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The 13 Best Wedding Dress Rental Companies [Affordable Dream Dresses]

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Are you dreaming of wearing a fabulous gown on your wedding day? Does your vision of the perfect strut down the aisle include a perfect designer dress? Then you’ve surely noticed how those big designer names can come with even bigger designer price tags.

Whether picturing a white floor-length ball gown or a hot pink mini full of embellishments, your dream dress can be super affordable by hopping on the unconventional trend of turning your gown purchase into a rental.

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HAH Reversible Take a Bow Dress

HAH Reversible Take a Bow Dress

Carolina Herrera Dress

Carolina Herrera Dress

Mila Cowl Back Slip Dress

Mila Cowl Back Slip Dress

Ribbed Halter Dress

Ribbed Halter Dress

Nicola Embroidered Dress

Nicola Embroidered Dress

Why You Should Consider Renting

Renting a wedding dress isn’t for everyone.

If the idea of passing your wedding dress down like a family heirloom makes you feel sentimental and teary, you should pass on the idea of renting. A perfect option for the minimalist, renting your wedding dress can give you endless access to designer wedding gowns, evening gowns and dresses that may have been out of your budget, worn once, and stuck in your closet for who knows how long.

According to a survey by The Knot, the average wedding gown costs between $1,600 and $2,000. If that’s a little more than you’re wanting or are willing to pay, renting can get you the same dresses for sometimes as much as 80% less than the retail cost to purchase.

We chatted with Kirsten McKinley, founder of Weddings & Brides, who shared her thoughts on wedding dress rentals. “Wedding dress rentals allow you to choose from a wider range of dresses. Since renting a dress is cheaper than buying one, you can afford to go for a fancier more expensive dress, as you’re not outright buying it! Wedding dress rentals are becoming increasingly popular and there are now plenty of dress rental companies, meaning you’re bound to find one that’s right for you.”

Celebrity Wedding Planner and Lifestyle Host, Samantha Goldberg, chimed in with her thoughts. ” Renting a gown is no different than celebrities who grace the carpet with iconic designers. It’s been happening for years and has so many benefits…One being not a hefty price tag!” she shared.

“Another benefit to renting a bridal gown is you can choose some of the most chic styles that may be a classic- or as I can say—untouchable. Another pro, you will save a ton of Bridal Bucks! What does that mean ladies? It means better options for your wedding day or, even better, more lux honeymoon!” She finished with this tidbit: “Before you put that down payment on a gown that may be a tad off budget, you may be able to find that same one…and rent it! I would say that’s a definite I DO!”

If you’re sold, check out these thirteen wedding dress rental companies that make it easy to save on your dress for the big day without having to sacrifice style.

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1. Rent the Runway


Rent the Runway is a fashion rental website that allows users to incorporate high-end designers into their wardrobes at a fraction of the price. And while they aren’t specifically for wedding gowns, they have plenty of white and non-traditional options that work beautifully for a wedding. This company rocks in terms of options, as you can always buy something you fall in love with and keep pieces as long as you like.

One dress that we love is the HAH Reversible Take a Bow Dress (pictured above). This reversible dress is versatile and affordable. Wear forwards for a high neck three-quarter sleeved gown perfect for the ceremony, and turn backward for a high collared dress with a plunging cutout that is perfect for the reception.

Membership runs as low as $89 each month with an introductory trial month for only $69. This plan allows up to four rental items per month from the “Basic Closet,” which doesn’t include designers or formal wear. Upgrade to “Full closet access” for $135 a month and get up to 8 items per month. Individual, four-day rentals are available without a membership on most items.

Rent the Runway is a great option for picking up a handful of pieces to wear throughout your wedding weekend. Score a great outfit for the rehearsal dinner, the day-after brunch and your bachelorette party, all in your first month’s subscription service.

Dry cleaning or laundering is not required before the return, which is always a bonus, and Rent the Runway accommodates sizes 00-22.

2. Poshare

Much like Rent the Runway, Poshare lets its users rent designer clothes for a fraction of the cost of purchasing. Only in this case, it’s for a limited number of days, making this company great for special events like weddings and parties. Once you find an item you want to rent, select the date of your event to ensure timely delivery and add it to your bag. You’ll have a chance to choose rent or buy in this section if that’s an option.

