The 15 Best Long Lasting Dog Chews For Extreme Chewers

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You give your dog a new toy or bone. You think it’ll be a nice treat. You turn your back… and then as soon as you check in on Fido again, you realize that the new toy or bone didn’t last long at all. It’s either gone completely (which, in the case of a toy, not a bone, that means you’ll be in for some tummy trouble) or shredded into tiny bits and pieces all over the floor.

But you can’t not buy these endless dog chews for your favorite boy or girl. For one, they deserve the treat, and for two, if you don’t, they’re going to find something else to chow down on, from the corners of the cabinetry in the kitchen to your favorite pair of sneakers.

How can you ensure that a dog toy, treat or other chew-worthy items will stand up to the test? Try out one of these 8 long lasting dog chews for extreme chewers.








The Benebone

Ekokind bully sticks

EcoKind Bully Sticks 

Amazing Dog Treats Mega Thick Beef Cheek Rolls

Amazing Dog Treats Mega Thick Beef Cheek Rolls

Whimzees Natural Dental Dog Chews

Whimzees Natural Dental Dog Chews

But First: Why Invest in Long Lasting Dog Chews?

Dog Chew Toys

While sturdier, long lasting dog chews and toys can be more expensive than the cheaper options you might find at the local pet store, there are a few reasons why you might want to make the investment. Price, ingredients, harmful materials and your dog’s mental health and entertainment all come into play.

Firstly, all those cheap toys add up. If you buy a new one each time you go out for groceries, you’re easily spending more than you would on a single, long-lasting toy or treat.

Secondly, those cheap toys can actually harm your dog. If they’re chewing them into little bits and pieces, they’re likely ingesting some of that as well, and if it’s rubber or some other hard material that won’t break down in their systems, you could be looking at upset stomachs and even a vet bill.

Lastly, the right toy will engage your pup and have him or her happy and mentally stimulated for days and weeks. After all — how engaged would you be if you sat down to play your favorite video game, only to realize you could beat it in the span of half an hour?

Your dog is the same way. They want to feel as if they can eventually beat the game (i.e., “kill” their new toy), but they don’t want it to be too easy. Giving them the right long-lasting dog chew can meet their needs.

Can’t I Just Give My Dog a Stick? (Or Bone, Or Elk Antler, Or…)

You let your dog outside and when they come back in again, they’ve got a stick in tow. Sound like your pup?

If you have a dog that loves to chew on sticks, wooden items and other hard objects, then you might think you can just mentally stimulate them with that. Let them play with all the backyard sticks they want.

But using these items as a replacement for a dog-intended chew item can be dangerous. Not only can it result in fractured or chipped teeth, but if your dog manages to split a stick or bone apart, one of the splinters can actually cause internal bleeding or choking.

The Best Long-Lasting Chew Toys

Ready to give your dog the mental satisfaction, happiness and safety they deserve from playtime? Then check out one of these eight best long-lasting dog chews for extreme chewers.

1. Best Overall: The Goughnut 

The Goughnut

The classic Goughnut is an American-made, rubber ring that comes in a few varieties, but is known to dog-owners as an extremely safe and amazingly durable dog toy. There aren’t any little bits or pieces that can fall off, and if your dog does manage to break through the rubber to get to the red ring core, you can send it back to the Goughnut brand and get a new one for free.

The standard Goughnut comes in different sizes and colors, and it even floats, in case you like to take your pup to play by or in the water.

An even more durable Goughnut is available beyond the standard variation, made from carbon and rubber and designed with very large, aggressive dogs in mind. But before you buy this one, keep in mind that this ultra-durable version is usually too tough and too heavy for any small or medium-sized breed.

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2. ChatterSource’s Favorite Flavored Bone: The Benebone 

Cute white dog with his Benebone Chews

The bacon flavored benebone is a favorite for the ChatterSource crew. Hank has made it a habit to guard his bones, rather than enjoy them, so it’s a big deal when he can’t resist the chance to chew. We’ve tried several different bones and chews, and the Benebone has outlived all the others both in excitement and durability.

