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Christmas is probably the last thing that you have on your mind right now, but it shouldn’t be. Christmas in July is a thing, and even if you’re not in the mood for eggnog in 90-degree weather, you could still be in the mood for some excellent Christmas in July bargains. 

Whether you’re shopping for Christmas decor marked way, way down, or you want to start shopping for your Christmas presents a bit earlier this year and spread out some of the cost, you can find items from Christmas trees to great gifts at deep discounts. All you have to do is know where to look.

Of course, you could argue that you want to wait until Black Friday to do your Christmas shopping when things might be even cheaper... But then what if we told you that there’s a Black Friday in July, too? 

Put aside your excuses and break out the credit card. It’s time to start shopping for your holiday decor and Christmas presents now. Here are 15 items you can buy on sale this summer.

1. Kirkland’s Christmas Decor

Kirkland’s Christmas Decor

Of course, the obvious place to start is with Christmas decor. Famed decor brand Kirkland’s is running a Christmas in July sale on some of their most adorable and popular Christmas decor items, with nearly 800 different items on sale. 

Want to save even more cash? You can order your items, and then, if there’s a Kirkland’s store in your area, you can pick up your purchases for free, in-store, versus paying to have them shipped to your house.

Items on sale include holiday signage, stocking holders, Christmas trees, porch decor, wreaths, artwork and more. 

2. A New Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Is that old Christmas tree in the attic or basement looking a little worse for wear? 

If you have an old Christmas tree, want to add another Christmas tree to your home or just don’t want to bother with the hassle of a live tree every year, then you might consider buying a new tree during Balsam Hill’s Christmas in July sale

You’ll find gorgeous artificial trees, nearly 400 of them; all marked down from their full prices. You can sort sale trees by height (from under six feet tall to more than 15 feet tall), level of realism you’d prefer, tree shape, amount of setup required and whether or not you want attached lights and what type of lights you want. You can find realistic, lit trees for under $500 if you act fast.

Balsam Hill is also offering a variety of other holiday decor items as part of the sale, including wreaths, garlands and ornaments.

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3. Holiday Snacks

QVC Snack Mix

No, really. 

You can buy holiday snacks from QVC as part of the brand’s Christmas in July Sale and then keep them on-hand, in the pantry, ready and waiting for your first Christmas party. 

Choose from holiday packs of mixed nuts, chocolate truffles (complete with gift boxes), mini cheesecake assortments, almond toffee, coffee, fruit spreads, chocolate-filled Christmas trees, cookie jars filled with Christmas cookies and more, all with a festive flair. 

Of course, some of the holiday snack items QVC offers stay fresh better than others, so just keep that in mind when ordering. You may see something yummy and decide you’d rather just eat it upon arrival than let it linger in your pantry for five more months.

4. Holiday Fashion

Gold and Red woman's mule

QVC is also offering some holiday fashion items as part of its Christmas in July Sale. Stock up on fun family wear for that perfect Christmas Eve photo, with everyone in their matching sweaters and slippers. 

Find items at nearly 50 percent off. Choose from slippers and Santa hats, sweaters and socks, pajama sets and scarves. There’s a little bit of everything, for everyone, ranging from ugly sweaters to classier wear, in all sizes. 

5. Handmade Gifts

Woman rocking a chunky knit Santa hat

Handmade gifts are no longer the cheap, easy option for those on a budget. Now, handmade gifts include luxury items you find on Etsy, created by experts with far more skill than the average gift-giver can muster up.

If you love supporting small businesses and makers when purchasing your Christmas gifts, you may want to take advantage of Etsy’s Christmas in July sale. Several Etsy sellers are participating, offering a wide variety of gifts, as well as decor. Find personalized Christmas signage, knit Santa hats, ornaments, personalized artwork, gift tags and more. 

You’ll notice, in addition to discounts, many of the sellers are also offering free shipping.

6. Christmas Craft Supplies

Oriental Trading Company holiday bags

If you have small kids (or, hey, if you just like crafting yourself, no matter your age), then you’ll want to take advantage of Oriental Trading’s Christmas craft supplies sale. Choose from more than 200 items, many that are kits that allow you and the whole family to make a fun Christmas craft, from ornaments to decor to gifts.

In addition to craft kits, Oriental Trading is also offering individual supplies, like Christmas-themed rhinestones, and wrapping and tissue paper. Whatever your level of crafting ability, you’ll be able to find either a cool project or something to spark your imagination and creativity.

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7. Holiday Beauty Bundles

Philosophy Amazing Grace gift bags

If you love those beauty gift bundles that come out around the holidays, don’t worry — you can still buy them mid-year, thanks again to QVC’s Christmas in July sale. Whether you’re purchasing a beauty bundle as a gift (even a gift for yourself) or just to stock up on some of your favorite products, you’ll appreciate the range of beauty bundles the sale’s offering.

Find products from top brands like beautyblender, Philosophy, Benefit Cosmetics, Clinique, Smashbox, Peter Thomas Roth and more. You’ll find just about every kind of makeup or beauty product you can imagine, so it really is a great deal to check out if you wear makeup at all, even if you do not currently need anything. You never know when you’ll find a sale product you want to try, from an eyeshadow palette to a new primer.

8. Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

One of the most annoying parts of decorating for Christmas? Pulling out all your Christmas lights, untangling them with not a little effort and then realizing that half of them don’t even work anymore.

