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The Christmas-Ween Song Book

For those of you who read my article on the new holiday mashup where Christmas meets Halloween, you are clearly anxious to start celebrating. To help you revelers get off to a good start, I’ve written a special Christmas-Ween songbook to use while you’re out there caroling/ trick-or-treating. Based on old familiar classics, these new […]

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The 7 Best Gadgets Under $100 in 2021 [The Tools You Need But Didn’t Know Existed]

Back in the days when work required us to be road warriors, there was nothing better than discovering a new device that made the hours of Ubers and airports and hotels a little more tolerable. But the same things designed to make life on the road a little more comfortable often can work for us […]

Children school in medical masks play at a quarantine playground Parenting

3 Quick And Easy Ways To Improve Your Kid’s Social Skills

This article was written by a guest contributor. For guest contribution guidelines, please visit this page. Debbie Woodliffe is an experienced writer currently working for Affinity Agency based in the UK. Her main goal is to help others learn and develop through her writing. After a year of reduced social contact, it’s fair to say our […]

Health & Wellness

The 13 Best Buttermilk Substitutes In A Pinch

There’s nothing worse than realizing, mid-recipe, that you don’t have all the ingredients needed to whip up your delicious meal or yummy baked item. Sure, if you’re just missing some milk or butter, you can often swap out the needed ingredient for another pantry staple, such as oil or water. But what about when you […]


The 12 Best Sofa Covers For Picture Perfect Homes [Messy Family Approved]

Banner Image: Pottery Barn Back in our grandmothers’ days, it was common to cover the “good” furniture with clear, plastic slipcovers. Often, these custom-made additions were sold along with the new upholstered purchase to protect the life of the furniture’s fabric. Visiting grandma meant sitting uncomfortably on sticky, hot plastic with scratchy seams! Fortunately for […]

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The Disney Clock, a photo by Zino Scheers
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