The 12 Best Animals to Follow on Instagram [That You Need to Follow RIGHT NOW]

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Yes, Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez have over 150 million followers on Instagram, and that is great for them. But, personally, we would prefer to see precious animals way more on our feed than celebrities. 

Why not fill your news feed with adorable animals across the world? 

Pets spark joy for their owners, strangers and even other animals every single day. 

These animals’ Instagram accounts make us smile daily and hope they spark a little joy in your life too. 

Below are the 12 best animals to start following on Instagram right now. 

Mr. Pokee

Mr. Pokee is a tiny little hedgehog that goes on grand adventures with his kitty sister, Audrey. 

From the Eiffel Tower to the Austrian mountain tops, these two cover a lot of ground together. Plus, it’s hard to find something cuter than a smiling hedgehog. We want to squeeze you even though we know you are rather spikey!

Real Diddy Kong 

Did you grow up playing Donkey Kong? 

If so, you are going to want to give these monkeys a follow. Diddy and Yeti Kong are cute little monkeys that get into trouble in Miami, Florida. 

They like açaí bowls, bath time, hanging out and, of course, monkeying around. This duo looks like a handful, but they sure are cute. 

Black Jaguar White Tiger

Big cats are pretty neat. And the felines on this Instagram are all rescued from the wild and now live in Mexico. 

The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation works towards ending animal cruelty and actively tries to rescue as many animals as they can. 

They have rescued over 400 big felines and 300 other animals working towards a legal reform in Mexico to start selling animals and give them the happy and safe life they deserve. 

Venus Two Face Cat 

Venus is the most purrfectly symmetrical cat we’ve ever seen. 

We are mesmerized by your beauty. You can find Venus playing with her siblings throughout the day. She has 3 cat siblings and one dog sister. She is never bored. 

Hopefully, she doesn’t have a split personality! 

Moochi the Mini Cow 

You can’t help but smile when you see Moochi. Moochi is a miniature Scottish Highland White Park mix with extra fluff. 

This cow has so much character we would love to hang out with him for a day. Moochi lives in California with 3 horses and a whole lot of chickens. 

Moochi eats lots of hay and occasionally some twigs and branches, as most cows do. 

Blizzard and Lulu

Blizzard and Lulu are a duo that undoubtedly turn some heads when you pass them in Washington. 

They are outdoor adventurers. You can find them kayaking, playing in the snow, hiking throughout the year. But, rest assured, these two take a lot of naps! 

And when Lulu gets tired, you might see her riding Blizzard. 

Tito the Raccoon 

So apparently, domesticated raccoons are a thing. And Tito is as adorable as they come. 

Tito actually passed, but Cheeto and Piper have taken his place and are up to things like eating pizza, hanging on hammocks and snuggling.

He was loved by so many, Tito; you are missed dearly. 


Do you remember Boo

Jiffpom is Boo, Jr. Cute and is as cute as a button. He’s up for anything and probably weighs at most 7 pounds.

This tiny Pomeranian can do handstands, ride skateboards and fit in your purse. 

The miniature dog also has almost 10 million followers, which probably makes him a pet influencer. 

Not to mention, he’s well known in Hollywood. He’s been in a Katy Perry music video and a Covergirl commercial. 

What’s not to love?

Prissy Pig

Real-life Miss Piggy has found her pig soul mate. 

Prissy and Pop, the pigs, are very pink and always up to something. 

Most of the time they are dressed in some sort of costume and appear to be unphased. They also frequent the classroom where their mom teaches. 

We can’t think of better classroom pets!

Goats of Anarchy

Goats of Anarchy is a sanctuary for goats with special needs. 

There are nonprofit who helps baby goats live a long and healthy life. They give all their goats extra attention and even help some of them get prosthetic limbs. 

The work this nonprofit does is pretty amazing and we think they deserve all the follows in the world.  

Teddy the Shetland 

Teddy lives in the UK and has been melting hearts since 2015. 

He’s full of spunk. Whatever he does is cute. Whether he is swimming, rolling around in the snow or posing for the camera it’s adorable. 

We want to spend a day hanging with Teddy. 

Adventures with Walt 

Last but not least is Walter. Full disclosure, Walter is one of the many dogs of ChatterSource.  

Walter’s been told countless times he looks like a human in a dog suit. He loves attention and is not afraid to embrace it from anyone willing to give it to him. He might be the easiest dog in the world to steal. 

Now you have some following to do on Instagram. 

Give these animals some love. They definitely deserve it! 

And trust us, they will make your Instagram feed much more exciting.

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