After you’ve worn the item, return it to the lender with a shipping label that is almost always conveniently included in the original package.

Even if you’re not sold on the idea of renting, check out Poshare for excellent sales on dresses for purchase. Our favorite, slightly saucy number is this knockout from Primavera Couture (pictured above). Bell sleeves, beaded overly, an open back, and a pooling skirt makes this dress oh-so-dreamy and perfect for a wedding.

Dry cleaning is the individual lender’s responsibility, so there is no need to clean the items. Garments are available in sizes 00-24.

3. Borrowing Magnolia

wedding dress from Borrowing Magnolia

Don’t let the name fool you, Borrowing Magnolia is technically a second-hand wedding dress retailer but still deserves a look because the prices are sweet. On average, you’ll save about 50% from the retail cost, and the dress is in like-new condition.

Smart filters allow users to shop for their dream dress by size, wedding date, price, sleeve length, and even body type and fabric. Once you find what you think will be your perfect fit, you message the seller to ask any questions, get more photos, and then seal the deal with payment.

Since there is no return, cleaning is up to you. Borrowing Magnolia offers sizes 0-18 with limited styles in 18+.

As inventory is constantly changing, our team can’t pick one of our favorites and have it available to you. Make sure to check out the sale page for extra savings and stalk their new arrivals sections to get the fresh listings before they are gone.

4. Nuuly 

wedding dress rental

Much like Rent The Runway and similar clothing rental services, Nuuly isn’t designed specifically for weddings, but it offers plenty of dresses you could easily wear for one. You’ll find dresses from recognizable brands such as Anthropologie, Free People, and Urban Outfitters. 

A quick search for all the white dresses on offer on Nuuly shows a bevy of wedding dress options. You won’t find your big ball gowns or mermaid dresses here, but you can find many more contemporary, modern, and sleek options like this Mila Cowl Back Slip Dress.

The website works via a membership subscription, versus just asking you to pay for renting clothing items one at a time, as needed, so that is something to consider. Monthly plans start at under $100, and you can rent six clothing items each month. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. 

You could feasibly use Nuuly to rent a dress for your rehearsal dinner, wedding, morning-after brunch, and honeymoon, all for just your one monthly fee. At the end of the month, you’ll just need to return or purchase your chosen six items.

5. Vince Unfold

vince unfold wedding dress rental

Much like Nuuly, Vince Unfold offers a membership plan that allows you to rent four pieces at a time and then send them back or purchase the ones you love and want to keep long-term. However, unlike Nuuly, Vince Unfold also offers one-time rental options, which might be preferable if you’re looking to only rent one dress. 

Again, you won’t find a wide range of formal dresses here, but you will find a lot of casual and boho-chic dresses that would be perfect for a wedding that’s more along those lines. This ribbed halter dress in optic white (pictured above) would be just the thing for a beach wedding, while this draped neck halter dress could be gussied up with some heels for a classy, refined look.  

Monthly memberships start at just over $150 per month, but for the price, you get access to many luxury pieces you won’t find elsewhere. The site also offers a wide swathe of sizes, from extra-extra-small to extra-extra-extra-large. 

6. FashionPass 

fashion pass wedding dress rental

FashionPass offers unlimited clothing rentals for a set per-month fee. Plans start at $80 per month, and the basic plan gives you two clothing items and one accessory at a time, and then you can swap those three items out as much as you want, as often as you want. 

Again, this particular rental provider doesn’t have wedding gown-specific options, but you can work around that by browsing FashionPass’s black tie dresses and searching for white-only options. In addition to finding gorgeous dresses, you’ll also find wedding-appropriate accessories, such as shoes. You can broaden your search further by looking at white dresses available on the site, beyond those designed for formal-only occasions. 

7. Janet Mandell

Oscar de la Renta wedding dress

Janet Mandell should be your pick if you prefer a very high level of hands-on service plus want designer dress rental options. You can choose to conduct your rental entirely online or visit one of the Janet Mandell showrooms. 

