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The first thing most people picture when they're dreaming of working remotely is being seated on a tropical beach with a computer on their lap and an umbrella drink by their side. Then came the 2020 COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, when a lot of us started working from home by necessity during lockdowns across the globe.

And while a home office does have its advantages (like commuting from your bed to the couch), it hasn't exactly been the vacation we all fantasized about. With all the interruptions from our spouses, kids and pets, the technical problems (Houston, we can't freaking hear you!) and the complete loss of perspective, sometimes it feels more like we're living the nightmare than the dream.


Ross Work From Home Meme

And can we talk about our hygiene and wardrobe? It's like if there's no Zooming, there's no grooming! And while that does set you free in some ways, there's also something about getting out of your PJ's and into some real clothes that help you distinguish day from night in a world where home and work seemed to have permanently melded. 

Well, people that work from home (wfh), it may sometimes feel like you're alone. But we're all in this together. The best medicine for the madness? A few laughs from a few funny pics.  So to give everyone a little chuckle (and hopefully some perspective), we've gathered up some of the funniest and best work-from-home memes that you can relate to.

Of course, you WILL get straight back to work after you take a look at these 36 funny work from home memes, yes? Hahahahaha! Right!  

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Zoom Meeting Meme

Working from home stats show that people spend 50% less on styling products*. (*Not an actual stat. More of an utterly uneducated guess).

Business man's meeting getting interrupted by daughter

You sometimes thought your coworkers acted like children. Then this happened. Sometimes we're all victims of Zoom meeting interruptus. 

Work From Home Seance Meme

Someday, technology will catch up with the home office worker.


Woman upset by coworker's questions meme

Yes, this crap still happens on Zoom. 

Judging coworkers' homes during zoom meetings meme

You know you do judgey-wudgey. 

There are No Mental Health Days


Quarantine can make remote workers feel very out of touch, except with your feelings of rage. You are definitely in touch with those feelings.

Man playing with slinky

Your screen time is up 100%, from work straight to Netflix and social media. And yet, your brain synapses don't seem to be working at full capacity. 

Recreating coworkers meme

It turns out that your crazy coworkers actually kept you sane. 


Willy Wonka Productivity

No commute. No need to get dressed. No annoying coworkers. And yet, some workdays, you still can't seem to get anything done. 

Talk about Unproductivity meme

If only those self-talks worked. 

Cat laying on keyboard

Clearly, you think that your lack of productivity is due to your clingy cat. It's just so hard to set boundaries with furballs.


Note to children during work meeting

Then there's the valiant attempt at setting boundaries, which might not work, but it is worth a try.

Purrr my last email meme

Yes, there are days your cat is more productive than you. 

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Your Dress Code has Changed Somewhat

Work From Home Dress Code Meme

Casual Monday: sweat pants. Casual Tuesday: pajamas. Casual Wednesday: ratty t-shirt and underwear. Casual Thursday: Just the underwear. Casual Friday: Commando. 

Virtual outfits on zoom meme

Now there's an idea!


Devil Wears Prada Same Outfit Meme

Actually, the only catty bitch that will really know you're wearing the same sweatpants is your real-life cat.

Sounding Dressed Meme

Unless you have a conference call at that hour, which is sheer torture. 


Sheepdog work from home meme

If you keep showing up to the meetings, maybe no one will notice your job is irrelevant now.

Working from Home Affecting your Inner Clock Much?

What time is it? Meme

There's something about working from home that messes with the whole space/time continuum. 

Bridesmaid Work From Meme

How are you supposed to know when you last left the house if every day is Blursday.

You Thought Working from Home Would be So Much Better, But….

working from home dreaming vs reality

Reality is harsh. Working from home is harsher. 

Woman staying up late working

You didn't see the night shift coming.

Living at work meme

Just a little spin on the name and they brainwashed us all. 

Frazzled Barbie Working from home

Working moms thought they had it bad. And then they started working from home. 

Accidental nap meme

7,000 emails. Your new wake up call. 


Shopping at Target while working meme

Going shopping during work hours is like playing Russian Roulette. 


Getting to know your parter while working from home
Tweet from @inLaurasWords

There are some things you never really wanted to know about your partner.

Gif credit: Awkward Marketing

And then one day, it suddenly all clicks into place. And that day is never. 

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The Upside...

Office Space pretending to work from home
Screenrant and Memes

Pretending to work from home is so much easier than pretending to work at work. 

Elmo dancing on the toilet

Now you don't have to worry about stinking up the office bathroom.

Man dancing at home
The Last Man on Earth

A little self-love on your break is not against the work-at-home bylaws.

The Office Working from Home Cutest Girl

Yes, you are the cutest person in the office. And there's no one to tell you differently!

Closing Thoughts

Cats Social Distancing Meme
Cat in the box

OMG? Who's evil plan was this?

Office Reopening Meme

Someday the office will reopen for most of us. And that will be a perfect day in the long run. 

Pulp Fiction Work From Home Airquote Meme

This is for all the people out there that actually do get shit done at home. Props to you, efficient home office workers!!

Well, that's the roundup, everyone. Hope it gave you a smile. Now get back to your online shopping!

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Dec 7, 2020

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