The Official Dogs Of ChatterSource Christmas “Good Boy” List

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If you are anything like the ChatterSource team, you understand that dogs are not just pets, they’re part of the family. If you get all of us in a room together, there’s a 99% chance someone’s dog will be brought into the conversation.

Needless to say, the dogs of ChatterSource have Christmas lists filled with their favorite toys and bones.

If you haven’t pulled the trigger on a gift for your pup, this list of Christmas gifts for dogs will help you find the perfect present this HOWLiday season.

Ava, Luna, Shasta, Roland, and Kash Hartsuiker 

Group of dogs for Christmas
First off, we are very impressed with this family portrait and hope they all got treats after it was taken!

With a family full of big dogs, it’s important to get durable toys that can make it through some pretty rambunctious playtime. 

As with any family, all of these dogs have different personalities, favorite toys and requests for Christmas this year. 

Fluff & Tuff Katie The Caterpillar and Fluff & Tuff Beach Ball, 7″

Fluff & Tuff Katie The Caterpillar
Tuff Beach Ball, 7"

Eva and Kash, the Saint Bernard puppies (can you believe they’re only 9 months old!), want a Fluff & Tuff Katie The Caterpillar and a Fluff & Tuff Beach Ball for Christmas.

Durability is a major factor when buying gifts for big dogs like Eva and Kash. That’s why the founders of Fluff and Tuff set out to design toys that dogs and owners love by using design and construction techniques that not only “make the toys last longer, but they also make them much more fun for dogs to chew, chase or cuddle.”

No toy is indestructible (and Eva and Kash like to play tug of war), but we’re confident that these toys will last longer than most.

TUFFY – World’s Tuffest Soft Dog Toy – Junior 3 Way Tug 

TUFFY - World's Tuffest Soft Dog Toy - Junior 3 Way Tug 

Roland would love the Tuffy World’s Tuffest Soft Dog Toy – Junior 3 Way Tug for Christmas this year. The neighbor cow would appreciate it if Roland got this gift too instead of chasing and barking at him all day.

It’s a win-win for the neighborhood!

Tuffy World toys are great because they have four layers of fabric, float in water and are safe to put in the washing machine. You can take this toy anywhere and keep your dog entertained for hours. 

Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee 

Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee 

This Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee is on Luna’s list this year. Frisbees are great for active dogs like Luna who love to play fetch for hours. The durable material stands up to dog teeth, and the bright colors make it easy to find when it gets lost in a bush.

This 5-pack is a great deal because we all know how gross it is to play fetch with a toy full of slobber. When one gets dirty, just swap it out with a new one while the old one dries.

PetSafe Busy Buddy Twist ‘n Treat, Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

PetSafe Busy Buddy Twist 'n Treat, Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Finally, Shasta is really hoping for a PetSafe Busy Buddy Twist ‘n Treat this Christmas.

This PetSafe twistable toy holds treats and keeps your dog’s mind busy for hours. It’ll also distract your dog if they suffer from separation anxiety and keep them happy because they get a tasty reward once they dig out the treats.

Also, this PetSafe product is dishwasher safe, so it is easy for the parents too! 

Walter Evangelista 

Walter is an only child and the only grandpuppy, so he is used to being the center of attention at family gatherings. He had a long list of presents on his Christmas list, but there is one toy he’s really hoping for this year. 

Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Toy

Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Toy

Walter used to have the Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle toy, but all his squirrels have had to undergo major sewing surgery and don’t really look quite like squirrels anymore.

Puzzle toys are great for keeping your dog occupied when you leave the house. 

The squirrels squeak, so when your dog steps on the log, they get very excited about the hunt. You can also hide treats inside the log for an extra challenge. 

Follow along with Walter on Instagram @adventureswithwalt

Weiney Hart 

weiner dog laying on a pillow

Weiney is the oldest at 14 years old and the smallest pup of the ChatterSource crew. But, she’s the boss at home and will do anything for food. That is of course, when she’s not sleeping, which is almost 19 hours out of the day.  

While Weiney can be mischievous at times, it’s hard to stay mad at that cute little face.

KONG – Classic Dog Toy

KONG - Classic Dog Toy

Weiney is really hoping for a new KONG this year. Kong is a brand dog lovers know and trust. This Rubber Kong is great for dogs with small mouths who love to chew.

Remember when we said Weiney could be mischievous? This will give her some mental stimulation.

Like most dogs, she especially loves when it gets filled with peanut butter (trying freezing peanut butter inside over night to make it lasts the whole day)! Maybe if she’s lucky, her mom will make her a signature KONG summer smoothie, which is filled with strawberries, blueberries, yogurt and KONG Easy Treat Paste

Rufuss Burke 

Rufuss is the youngest and spunkiest member of the ChatterSource clan! He has not quite mastered being nice to his toys. So this year, even though he has some toys on his Christmas list, he won’t be getting any. 

Sorry, Rufuss! 

His parents have decided there are better gifts for this young pup.  

 Better Belly Rawhide Bones

 Better Belly Rawhide Bones

Better Belly Rawhide Bones will be in Rufuss’s stocking this year instead of toys. Unlike other rawhides, these are 100 percent digestible, gluten-free and taste like chicken.

These rawhide will be a nice chew toy for his sharp baby teeth instead of his parent’s hands. Maybe next year Rufuss will get some toys like his older furrrends.

Follow along with Rufuss on Instagram @rufussthedoodle

Hank Post

dog in santa hat on bed

Hank is a 7-year-old rescue who has never met a person he didn’t like (or like to shed on). Hank spends his time monitoring neighborhood chickens, strategizing new hiding places for his bones, and soliciting belly scratches. Hank is really hoping for a new chew toy this Christmas!  

Petstages Dogwood Wooden Dog Chew Toy

Petstages Dogwood Wooden Dog Chew Toy

While he has never gotten the hang of fetch, Hank loves to gather stray sticks. So for this Christmas, he is hoping for Petstages Dogwood Wooden Dog Chew Toy so he can chew to his heart’s content without his mom worrying about swallowed fragments. 

This chew toy comes in original and mesquite, so Hank will just have to wait to find out until Christmas which flavor will be under the tree! 

Our lead designer Greg chose not to contribute because his dogs are on the naughty list this Christmas. We are rooting for them to make it on the nice list in 2020. 

At ChatterSource we believe dogs are part of the family and deserve to be spoiled rotten. 

From all of us to you, Happy HOWLidays to you and your furry family! 

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