If you opt for the latter, you’ll get an appointment with an expert stylist for a fitting, and then, once you’ve picked your dress, you’ll receive assistance with temporary hemming. If you prefer the former, you’ll be able to browse all your options online, access the help of a live stylist and book a virtual styling session. 

There are a few downsides, though. Janet Mandell offers limited sizes, and only one dress is available in each style, which means you may not always be able to get the dress you want when you want. Additionally, the website’s search feature is a little lackluster. You can only browse dresses by designer and size, not by color or occasion. 

8. Rebecca Taylor RNTD

rebecca taylor wedding dress

This subscription-based dress rental company allows you to browse, rent and return as often as you like, with new styles available each week. You can keep the clothes you rent for as long as you like, too, which is a nice benefit. 

Like many similar subscription-based rental providers, Rebecca Taylor RNTD doesn’t offer wedding dresses specifically, but you will find plenty of wedding-ready dresses on the site.

You’ll find a range of dress styles here, from flow-y wrap dresses to bohemian sundresses to sleek cocktail dresses. Our favorite wedding option here includes this embroidered creamy wrap dress

9. Tulerie 

L'Agence Long Deep V Pleated Gown from Tulerie

Tulerie is a unique option in that when you use the app, you’re not really renting your dresses from any one provider. Instead, you’re requesting items from other Tulerie users that open up their closets for rentals. 

You’ll find various options from top designer brands, such as Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Gucci, and more. However, you can’t really start browsing your options until you are approved for an account. Still, this might be a good option to consider if you want to rent your dress without paying a monthly rental subscription fee. 

10. Dare and Dazzle

dareanddazzle wedding dress

This wedding dress rental company aims to give brides their perfect wedding dresses for their big day while also reducing the overall (mammoth) carbon footprint of the traditional wedding industry and helping brides lower their costs. (After all, even if you’re not planning a budget-friendly wedding, that money you might spend on a pricey wedding dress that’s going to sit in the back of your closet forever could go to something even better, from more entertainment for the reception to more decor for the venue.)

Here’s how Dare and Dazzle works. 

You book a consultation first, which can take place either at the brand’s boutique or virtually for those who don’t live in the Bay Area. The consultation is intended to help you pick the right dress with the right fit, and with the virtual Try On option, you get three dresses to try on at home, over a three-day window. (There is a small fee for this, but it’s returned to you if you rent a dress with Dare and Dazzle.)

Once you receive your dress, you’ll get 10 days to use it and return it, after which Dare and Dazzle cleans the dress and passes it on to the next bride. 

In addition to renting (and selling!) wedding dresses, Dare and Dazzle also offer bridesmaids’ dresses and accessories. Bridal gowns come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and styles, with most rentals starting at just a few hundred dollars — way less than what you’ll pay to actually buy a wedding dress.

11. My Wardrobe HQ

My Wardrobe HQ offers high-end pieces at a day rate, rather than charging a one-time fee for a set number of days. In addition to offering highly stylish and modern bridal looks, the brand also rents out bridal accessories like shoes, jewelry and veils.

To rent your dress, all you need to do is register with the site (they’ll have to verify your identity before creating your account) and then pick out your perfect fit. While the company does charge that daily fee rather than a set, one-time fee for a set number of days, you are required to keep your rental for at least four days, and a maximum of 14 days. When you’re ready to return the dress, just toss it in the pre-paid packaging and ship it back.

12. Creative Bridal Wear

Creative Bridal Wear isn’t going to be a good fit for every bride and groom, but, for the very niche crowd it serves, the brand offers exactly what you’d want. 

Creative Bridal Wear specializes in servicing the Vegas wedding crowd. So, whether you’re eloping or planning a destination wedding, if you don’t want to buy a dress, you can stop by this huge bridal gown rental store once you get into town, rent your wedding dress and enjoy the convenience of not needing to ship anything or shop for a rental dress from afar.

Creative Bridal Wear also offers tuxedo rentals and an array of services that you might want for your big day, including hair and makeup services, spray tanning and bridesmaid dress rentals. More than 500 designer bridal gowns are available in sizes from 0 to 32.