Danny Jackson, CEO for Pet Lover Guy, is also a fan of the benebone—or rather, his chihuahua, Ella is! “My chihuahua, Ella, is a very aggressive chewer and tends to tear through her chew toys very quickly. That is until we bought the Benebone. This chew toy is perfect for aggressive chewers and doesn’t break off into large pieces which makes it a much safer choice than rawhide.” 

The toy is shaped like a wishbone, making it easy for small and medium dogs to hold onto and grip between their lil’ paws (though it’s a bit too small for most giant breeds to enjoy).

The Benebone is perfect for all-size dogs, as Danny pointed out. “You can find this particular brand in a range of sizes so whether you have a small biter like my Ella or a Great Dane, you’ll find one to satiate all. They even come in a variety of flavors too which keeps the fluff balls happy. I often switch between different Benebones so that my pup stays stimulated.”

Benebone uses real ingredients like peanuts in the peanut butter flavored and 100% real bacon in the bacon flavored so you know exactly what your pup is enjoying.

3. Best Edible Chew: EcoKind Bully Sticks 

EcoKind Bully Sticks

What if you want some sort of chew treat that will last your dog a long time, but that they can ultimately eat?

Ecokind Bully Sticks come in 6 or 12-inch, long-lasting chew treats for both large and small dogs, offering them hours of fun.

The sticks are made from 100 percent, all-natural free-range beef, but they’re odor-free and dye-free, meaning you don’t have to worry about stinky indoor smells or dyes staining your carpet or couch. The sticks also promote good dental health, as they scrape away tartar.

The sticks are a nice, healthier alternative to rawhide.

4. Best for Active Minds: Bacon Pawplexer 

Bacon Pawplexer

Does your pup get bored with the same ol’ thing after a while? Give them something sure to keep their active mind entertained for hours upon end. The Bacon Pawplexer offers multiple forms of entertainment in one chew.

The inedible nylon exterior is bacon flavored, for extra yumminess, but then there’s a middle portion of the chew that can hold a range of treats, so you can add in a snack. Additionally, the uniquely shaped toy will rock and roll around your floor unless your pup is actively holding it down, adding an extra layer of challenge.

5. Best Super-Durable Edible Chew: Pawstruck 12″ Braided Bully Sticks

A pile of Pawstruck's long lasting chew toy—the braided bully stick

If your pup can make their way through a regular bully stick with ease, you might want to go with an upgraded version. This 12-inch, braided bully stick is extra thick and extra-large, so your pup has to work at it longer and harder to eat the entire thing. In fact, many reviewers say it took their dog days to work through these.

You can buy various lengths of these braided bully sticks to fit dogs of various sizes, and the ingredients include no artificial ingredients, hormones or chemicals.

Not sure if your dog will like them? The brand offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

6. Best Budget-Friendly: Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone for Aggressive Chewers 

Dinosaur Barkbone

For less than $10, you can give your dog a nylon bone that’s tough, long-lasting and made with real bacon. The Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone comes in four sizes, something for every size dog, and it’s both safe and durable.

Non-edible, it’s made to last quite a while, and is revered by pet parents who promise their dogs will eat everything and anything they throw at them — except for, of course, the BarkBone.

Charli Burbidge, Co-founder of Petz, also, adds, “it’s perfect as it replicates a natural instinct for the dog who will be used to chewing on a bone, so it won’t have to be trained into chewing it. Add in the real bacon infusion and it’s extremely likely that your pet will take a quick liking to the product, and your shoes will be safe for a while longer!”

7. Best Teeth-Cleaning Toy: Kong Dental Stick Dog Toy 

Kong Dental Stick Dog Toy

You probably are already familiar with the dog toy brand Kong, but did you know this popular toy brand also makes teeth-cleaning toys? The Kong Dental Stick Dog Toy sports a unique, stick-like design (great for those pups who’re

always bringing wayward limbs in from the backyard) and comes in three sizes. The specially crafted ridges are meant to get between and around your dog’s teeth, in a way that’s proven to reduce plaque, one of the biggest problems dog owners face when it comes to doggy dental care.

Sara Ochoa, a Veterinary Consultant for Dog Lab also says, “Kong chew toys are the best for chewers. I have a dog who loves to destroy toys. She can destroy a stuffed toy in just a few minutes. The Kong Extreme Chew toy will usually last her a few months before I have to replace it.”

