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15 Sustainable Living Tips [That You Can Start Today]

Are you looking for a more sustainable way of living, to have less impact on the environment? Here are 15 tips to help practice sustainability daily.

How to Organize Apps on your Phone [iPhone and Android]

How many apps do you actually use? And, can you find the ones you want quickly? You know you should ‚Äėclean up‚Äô and get your phone organized.¬†

How to Manage your Finances [Now and Later in Life]

Money is the number one stressor for Americans. Don't let it affect your health. Here's how to manage your finances, now and later in life.

Choosing The Best Place to Retire (and it's not Florida)

There are many ‚Äėbest places to retire‚Äô lists, and all roads lead to Florida. But what if hate humidity & sand?¬†Here's how to find YOUR best place to retire.

Are Black Friday Deals Really Worth It?

Let's take a look at Black Friday shopping sales to see if the "deals" are really worth it. Plus, learn tips on how to spot a good deal.