13. Daci Gowns

If you prefer to buy your favorite pieces from independent designers and boutiques, rather than shopping with a big-box brand, then you might like Daci Gowns. This Boise-based designer offers custom couture experiences and unique dresses that you won’t find anywhere else — and that experience carries over into the Daci Gowns rental program.

Daci Gowns rents out a few different gown styles and each individual dress is only rented three times, meaning it’s either brand new or like new when you wear it for your wedding day. Every dress undergoes a very strict return policy, to make sure that each dress is properly inspected, cleaned and restored before being rented again. Of course, each and every rental gown is created by an independent designer, with all the work being done under the designer’s purview, not outsourced.

The rental dresses are, unfortunately, only available in a few sizes, between 2 and 8, but the brand promises more inclusive sizing to come.

If you’re not sure on which Daci Gowns dress is right for you, you can book a virtual or in-person styling appointment, for a fee. Last-minute dress rentals are also available.

Have You Looked Locally? 

In addition to wedding gowns that you can rent from national (or even international) brands, you can also often find local boutiques that offer wedding dress rentals. If you haven’t checked around with your local shops and wedding vendors to see what they might be able to do for you, it’s worth considering.

You’ll find a lot of benefits come with renting a dress locally. In addition to being able to try on dresses in person, in the bridal showroom (allowing you to try on more dresses than you might when working with a national provider that’s only going to send you two or three dresses to try on at a time), you’ll also enjoy a greater level of service, with a hands-on, in-person approach. Plus, there’s no shipping to worry about. Just pick up your dress from the boutique on the day of and then drop it off afterward.

Don’t Want to Rent? You’ve Got Other Options

Of course, you don’t necessarily need to rent a wedding dress to save money on your wedding budget. You can save cash on your outfit for the big day in various ways. While you’ve likely checked out your local thrift stores (and maybe walked away disappointed), there are other spots online where you can snag a wedding dress for cheap.


Etsy offers a range of wedding gowns, at a range of prices, from just a hundred dollars to a few thousand. Of course, when you buy an affordable wedding dress anywhere online, you want to be sure to check the reviews thoroughly; don’t just take a glance at the reviews and assume that, because they’re positive and plentiful, they’re legit. Read those shop reviews carefully to avoid a scam. 

One of Etsy’s most well-reviewed dress vendors is ieie Bridal, which offers custom dresses at a range of price points. One reviewer said the shopping experience with the vendor was “the most positive and easy experience in terms of wedding planning.” 


While you might not think Nordstrom and cheap wedding dresses go together, you may actually be surprised at what you find when you browse the retailer’s online wedding shop. Nordstrom offers a range of wedding-appropriate dresses, some as affordable as under $50 if you manage to snag one on sale. 

You’ll find dresses in an array of styles and sizes, and even if you don’t find a perfect fit for your own dress, you might spot something that will work for your bridesmaids, as many of the dresses in the wedding shop also come in other colors beyond white.

Nearly Newlywed

Nearly Newlywed sells new, sample, and pre-owned dresses at up to 90% off what you might find in the stores. Once you find a dress you love on the site, you can ask Nearly Newlywed to examine your purchase and verify that it’s in pristine condition before shipping (this service comes with an add-on fee). Once you receive the dress, you get five days to return it or keep it. 

One cool aspect of going with Nearly Newlywed for your dress? Any dress purchased on the site is pre-approved to resell on the site after you wear it, so you can return it and sell it if you decide not to keep the dress long-term. 

Why Would You Not Want to Rent a Wedding Dress? 

As mentioned above, there are a lot of reasons to rent a wedding dress. However, just as there are so many good things that come with the wedding dress rental process, there are also some related downsides. Renting a wedding dress might not be a good fit for you if…

You’re an indecisive shopper.

Think about your usual shopping process. Do you go back and forth between buying that purse or blouse? Do you leave the story and then come back, leave and then come back again, before you finally make a purchase? Do you ask all your best friends for advice before leaving the fitting room?

If that sounds familiar, then take that experience and magnify it. That’s what shopping for your wedding dress is going to be like. You’re going to be taking things even more seriously and you’ll likely be even more indecisive.

