10 Tips for Staying Healthy and Happy During the Coronavirus

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If you’ve had the TV on or been on the internet at all in the last month, you’ve probably been consumed with all things coronavirus (COVID-19) lately. This fast-spreading virus has become a severe pandemic very rapidly. 

It is important to stay informed, protected and sane during this time. The World Health Organization recommends to “Do the Five”:

  1. Wash your hands often
  2. Cough into your elbow
  3. Don’t touch your face
  4. Keep a safe distance of space
  5. Stay home as much as you can

But in addition to these basic tips, there are plenty of other ways you can help yourself, your family and your community stay safe during this outbreak. 

We are here to help you be prepared and relaxed with these 10 tips for staying happy and healthy during the coronavirus. 

1. Grab a Sanitizing Wand

Germs surround us and can put everyone’s health at risk during this outbreak. Sanitizing wipes and gels are sold out everywhere. With this UV light sanitizing wand, you can easily disinfect surfaces before and after you use them. A sanitizing wand is an eco-friendly and simple solution to keeping everyone in your house safe from germs and viruses year-round. Keep your home clean and virus-free!


2. Get your Workout On 

It is so important to stay physically active even if you are social distancing. A fitness band can help keep you accountable and informed at the same time. Try out yoga, pilates or a HIIT class from the comfort of your living room; you will be surprised how many calories you can burn. 


3. Protect your Family with an Updated Life Insurance Plan 

Do you have a life insurance policy? Now is the best time to either update an existing policy or sign up for a new one and protect your family. It is hard to think about anything bad happening to you, but just in case it is important to protect the most important thing in your life, your family! Find out more today with National Family Assurance.


4. Check on your Elderly or Immunocompromised Neighbors 

The CDC considers older adults and anyone who has heart disease, diabetes or lung disease at high risk for contracting COVID-19 as well as anyone that has a compromised immune system. 

If you are healthy and able to go to the store and grab essentials like groceries or medications for anyone in the high-risk category, that could be a huge help to your neighbor. They should be staying safe at home and inside. Even if they don’t need anything, it isn’t a bad idea to check-in! 

5. Unlock your Inner Bookworm 

Now is the best time to start reading more books! Kids are great at following their parents or siblings leads, so if you make time for reading so will they.  

Escape with your extra time at home in a book. If you have kids at home this is a great quiet activity for the whole family to enjoy. You get two books for free with the I Can Read book subscription. 


6. Get Delivery 

It is important now more than ever to support your local community. You can do this by ordering delivery. A lot of local restaurants are still open for takeout and delivery. We recommend delivery because it is less interaction with the public and keeps everyone safer during this time. Check out what favorite spots in your neighborhood are available from Postmates. 


7. Protect your Home 

Have you been thinking about installing a home security system? Now might be the best time to do it. Make sure you and your family are protected. You can have 24/7 monitoring wherever you are and know your home is fully protected. ADT offers customized packages to fit your needs. Users get up to $850 worth of free equipment plus a $100 gift card. 


8. Make a Donation 

There are plenty of organizations that could use some financial help during this global pandemic. If you don’t have the means to donate cash you can always drop some non-perishable food items off at your local food bank. Anything you can do to support your community will make a difference. If you have a favorite spot that is closed due to a lockdown, you can buy a gift card to help them in the meantime too!  

9. Relax with a Glass of Wine

Wine is good for the heart and soul, right? Since you are home and can’t check out the local wineries or tapas bars in your area now is the perfect time to order a box of mystery bottles of wine and try out some new blends! All of the wines range from $17 to $30 and pair great with some chocolate and cheese. 


10. Practice Self Care

The most important item on this list is practicing self-care. With everything going on in the world, it is important to stay grounded mentally. 

A few ways to keep your mental health on track: 


If you are someone still going into work every day, THANK YOU! Stay safe, be smart and be proactive to keep your mental and physical health in check during this time.

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