As a special surprise for your dog, the toy’s hollow interior can be stuffed with treats.

8. Best for Small Dogs: EcoKind Pet Treats Gold Yak Dog Chews

EcoKind Pet Treats Gold Yak Dog Chews

Another edible dog chew, these treats are best suited to small dogs with an affinity for ripping their toys, bones and other items to shreds within minutes. They keep small mouths occupied well, for up to 10 hours (but are less likely to withstand the power of a big breed).

EcoKind Pet Treats Gold Yak Dog Chews are made from milk (both cow and yak, interestingly enough, though all the lactose is removed during processing), salt and lime juice. The entire thing is very edible and easily digestible. Some pet owners recommend, once your dog is almost done with the treat, putting it into the microwave, where it puffs up and becomes a crunchy, rather than a chewy, snack.

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More Dog Chews to Check Out

Let’s be honest – dogs get bored. Even if there’s a go-to chew that they love, it’s a good idea to mix things up once in a while with a new flavor, a new texture, or a new toy. Here are some more long-lasting dog chews for the aggressive, extreme gnawing dog in your home.

9. Nylabone Power Chew Bacon Flavor


If your dog chews like crazy and loves the taste of bacon, your pup will love the Nylabone Power Chew Bacon Flavor. This textured toy is covered in little nubs, so it tastes good, it keeps your dog occupied, and it also helps to massage the gums.

Nylabone makes dog chews in different degrees of toughness. This one gets their “Power Chew” rating, which means it’s made for extreme chewers who can gnaw like there’s no tomorrow.

Nylabone dog chews come in different sizes to suit extra-small to extra-large dogs. Be sure to check their size chart on Chewy to make sure you buy the right size.  

10. Titan Busy Bounce Dog Chew Toy

Titan Busy Bounce Dog Chew Toy

It’s no question that dogs love treats, but for extreme chewers, not every dog chew needs to be edible. Sometimes the ones that last the longest are the ones that dogs aren’t supposed to eat at all.

The Titan Busy Bounce Dog Chew Toy is not edible, but it does dispense treats. Your dog can chew on it for hours but only actually eat what you stuff inside. What makes this chew toy super fun for pups is that it bounces in all sorts of unpredictable ways, keeping your dog entertained and stimulated in the best possible way.

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11. Hartz Chew n’ Clean Chew Toy

hartz chew n clean

The Hartz Chew ‘n Clean Chew Toy is made from hard nylon material to withstand heavy chewing. It’s also filled with an edible center that tastes like bacon. Seriously, what more could a dog want? 

This chew toy serves multiple purposes. It’s tasty, it provides its fair share of entertainment, and it also has little nubs to massage your dog’s gums and reduce plaque and tartar buildup the way traditional dental chews do.

12. Petstages Dogwood Wooden Chew

dogwood chew toy

The reason your dog might love to fetch sticks in the backyard is because they like the smell or taste of wood. If your pup is twig and stick obsessed, check out the Petstages Dogwood Wooden Chew.

This wood alternative chew is made from natural wood fibers and features a mesquite flavor that makes it taste and smell like it came right off the BBQ. It also has the look and texture of a real piece of wood, so most dogs will be fooled!

Unlike real wood sticks that can splinter and cause blockages in a dog’s digestive tract, this one won’t. It’s a safe alternative and it also floats in water, perfect for playing fetch with your dog in the pool.

13. Amazing Dog Treats Mega Thick Beef Cheek Rolls

amazing dog treats

Dogs love rawhide and similar hard-as-can-be treats like pig ears and cow hooves. But with extreme chewing, rawhides dog bones can break apart and your dog can swallow jagged shards that can cause blockages and tummy troubles. The Amazing Dog Treats Mega Thick Beef Cheek Rolls are the perfect rawhide alternative.

Will these last forever?

No. Your dog will eat them up.

But at ten inches long with a thick puffy shape, their sheer size will make them last longer than a lot of other chews. Just don’t give them to small breeds or puppies. They’re on the big side, so they’re best for medium and large-sized dogs.  

These high-protein chews are made with more than 80% grass-fed beef. They’re also high in collagen, which helps to keep your dog’s coat looking as shiny and healthy as can be.  

