Top 10 Worst Things To Give Trick-or-Treaters [And What To Give Instead]

This article may contain affiliate links. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Privacy Policy.

This article may contain affiliate links. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Privacy Policy.

Halloween is a magical evening filled with lots of sugar… Or it should be. Children look forward to trick-or-treating for the whole month of October. Don’t ruin it by trying to get creative. Go heavy on the “treats” and avoid giving out any “tricks.”

Read about the ten WORST things to hand out on Halloween. Don’t be one of these people.

Cat Pets

“Hi Kids! I don’t have any candy, but you can give Fluffy one pet each!”

Ummm what the heck?! This is the ultimate trick! Not only will your cat hate you by the end of the night, but do you want sticky candy fingers all over your precious kitty?

There are plenty of animal-themed options to hand out instead. Haribo Gummy Bears, Barnum’s Animal Crackers, Teddy Grahams or Swedish Fish are much better than subjecting Fluffy to strange kids touching him all night.

Cans of Soda

First, a can of soda is VERY heavy, especially to a five-year-old kid in a full Paw Patrol costume. Also, if consumed during the route, your trick-or-treaters are going to need a bathroom break.. Are you willing to open up your bathroom up to all these kids?

If your goal is to provide as much sugar as possible, try Skittles. Each fun-size bag contains 16 grams of the good stuff. The sugar contents in two bags of Skittles is comparable to that can of coke you wanted to hand out.


I am not sure how to help you if you think giving out rocks is a good idea.

Boone’s Mill Rock Candy is the perfect substitute! They are similar to a bunch of small rocks on a stick but deliciously sweet, colorful, and much better.

Candy Canes

Is this candy cane from last Christmas? Or are you shopping for this Christmas in October? Either way, stick with the current holiday.

If you want to hand out a striped candy, try individual packs of Brach’s Candy Corn. Hate candy corn? M&M’s have a White Chocolate Candy Corn that incorporates the same festive approach but taste much better.


Yeah, we get it. You want to encourage healthy dental habits. That’s great and all, but Halloween is not the time or the place. Handing out toothbrushes on Halloween is the equivalent of handing out lumps of coal on Christmas.

If your goal is to preserve teeth from sugar rot, try these sugar-free Reese’s. But, we all know full-sugar Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are much better.

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How about you use all those coins and buy some candy?! It’s the 21st century, adults don’t even have change on them anymore.

If you must hand out currency, these House of Blair Half Dollar Candy Coins is way better because they are filled with chocolate. If you are a big spender, there are Money Mints that have a $100 bill image on the front and back.


Edible Crayons? How Cool! Not… Kids eat crap like crayons all the time, don’t encourage them.

Hand out Rainbow Nerds instead. Nerds cover all of the colors of the rainbow without giving kids a tool to write on walls.

Puzzle Books

If your goal is to challenge the young minds at your doorstep, a puzzle book is a nice idea. But it’s not candy. A better alternative is Laffy Taffy.

The assorted flavors each come equipped with classic Dad-like jokes on the back, like:

“What is a ghost’s favorite dessert?”

“BOO-berry pie with ice scream!”

“Take One”

A "please take one" sign with a pumpkin.

Assuming children will behave and respect the “Take One” sign is the ultimate mistake. If you are busy and can’t be home for trick-or-treaters, turn your light off and don’t double book next year! Don’t let one greedy AF child ruin it for everyone else.

If you can rearrange your plans and be home to hand out candy. FULL size candy bars will instantly make you the most popular house in the neighborhood. This variety pack includes M&M’S, Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Skittles and Starbursts…is your mouth watering yet?

Plastic Spider Rings

A young girl with a plastic spider ring on her finger.

Again with the non-candy handout… Halloween is a candy holiday. I don’t know how many times we have to say this, but stick to providing a sugar rush to your trick-or-treaters. “A” for effort with trying to stay on theme and giving out plastic spider rings, but you can do better.

Sugar Skull Ring Pops or Day of the Dead Skull Tattoo Lollipops both stay on theme and have loads of sugar!

Having trick-or-treaters leave your house looking this happy is the ultimate Halloween goal.

Do yourself a favor and stick to the basics: CANDY. Candy will never disappoint. And if there are leftovers, you can enjoy the sugary goodness too.

Have a FaBOOlous Halloween!

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