If that happens to you on an annual basis, you might as well just go ahead and buy some new Christmas lights while they’re on sale. 

QVC offers more than 50 different Christmas light choices as part of its sale in a range of colors and styles, both indoor and outdoor. 

9. Gifts: Designer Brands

Louis Viuitton Handbag

If you frequently like to impress with your gifts, you can currently purchase designer brands at steep discounts with department store Belk’s Black Friday in July sale

Every day of the month, Belk is offering new coupons, such as an extra 50 percent off your purchase, an extra 10 percent off when you choose to pick up your purchase in-store or up to 85 percent off clearance items. Daily deals abound as well, like $20 juniors’ styles and $14 sheet sets. 

If you’re not familiar with Belk, it’s a southern department store and features designers and brands such as Calvin Klein, Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger, MICHAEL by Michael Kors, Lilly Pulitzer and Lauren by Ralph Lauren. 

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10. Holiday Scrapbooking Tools

Scrapbook with woodland theme

Do you love to take tons of photos at every family holiday event, and then not only keep those photos handy on your phone but also print them, slap them in a scrapbook and commemorate all your favorite memories with lots of glitter, glue and fancy bits and bobs of paper? 

Then you have got to take advantage of The Lilypad’s Christmas in July sale!

Find scrapbooking supplies of all kinds, ranging from paper to cut-outs to stickers, and all at a 35 percent discount. 

11. Dinner (for Now, and Over the Holidays)

Home Chef subscription

If you’ve been considering signing up for a meal kit delivery service, then you may want to take advantage of a low-key Christmas in July sale that might not help you around the holidays, but that will definitely help you now. 

Healthy meal kits delivered straight to your door from Home Chef are now $80 off (when you buy an annual subscription, which will actually help you during the holidays, as it’ll mean less time in the kitchen for you and more time with your family). 

You won’t find the info on the brand’s home page, though. You’ll need to go through the subscription process and then use code AFFCHRISTMAS80 at check out to get the deal.

12. Gifts: Electronics

Electronics are always a popular gift item, and you can take advantage of Dell’s Cyber Savings Sale this month and stock up on electronic gifts before the holiday season starts. The sale is the brand’s version of a Black Friday in July sale and applies to PCs, laptops, desktops, monitors, televisions, gaming PCs and more. 

You can check out the Dell website to learn about further doorbuster sales within the sale, which could give you hundreds of additional dollars off the current sale prices. 

13. Ornament Organization

Ornament Organization

Once you’ve acquired all of your Christmas decor and gifts, you need a place to store them. (After all, just throwing everything into a big bin, shoving said bin into your garage and then hoping for the best come December is not a recipe for future success.) 

Thankfully, The Container Store is running a Black Friday in July sale with up to 25 percent off all kinds of storage solutions. 

Check out everything the brand is currently offering and see what you discover. You may even decide to go past merely organizing your Christmas decor and start organizing your entire house (and with discounts like this, now’s the time to do it!).

14. Guest Room Furnishings

And what’s something you’ll need when all those holiday guests come to stay? Proper furnishings to keep them comfortable, from your living spaces to the guest bedroom. 

Crate&Barrel is also hosting a Black Friday in July sale, with a focus on bedroom items and prices slashed by as much as 30 percent. Find sheets, comforters, towels, bath accessories, side tables, bed frames, towels, pillows, blankets and more. You can even find mattresses and box springs on sale!

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15. Household Appliances 

Household Appliances

Along these same lines, when you host for the holidays, one thing you can’t afford to go on the fritz? Your household appliances. 

Just think of the chaos that would ensue if your fridge went out the day before Thanksgiving, or your stove stopped working mid-turkey roast. Or what if your washer or dryer kicks the bucket when you have multiple house guests (all that laundry piling up!)? 

If you know you need some new household appliances, you might be interested in the Black Friday in July sale hosted by AJ Madison. You’ll find up to 45 percent off major household appliances and brands, from GE to Samsung to Bosch. 


Ready for the Holidays?

Snowman on a beach

The holiday season will be here before you know it! 

Make sure you’re prepared and save a little money while prepping, when you take advantage of Christmas in July and Black Friday in July sales from top retailers. From gifts to decor, organization solutions to household furnishings, you can find everything you need for a stress-free holiday. 

(Oh, and Keep an Eye on August, Too!)

Psst — remember! A lot of July deals in years past have been in direct competition with Amazon Prime Day, which is usually July 15. However, this year, due to COVID-19, Amazon Prime Day is being pushed to August or later. 

Keep an eye out for when it’s expected to happen to score even more deals on Christmas decor and gifts. 

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15 Holiday Items You Can Buy Now While They Are On Sale:

  1. Kirkland’s Christmas Decor
  2. A New Christmas Tree
  3. Holiday Snacks
  4. Holiday Fashion
  5. Handmade Gifts
  6. Christmas Craft Supplies
  7. Holiday Beauty Bundles
  8. Christmas Lights
  9. Gifts: Designer Brands
  10. Holiday Scrapbooking Tools
  11. Dinner (for Now, and Over the Holidays)
  12. Gifts: Electronics
  13. Ornament Organization
  14. Guest Room Furnishings
  15. Household Appliances 
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Jul 24, 2020

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