13 Best Kitchen Corner Storage Ideas [For Any Small Kitchen]

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If your kitchen is small, it’s essential to utilize every nook and cranny, including every corner.

Kitchen corners are awkward to get to, and often, they’re left unused or reserved for those rarely used items. Let’s face it; it’s easier to get in the car and drive to Jamba Juice than pull out the blender from the corner of the cabinet.

Rather than spending loads of money on professionally built cabinets, check out these DIY solutions to make the corners of your kitchen more functional.

Blind Corner Cabinet Slide Outs


Never crawl into a cabinet again, this metal Rev-a-Shelf Blind Corner 4 Shelf Slide Out slides outside of the cabinet to allow for easy access. Your kids will have no excuse not to help unload the dishwasher once you install these bad boys and put them to use.

This blind corner shelf utilizes 100% of the cabinet space and can support up to 150 lbs. Which makes it great for those large rarely used items like blenders, food processors and bread makers. Installable on the right or left door, this versatile shelf an excellent option for any corner cabinet.

Blind Corner Cabinet Half Moons


If you are a lucky duck and already have a great storage spot for those larger items, then the Rev-a- Shelf half moon might work better for you. This shelving unit is made for smaller daily use items, like perishable food.

Although it only uses about 60% of the blind cabinet space, it is a bit easier to maneuver than the slide-out shelf. We like the idea of a half-moon cabinet in a lower cabinet space so everyone in the family can easily access the goods.

This would be a great place to store fruit leather, goldfish, granola bars or other on-the-go type snacks.

Full Round Lazy Susan Shelves


If your corner cabinets have doors that open to reveal the whole corner space, you can use it as a pantry! This Knape & Vogt Pie Cut Door Mount Lazy Susan is relatively easy to install, and it mounts directly to the cabinet doors for maximum space usage.

Lazy Susan’s are great for accessing canned goods and other cooking items that you like to keep handy.

Group and organize your items on the shelves with organizational bins to keep everything together. Lazy Susans aren’t just for inside cabinets. There are lots of tabletop models available that you can use to make common countertop items more accessible.

A small tiered Lazy Susan is perfect for holding salt and pepper shakers, sugar bowls, napkins, spices and all sorts of other items that take up space on your counter.


Rotary Recycling Units


Eliminate the clutter and confusion around your recyclables with a rotary recycling mechanism.

This is the ultimate lazy Susan, making it much easier to dispose of items and save the environment all at the same time.

This Knape and Vogt Rotary Recycling Center makes it easy to dispose of items. With three removable bins to quickly sort your recyclables, you have no excuses now. You can feel good, stay organized and keep the containers out of sight.

This is also a great option if you have pets in the house; luckily for us, most animals haven’t figured out how to open cabinets yet.

Corner Cookware Stands


If you lack cabinet storage, don’t be afraid to put your cookware on display with this modern Enclume Cookware Stand.

This is great for displaying those fancy dishes that never get used, which will free up space in a cabinet to hide your ugly items. This is also great to store pots and pans that you do use frequently.

Wine and Liquor Storage


Wine enthusiasts can put that empty corner to use with corner wine racks.

Wine Cellar Innovation has created this Designer Series 76-Bottle 4-Column Curved Corner Wine Rack that uses that empty corner to show off your extensive wine collection from floor to ceiling.

Not only does it hold 76 bottles of wine, but the edges are also slightly rounded, so your bottles are protected from slipping out. The shelving unit is made out of Redwood, which naturally protects against mildew and humidity decay making it safe to store your wine for long periods of time. Just make sure this shelving unit isn’t in the sun; we don’t want you damaging your wine in other ways!

Corner Bakers Rack


Bakers racks are always an excellent addition to kitchens. They add a comforting, homey feel to any space.

You can find bakers racks in just about any material and color these days. We love this Belham Living Portica Wrought Iron and Wood Corner Bakers Rack. The bottom section is closed to hide all your unattractive paraphernalia, while the top can be used to display your more beautiful appliances and dishes.

This bakers rack is the perfect size and can also be a great addition to a bathroom that needs a little extra touch.

Corner Spice Racks


It can be challenging to know how to efficiently use the corner counter space between your upper and lower cabinets. You want it to be functional, but not an eyesore.

This Mind Reader Corner Spice Rack is a great solution. It is made with real wood and adds a nice touch to the kitchen. It has two shelves, but you can always utilize the top of the rack as a third shelving option.

This unit allows you to get the spices out of the drawers and free up space for utensils. We suggest having your everyday spices on this shelf for easy access.

Open Countertop Shelves


Another solution to open corner countertop space is small open shelves. We like this stacking Ollieroo 3 Tier Corner Shelf because it keeps items attractively up and out of the way. The tri-level shelf is a great use of your empty space; it gives depth to the empty space allowing for maximum use.

For a more modern look, these Cook N Home Stainless Steel Corner Shelves are great. They are simple to install, easy to clean and sleek looking. Both options are great for a minimalist, but functional look.

Slide Out Storage Rack


Do you have a narrow space between your refrigerator and your wall? As long as you’ve got about four inches of width to play with, you can make use of that unused space, including that corner all the way at the back of the fridge.

This Slim Rolling Can and Spice Rack is perfect if you’re looking to maximize every nook and cranny in your kitchen. It measures 3.5 inches wide and features four shelves that are perfectly sized to hold standard cans.

You can use it to hold spices, a stockpile of soda cans or juice bottles, soups, unused condiments and all sorts of baking supplies.

A small front handle and slim wheels make it easy to pull out and roll away. Choose a color that matches your cabinets to create a seamless look.

Wall Hooks


A few individual wall hooks can turn an unused corner into a stylish, functional storage space. If you have a small corner area that doesn’t offer enough room to mount a shelf, these Loop Wall Hooks from West Elm are the perfect alternative.

Use these kitchen wall hooks to hang potholders, oven mitts, aprons, or decorate dish towels that you want to put on display. Hang them as high, as low, or a close together as you want – and if you only need one or two, you can easily make use of the other hooks somewhere else in the house.

Looking to maximize space all throughout your kitchen? You can also mount these hooks on the inside of cabinet doors to hang reusable shopping totes or plastic bags that you want to use again.

Kitchen Corner Baskets


Do you have an entire corner that you’re not using? This 3 Tier Kitchen Corner Basket Floor Stand is a great way to add some charm to your kitchen and create additional storage. With a white metal finish, this stand features three individual baskets perfect for holding fruits, veggies and plants.

Vintage-inspired with scrolled edges and curved feet, this piece is sure to add function and beauty to any casual kitchen design.

Don’t have enough floor space for a freestanding basket? This 3 Tier Fruit Basket from Crate and Barrel can be placed on your countertop instead. The natural weave gives it a timeless look, making it easy to incorporate into any modern, rustic or sophisticated kitchen design.

Hanging Baskets


If your family loves fruits and veggies, this 3 Tier Wire Hanging Basket is the perfect way to make the most of the corner space. You can even hang it in a corner above a kitchen cart or table.

This slender basket features a simple wire design with an S-hook at the top that can be attached to just about any ceiling-mounted hook. Featuring one small, one medium and one large basket, this design has a versatile look with chrome grid baskets and metal chains. And there are lots of more decorative options out there as well.

With hanging fruit and vegetable baskets you can make use of wasted corner space and free up extra space on your countertop.

It’s No Longer A Reach

Don’t let that corner space in your kitchen become dead space or scare you anymore.

Just because the area can be challenging to reach doesn’t mean it is useless. There are plenty of solutions out there that make the corner spaces accessible. Start organizing and maximizing the unused space around your house.

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