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The Official Trailer for James Bond: No Time to Die is finally here, and oh man, is it good!


First off, I CAN RELATE, with how expensive everything is lately. I don’t have time to die either, between my 3 jobs and the two 30-minute naps a day, I couldn’t afford to die even if I wanted to. We feel you Bond, we feel you...

Daniel Craig is back at it again, starring in his 5th appearance for the James Bond Franchise.


Daniel Craig at the premier of James Bond: No Time To Die
Piotr Zajac / Via

The role of Mr. James Bond was originally premiered in 1962 with Sean Connery starring in Dr. No.

Sean Connery posing with a gun as James Bond in Dr. No 1962
Kathy Hutchins / Via

No Time To Die is set to take place in Jamaica, where we last saw Bond at the end of Spectre. When Bond receives a call that his skills are needed, he quickly jumps back into things. But he soon realizes there’s an unfamiliar face in the 007 games.

Sail boat in Jamaica on the ocean

That face is none other than the incredibly talented actress Lashana Lynch. We are dying to see Agent Nomi’s character kick some ass alongside James Bond because it’s sure to be a wild ride!

Lashana Lynch at the red carpet premier for her new movie Captain Marvel in a silver dress
DFree / Via

So it’s time to order some tickets, find your old suit and get ready for April 2020, because No Time To Die is coming to a theater near you!


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Dec 5, 2019

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