Unfortunately, when it comes to renting a wedding dress, there’s not a lot of room to be indecisive, unless you rent with a local brand or small vendor with a showroom. Sure, you can browse the online options all you want, but that might not be a suitable replacement for actually trying on a dozen, thirty or fifty dresses over the course of multiple shopping days, before you make your final choice.

If you know that your shopping experiences are more high-stress and indecisive than not, you might not like the wedding dress rental process.

You’re a sentimental bride.

Are you already tearing up over those little mementos that you’ve begun collecting over the course of your engagement? Did you save the receipt from the restaurant where your spouse-to-be proposed? Have you pressed and framed the petals from the flower bouquet that was sitting on the table? Have you already ordered multiple wedding scrapbooks and photo albums?

Then think about how you might feel, turning over your wedding dress after you’ve worn it, after you’ve spent one of the best days of your life in it, shipping it off in a brown box for some other bride to wear.

If that doesn’t sound ideal, then you may just want to keep your dress. Sure, while you’ll likely never wear your wedding dress again and it might just take up space in your closet, if it means a lot to you, you won’t want to return it after the big day.

Luckily, many rental service providers have thought of this and do offer a purchase option after your rental, so if you think you might grow sentimental toward the dress after the fact, just be sure you go with a provider that allows this. If you know you’ll definitely be sentimental about the dress, though, just skip the rental and buy your dress new.

You have difficulties finding the right fit.

Every bride’s body is different, but, by and large, the wedding industry offers bridal gowns that can be, with a little alteration, fitted to every body. However, with rental dresses, you don’t usually get that alteration option. If you’re someone who always needs alterations when it comes to formalwear, you might want to simply buy your dress, so you can have it expertly fitted to your needs.

You want to look the best you can on your wedding day, right? That means not renting a dress that’s going to be a little too snug in the hips, a little too loose in the bust or a little too long at the bottom.

What to Consider as You Shop Around for a Wedding Dress Rental 

Weighed all the pros and cons and decided that renting a wedding dress is a good fit for your upcoming nuptials? Then here’s what to keep in mind as you shop.


Yes, renting a wedding dress is more affordable than buying a wedding dress outright. However, depending on the rental provider and the brand of the dress itself, these rentals can still be pretty pricey. Have a clear budget in mind, so you can filter your online shopping accordingly.


When it comes to picking a wedding dress — especially when renting a wedding dress, since you’ll only get to try on a few options at home before making your final decision — it’s not the time for you to deviate away from your preferred style. Stick with what you know and love.

Sure, while you may not wear formal dresses or evening gowns all that often, think about your favorite outfits. Do you wear big, bold patterns, or are you more of a solid-color, monochromatic fashionista? Do you go modest or a little more showy? What are your preferred silhouettes? A-line? V-neck? Do you like sleeveless, strapless? How do you feel about ruffles, sequins, tulle and chiffon?

Think about what you already prefer and what looks best on you, and then pick the perfect dresses to try on that align with what you already love, for your best chances of finding your ideal dress.

Wedding style

Additionally, think about your wedding. Just like not every bride is the same, not all weddings are the same. You’ll want a dress that works for your wedding venue, style, theme, etcetera.

For example, if you’re planning a tropical beach destination wedding, you won’t want to go with the big ballroom gown with the extra-long train (just think about all that sand!). If you’re planning an urban wedding, with photo shoots on the street, you might not want a long dress that’s going to be taking up a lot of sidewalk space (or brushing up against the dirty street — ew).

Along these lines, consider the weather and season, too. If you’re planning a summer wedding, opt for a looser-fitting, lighter fabric that will allow you to breathe (and that won’t cause or show sweat stains!).

Wedding Dress Rental FAQs

Have more questions? We’ve got answers.

How do I pick the right rental provider for my wedding dress?

You’ll want to consider several things when you choose the best rental service for your needs. 

For starters, do you want only one dress for a limited time? Then you may find that a wedding-specific provider like Wedding Dress for Rent will suit your needs.

If, however, you’d like the option of buying your dress and you want more than just one wedding dress, you may want to consider a broader rental clothing provider like Nuuly. While a subscription service does come with a monthly fee, you’ll get a lot more options and may find that your subscription comes in handy as you pick outfits for all of your upcoming wedding events, from showers to the bachelorette party to the honeymoon. 