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14. Whimzees Natural Dental Dog Chews

whimzee dog chews

These dog chews won’t last weeks or days or even hours. But if you’re looking for an oral health chew that your doggie won’t swallow in a matter of seconds, the Whimzees Natural Dental Dog Chews are a great option.

Shaped like little hedgehogs, these dog chews are high in fiber and low in fat. They’re also gluten-free, vegetarian, and grain-free, making them a healthy option for pups with sensitive stomachs.

15. Bones and Chews Himalayan Cheese Dog Treat

bones and chews dog toy

For the pooch that loves cheese chews, the Bones and Chews Himalayan Cheese Dog Treat has an intensely cheesy flavor made with yak cheese and cow milk. These treats last a long time for the simple fact that most dogs tend to gnaw on them for a while to soften them up before they actually start eating them. 

Things to Look For When Shopping for Dog Treats, Toys and Chews

Basset hound chewing on a  toy bone, loving his life

If you’re looking for a dog chew, either any of the above or anything at any of your local pet stores, you’ll want to look out for a few things.

What is the chew made from?

Is it made from real bone? Or something equally hard? That could prove a safety hazard.

Is it made from something like fabric, that your dog will tear through in seconds? Skip it and get something a little more durable, like a nylon or rubber treat.

For edible chews, what are the ingredients? Are they healthy? Or just sugary and full of fake ingredients and calories? Are there any odd or suspicious chemicals? Is there anything your dog may be allergic to?

Do you want edible or non-edible?

Additionally, do you want an edible or a non-edible chew for your dog? On one hand, the non-edible chews obviously last longer, but the edible ones are a nice treat as well. Plus, the edible chews often offer nutrients and supplements your dog might not be getting elsewhere.

Where are the treats or chews made?

Where a chew toy or treat was made can really influence the safety of the item. For the highest quality, it’s recommended pet owners only shop for chews and toys made in the USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia or New Zealand. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule (like the yak treats above are made in Nepal, due to the scarcity of yak milk), but whenever you buy a treat or chew toy from somewhere outside these countries, make sure to do your research into ingredients, added preservatives and materials.

What size dog is the chew most suitable for?

Little dogs are apt to neglect or entirely reject toys that are too big for them. If something’s going to be unwieldy or too heavy or just unable to fit into their little mouths, they’re not going to have a fun time with the toy.

On the flip side, a large dog is more likely to completely destroy a toy that’s too small for them.

Always try to purchase the correct size toy for your dog’s breed and weight.

Flavors and Scents 

Many dog chews have added flavors and scents, which can make them absolutely appetizing to your dog. However, you’ll want to carefully consider each flavored or scented chew or toy that you buy.

Some flavor and scent additives can stain furniture or fabric and, if you have an issue with your dog losing toys and treats under furniture or in other tight spots, you could end up with a suspicious smell emanating from a mystery spot in your home.

However, flavors and scents definitely aren’t always problematic. For example, sometimes these additives come with benefits such as breath-freshening or teeth-cleaning properties, which you may want to specifically look for.

Get Out There and Play!

Your dog doesn’t have to sit on the sidelines because they’re an aggressive chewer. They can have just as much fun as any other pup, thanks to a range of toys that are made to outlast their rambunctious behavior. With these eight long-lasting dog chews, you don’t have to worry about choking hazards, splinters or other dangers when it comes to entertaining your heavy chewer.

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The 15 Best Long Lasting Dog Chews: 

  1. The Goughnut 
  2. The Benebone 
  3. EcoKind Bully Sticks 
  4. Bacon Pawplexer 
  5. Pawstruck 12″ Braided Bully Sticks
  6. Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone for Aggressive Chewers 
  7. Kong Dental Stick Dog Toy 
  8. EcoKind Pet Treats Gold Yak Dog Chews
  9. Nylabone Power Chew Bacon Flavor
  10. Titan Busy Bounce Dog Chew Toy
  11. Hartz Chew n’ Clean Chew Toy
  12. Petstages Dogwood Wooden Chew
  13. Amazing Dog Treats Mega Thick Beef Cheek Rolls
  14. Whimzees Natural Dental Dog Chews
  15. Bones and Chews Himalayan Cheese Dog Treat

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