17 Images From the ‘90s That Will Definitely Take You Back

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A tale of the ‘90s…they were the best of times (kids still played outside). They were the worst of times (we were still using whiteout).

Looking back to the days just before technology took a huge leap forward, the ‘90s seem so innocent. It was decades before news about climate change, dating apps and the #metoo scandal.

And yet, like any other decade, it had its share of ups and downs. Good times, bad times and the inevitable scandals.

Still, when you’ve lived through the ‘90s, it’s hard not to see it through at least mildly tinted rose-colored glasses.

So what do you say, we take a ride in the way back machine and share a few memories? Here are 17 images from the ‘90s that will take you back in time.

Remember when JT Looked like Spike’s Younger Brother?


Justin Timberlake and our favorite bad boy Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They seemed worlds apart and yet somehow bore an odd resemblance with that hair.

Spike definitely wore it better though.

We Could Have Died Laughing

chingyunsong / Shutterstock

It was funny AND it scared the crap out of us. Plus it had a killer cast. After that, you could not go to a Halloween party without the creepy Scream mask. It still freaks us out.

Mighty Morphin Power Marketing

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The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers hit the airwaves in 1993. Soon their action figures were the toys kids couldn’t live without. And that parents fought over in Toy Stores. Go, go, Power Rangers! Go, go, big corporate marketing!

Drop Everything, the Macarena Is Playing


It was irresistibly catchy. Whoever thought that two old Spanish dudes would be responsible for the song that got everyone on the dance floor. Who cares if you didn’t understand the lyrics!

Teens and Drama, it was a Natural Fit

Kraft74 / Shutterstock

In 1990 Aaron Spelling launched Beverly Hills 90210, and the era of the teen soap officially began. Some of our other favs? Dawson’s Creek, Party of Five and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (fantasy but still soapy).

Just like in real teen life, the drama was never-ending. Only they dressed better.

Shoot to Soak


The super soaker launched in 1990. And if you went to a kid’s party and didn’t come out dripping wet…well, it just wasn’t a party!



It was one of those songs that the cool kids weren’t supposed to like, and yet MMMbop was impossible to get out of your head. So were the Hanson brothers. And they came in a range of sizes to suit every teen and pre-teen!

Wayne’s World Dictionary


Yes, they were a pair of morons. That made us laugh our butts off. Suddenly we couldn’t get through a day without saying schwing, ex squeeze me or excellent!!

A blow against the English language? Maybe. But it was funny.

Oh No, Someone Already Rented Dirty Dancing

Adwo / Shutterstock

Ah, the disappointment of discovering your favorite movie had already been rented.

But it was hard to get through a weekend without at least one trip to Blockbuster. Two counting when you had to rush to the store to get your videos back on time. Damn those late fees!

The Juice Got Loose


It was called the trial of the century for a reason. A grizzly murder. A famous football player and seething racial tension, not to mention the made-for-TV star witness, Kato Kaelin.

No wonder we were glued to the coverage. As we all know, the glove didn’t fit so they had to acquit.

And soon OJ Simpson was a free man. But not for long. Did he really kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman? I’m sure most of us made up our minds long before the trial was over.

The Haircut That Launched A Thousand Other Haircuts


As soon as we saw it, we all had to have it. The Rachel! Sure, Jennifer Aniston actually hated that layered bob, but that didn’t stop the rest of us from trying to look like her.

Even if it was something we could only achieve with our hair.

I’m the King of The Box Office


The ‘80s had the lift from Dirty Dancing. But for the ‘90s, the most iconic romantic image was Jack and Rose facing a stiff breeze together aboard the Titanic.

For some the movie was the height of romantic love. For others, sheer torture in which Jack couldn’t die soon enough. (And yes, there was room on the door!)

Whatever you thought, there’s no denying Titanic was a huge success. And a real boost for kleenex.

“Nothing Tastes as good as skinny feels.”


Okay, she didn’t say that until much later in her career. But this supermodel and (according to her) “scapegoat” for eating disorders got her start in the 1990s.

Her Calvin Klein spread with Marky Mark (Wahlberg) put a super in front of her modeling career, and soon you couldn’t open a fashion magazine without seeing her. Um, what there was of her.

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Which Spice Were You?


Posh Spice. Ginger Spice. Baby Spice. Sporty Spice and Scary Spice. All of us girls related to one of them and probably dressed like her on Halloween.

But who was the spiciest of them all? Cleary Posh Spice as she married ‘90s soccer star David Beckham. Guess she really, really knew what she wanted.

Overalls Got an Overhaul


These days we think of overalls as a rehash of ‘90s fashion.

But in the ‘90s they were a rehash of ‘70s fashion. And in the ‘70s they were a rehash from someone living in the Dust Bowl era who couldn’t afford fashion. Whatever. They were in!

Cigar Anyone?

mark reinstein / Shutterstock

Yes, yes, we all know Bill Clinton “did not have sexual relations with that woman!” Well, technically speaking anyway.

The president’s affair with the (innocent?) intern rocked our world. But due to his incredible popularity and a good economy, he and his saxophone managed to stay in office. Or however you want to spin it.

The World Is Ending…Not

It was all over the news. In the year 2000 computers were supposed to freak out about 00 and somehow launch armageddon.

Then nothing happened — kind of like on Seinfeld.

I’m out.

Yes, that is how we said goodbye in the ‘90s. Although sharing all these dope memories is the bomb I have to roll, dawgs. Okay, that was overkill on the ‘90s slang. Peace out!

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