The 10 Best Yard Sale Items To Bring In A Profit

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Having a yard sale means making some money off those things that are clogging up your closet. But you don’t want to waste your days preparing for a garage sale just to have it flop and not make a dime. Don’t worry; with all the things you have in your home, you probably have several items that will make a profit at your yard sale. Here are the top 10 items to sell at your garage that will make all your hard work worth it. 

1. Video Games and Consoles

Various video game consoles, games, and controllers all spread out
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Video games have been around long enough to be considered vintage. Those games that first came out in the 70s through the 90s are now vintage and valuable. Find yourself an original Nintendo or Sony Playstation console with games like Paper Mario or Pepsi Invaders, and you will be looking at a pretty penny. These games and consoles are desired in the vintage gaming arena and would be excellent for you to sell at your garage sale.

2. Books 

Books are always great deals for buyers and sellers—you want to make room on your shelf, and someone somewhere is dying for some fresh new finds. When you sell your books (especially hardbacks in the $2-4 range), buyers will stock up. Do your due diligence and double-check some of your older books or ones that may have a higher price value. Books with misprints, were banned, or are no longer in print are good books to check pricing before throwing out on the front lawn. Just be sure to leave the well-loved children’s books with missing pages out. You don’t want anyone to breeze past your selection because of a few torn-up books. 

3. Hardware Tools and Equipment

Even the handyman is always looking for bargains in tools and equipment. Tools in good working condition get picked up quickly by buyers, leaving you with room for new tools and a few bucks in your pocket. If you have tools that you no longer need for those household repairs, sell them at your yard sale.

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4. Sports Items

Growing up, you may have taken to a sport at some point in life. Hidden in your closet, you find an old pair of skis or fishing rod that you don’t plan to use again. Get some money back for those items at your yard sale. 

Many times people are out hunting for new gear at great prices. You could quickly flip your old sports gear and memorabilia for a new sports interest or hobby

5. Vintage Toys

Close up of a collection of vintage metal toys, including a metal racer, metal robots, and wind up cars

People are always on the prowl to find toys, games, and puzzles from their childhood. Wooden trains, metal construction trucks, board games, and Barbies always win when flipping your items for a garage sale profit. Dig out your old toys and put them on the front lawn for old time’s sake of someone looking for a lost memory.

6. Plants

People with a green thumb love the idea of rehoming plants and taking care of watching them grow for years. If you have plants that you no longer want or are downsizing, your estate sale is the place to sell them. Small and large plants tend to sell well because of the desire for plants in homes, gardens, and yards. Throw them in a cute pot for even more curb appeal! 

When you put your plants out on the yard, don’t forget to throw in your old gardening and outdoor tools. When spring hits, people look for deals on these treasures to spruce up their yards.

7. Children’s Clothing

Who doesn’t have too many clothes taking up space in their closet? While generic adult clothes don’t tend to do well, name-brand clothing does sell well at yard sales. But kids’ clothing takes the cake for yard sale success. 

People with babies on the way or small children are always looking for a great deal of clothing. It gets used and outgrown so quickly that it only makes sense to save money and buy it second-hand from a neighbor. Protip: Mark your sizes and throw them all in an appropriate bin so your buyers can quickly find the size they need. Also, if you can, consider bundling baby clothes, so you don’t have any lingering outfits hanging around. 

8.Vintage Dishes

Collection of vintage china wear and dishes

China isn’t always the most adorned kitchen display today. However, there are vintage dishes that can still bring in some cash. Look through your old boxes and china cabinets for some of the following name brands:

  • Qing Dynasty Porcelain
  • Blue & White Porcelain
  • Red Blood Porcelain
  • Silverware
  • Baccarat Crystal Stemware

Any silverware made with actual silver is also a hot commodity!

Don’t have any of the name brands? Don’t sweat it! People are finding new and creative ways to spruce up their homes and events with china. 

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9. Costume Jewelry

Who would have thought the fake pearls you played dress-up with would make a little money one day? It just so happens that costume jewelry tends to be a highlight at estate sales—and not just for the ones who love to dress up. 

Crafters enjoy bargain jewelry for the projects they work on with beads and gems. Set out your costume jewelry and price it well to disappear and be used again or refurbished into a new creation.

10. Artwork

People are always looking for artwork to decorate their walls, house, or office. Artwork designs are unique to individuals, and when you have many people popping in to look around, you will be interested in the artistic designs. If you recently replaced your home’s decor, sell the old pictures at your yard sale and make some money to spend on your new artwork. Don’t forget to clean the dust bunnies off the glass and frames first. If you want top dollar, you’re going to have to spend some time getting things ready. 

Make the Most of Your Yard Sale

Yard sales can be profitable and exciting when you list and sell items that people want. Don’t forget to take the time to care for, dust off, and clean your items before putting them on the driveway. Keep your boxes opened and easy to look through; better yet, have everything out on tables for the buyer to know what you have at a glance.

Whether you have vintage items, plants, clothing, or sports items, enjoy selling them to a new home for a fair and reasonable price. Tis’ the season for shopping, bargaining, and buying!

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The Best Money-Making Yard Sale Items: 

  1. Video Games and Consoles
  2. Books
  3. Hardware Tools and Equipment
  4. Sports Items
  5. Vintage Toys
  6. Plants
  7. Vintage Dishes
  8. Children’s Clothing
  9. Costume Jewelry
  10. Artwork

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