For the past few years, the best smartphones on the market have generally been from the same three producers: Apple, Samsung and Google (we’ll leave Huawei out of this for now).

And, to the dismay of manner, not much has changed.

To put it bluntly, Apple, Samsung and Google are simply better than all of the competition. But with that said, we are excited to add one new brand to the mix for the best smartphones of 2020.

For this list, we aren’t just rating the top 5 smartphones, but we are separating them out to the best smartphone for 5 different types of buyers. We’ve also included phones that are rumored to be released in 2020 (in case you want to delay your gratification).

The Best Smartphone for Most People: iPhone 11

Colorful Apple iPhone 11s

The new iPhone 11 is our choice for the best smartphone for most people because it hits the sweet spot between function, fashion and affordability.

The base price of $699 is cheaper than previous versions (something we never thought we were going to see) and comes with all of the features that make iPhones great. Features include the super-fast A13 Bionic CPU, 11+ hours of battery life, and an incredible camera.

The Best Android Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus

Front and back of the amsung Galaxy Note 10 and a pen.

We get it; not everyone loves Apple products. And we’re not going to debate the merits of iOS vs. Android because by now, most people have already picked a side. So if you have your heart set on an Android device, we think the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the best Android smartphone on the market right now.

The full-featured flagship phone looks great thanks to its unique approach to designing away the infamous “notch” that plagues most smartphones today. It’s also lightning fast thanks to the Snapdragon 855 processor and has everything you’d look for in an Android phone (like expandable storage).

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is also a great alternative if you don’t need the added size or the signature Samsung Pen that comes with the Note 10.

The Best Overall Smartphone (And The Best Camera): iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

The rear of the iPhone 11 Pro with 3 cameras.

The iPhone 11 Pro is the upgraded version of the iPhone 11 and is simply the best smartphone on the market right now. The 11 Pro not only skipped past phone offerings from Google and Galaxy to become the fastest phone out right now, but it also has the best camera(s). If you haven’t heard, there are 3 cameras on this phone. We also love the ridiculously long (10+ hours) battery life.

Why didn’t we pick it as the best smartphone for most people? Because to us, the upgrades aren’t really worth it (for most people). But if you are willing to foot the bill ($999 for the base model) and want to take advantage of the 3rd lens for video and photographer, then it’s definitely worth it.

The Most Innovative Smartphone Available Right Now: Samsung Galaxy Fold

The folding Samsung phone.
AquaSketches /

If you want to turn heads while you’re scrolling through Instagram on the subway, then grab the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Phone developers have been shoving the idea of a foldable smartphone down our throats for the last few years, but 2020 is the first time that they are actually (sort of) viable.

Even though it came out on September 27, 2019, it’s still relatively hard to get your hands on one. It’s also really expensive coming in at $1,980. These two factors are increasing demand even more for the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The “Best Value” Smartphone: OnePlus 7T or Google Pixel 3A

A blue OnePlus 7T phone.

The OnePlus 7T is the best smartphone for people who are less concerned about cutting edge features and more concerned about price and value.

Starting at $600 (and sometimes going lower), the phone definitely isn’t a “flagship killer” (meaning it doesn’t compete with the best Android phones on the market in terms of features). Still, it does offer a whole lot of value at a very reasonable price. If you are going on specs alone, there really isn’t much difference between this phone and the newer offerings from Samsung.

The Google Pixel 3a was another strong contender here, since it’s now available for around $400.

Smartphones Coming Out in 2020

Not in the market for a smartphone, but looking to upgrade soon? Here are the phones that are expected to be released in 2020.

  • iPhone 12 (expected release date: October 2020)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 11 (expected release date: August 2020)
  • Galaxy Pixel 5 (expected release date: October 2020)
No items found.
Dec 10, 2019

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