bookcase Daybed with 3 Drawers and Twin Trundle

Discovery World Furniture Full Bookcase Daybed with 3 Drawers and Twin Trundle, Merlot

For a daybed and trundle bed combo that offers a bit more, look to this functional trundle bed offering available on Amazon. First, there’s the bed which is built more like a traditional bed than a daybed. Then the trundle bed is hidden beneath the wooden frame, and storage drawers and other cabinetry are built into the bed’s base. Oh, did we mention the bookshelf that lines one side of the main bed?

If you’re looking for a piece of furniture that provides two sleeping spaces plus storage, you’ve found it. 

8. VECELO Twin Roll Out Trundle Bed Frame

VECELO Twin Roll Out Trundle Bed Frame

Another bare basic trundle bed, this Amazon pick comes with just the trundle frame on wheels. If you already have your main bed, the mattress and everything else you might need, and you only lack a frame, this option will work fine. 

The wheels lock into place, and the frame can handle up to 300 pounds. The frame itself weighs just under 25 pounds. 

9. Max & Lily Bunk Bed, Twin-Over-Full Bed Frame For Kids With Trundle

bunk bed trundle beds

So if you’re shopping for a trundle bed, you likely need to fit two sleepers into one space, but what if you need to accommodate three sleepers? That’s where this particular option comes in. You get a bunk bed trundle with a twin-sized bed on the top and a full bunk bed on the bottom, but then a trundle also slides free from under the bed for easy sleeping for three people. 

The bed comes in blue, black, gray, white and a natural wood tone so you can choose the color that fits your decor best. Note that the trundle bed fits a mattress just under a normal twin size, so you will have to shop for a specialty fit.

10. COASTER Twin Pop-Up Trundle Bed on Rollers

COASTER Twin Pop-Up Trundle Bed on Rollers

If the pop-up trundle bed option we mentioned above caught your eye, you’ll want to consider this pick that comes in at just a few hundred dollars. The twin-size trundle bed folds up and down for easy storing under any bed but then can be raised off the ground for a more comfortable sleeping experience if you’re not keen on sleeping near the floor. 

You will have to assemble the frame, which can withstand up to 200 pounds. 

11. Cheryll Twin Over Twin Standard Bunk Bed with Trundle by Harriet Bee

Cheryll Twin Over Twin Standard Bunk Bed with Trundle by Harriet Bee

Another twin bunk bed-plus-trundle bed solution, this option is a little more sleek and modern, with its metal frame that comes in gray or white. Both bunks and the trundle fit standard, twin-size mattresses, and the full-length guardrail on the top bunk keeps everyone safe. The two bottom beds can handle up to 250 pounds, while the top bunk can handle up to 200 pounds. 

At-home assembly is required. 

Is a Trundle Bed Right for Your Home?

A trundle bed can make an excellent addition to any home where there’s a need for extra space. Just be sure to shop for a bed that meets all your requirements carefully — size, budget-friendliness, ease of assembly or anything else — so that you’re satisfied with your purchase for years to come.

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Favorite Trundle Beds:

  1. The Urban Daybed & Trundle from West Elm
  2. Max & Lily Solid Wood Daybed with a Trundle
  3. Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle
  4. Kodiak Boho Daybed with Trundle
  5. DHP Metal Trundle for Daybed Frame
  6. Valentina Trundle Daybed
  7. Discovery World Furniture Full Bookcase Daybed with 3 Drawers and Twin Trundle
  8. VECELO Twin Roll Out Trundle Bed Frame
  9. Max & Lily Bunk Bed, Twin-Over-Full Bed Frame For Kids With Trundle
  10. COASTER Twin Pop-Up Trundle Bed on Rollers
  11. Cheryll Twin Over Twin Standard Bunk Bed with Trundle by Harriet Bee

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