Is renting a wedding dress expensive?

It all depends on where you go to rent your dress. You can find wedding dresses for rent for as little as $100 and dresses that go for closer to a thousand dollars. It all depends on the designer, quality, platform, and other factors.

Do I have to get a rental dress dry-cleaned before I return it?

The last thing you want to be worried about after your wedding is getting your dress dry-cleaned and then shipped back to the rental provider within a set number of hours. Luckily, with most platforms that rent out clothes, either on a one-off basis or as part of a subscription model, there’s no need for any cleaning or even repairs on your part. You can literally just take off the dress, slip it into the prepaid packing box or bag and then ask someone in your wedding party to drop it off at the post office.

How long do you get to keep a rented wedding dress?

Most rental providers only allow you to keep a rented wedding dress for a few days, maybe a week at most, though some providers do allow you to keep an item as long as you like before returning it. This option, however, is usually only reserved for brides renting through a subscription-based provider.

Can you rent bridesmaid dresses?

Yes! You can rent bridesmaid dresses as well as wedding dresses. Most vendors that offer wedding dresses for rent likewise offer dresses and clothing options for your entire wedding party. 

Can you get a rented wedding dress altered?

In most cases, no, you can’t alter a rented wedding dress (though some providers, like Janet Mandell, offer temporary alterations under certain conditions). This means that your wedding dress isn’t — most likely — going to be a perfect fit. 

If you frequently have trouble finding dresses off the rack that fit your individual needs, you may have even more difficulties renting a wedding dress. It’s something to consider as you decide whether or not renting a wedding dress is right for you versus simply buying a dress and having it altered to your specific body style.

How limited are my options when renting a wedding dress?

You won’t have as many options as you might if you were shopping for a wedding dress with an unlimited budget, but you will still have plenty of options to pick through. You can find a range of wedding dresses in a range of styles in a range of sizes, all available for renting online. 

How do I know what kind of wedding dress to rent?

Most brides will (hopefully) only try on wedding dresses once in their lives, or at least that’s the goal, right? This means that you probably don’t have much experience in wedding dresses thus far. 

To get an idea of what you like, what styles you prefer, and what looks best on you, consider booking an appointment at a wedding dress boutique to see your options. You don’t have to buy anything, but afterward, you will, most likely, have a better idea of what kind of dress you want to rent if you decide to go the rental route. 

Rentals For Everybody!

Wedding dresses aren’t the only garments in the rental game. Tuxedos are the original rental star, but now you can take care of the whole wedding party from the comfort of your living room. Sites like The Black Tux let users rent designer suits and tuxedos conveniently from the comfort of their homes. Tuxes are delivered two weeks before the big day, so fit and sizing can be checked and adjusted.

The bridal party can also reap the benefits of rentals by using one of these companies for their bridesmaid dresses. This can work especially well when the bride has been given free rein on what dress each person will wear with instructions to just stick to one select color or style. Most of these sites allow you to filter your search by any “bride-given criteria” to narrow down your options.

When it comes to weddings, everything is rented. The location, tables, chairs, literally everything is probably rented or included in your location package as a rental. So why do we get so hung up on the sentimental value of a wedding dress?

Fact: Renting your perfect dress won’t only save money, but it will also save you valuable closet space. Who needs a perfectly preserved dress hanging around the back of their closet? Or, worse, all boxed up in that giant heirloom preservation box, memorializing fashion from a bygone era.

You might as well take advantage of the financial savings, consider the good you’re doing for the planet by recycling your designer gown, and enjoy your dream wedding.

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Best Places to Rent Wedding Dresses:

  1. Rent the Runway
  2. Poshare
  3. Borrowing Magnolia
  4. Nuuly 
  5. Vince Unfold
  6. FashionPass 
  7. Janet Mandell
  8. Rebecca Taylor RNTD
  9. Tulerie 
  10. Dare and Dazzle
  11. My Wardrobe HQ
  12. Creative Bridal Wear
  13. Daci Gowns

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