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Cubii Under Desk Elliptical [Perfect Workout For The Office]

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Looking to get fit, but have neither the time for trips to the gym nor the space for workout equipment in your home, even something as small as a foldable stationary bike? Then it’s time you were introduced to Cubii, the under-desk elliptical that provides a hard-core workout, anywhere, any time.

What is a Cubii Elliptical?


The Cubii Elliptical is a small — well — elliptical. Only big enough to offer two pedals and a lightweight base, it can slide under a desk, sit under your coffee table, hang out by your deck chair, wherever you want it to go. The compact elliptical works your legs and core as you sit about doing your everyday work or a hobby, no matter what that might be, so long as you’re seated. The Cubii burns an average of 150 calories per hour and is touted as more effective at using energy than a standing desk.

The Cubii brand is relatively new but already successful. It started with a Kickstarter campaign in 2014 and soon bloomed into a full, lifestyle health brand that offers a full line of life-changing products.

A big part of the brand is giving back and making a healthy lifestyle accessible to all and, as such, Cubii donates its products to those who might benefit from them, but who can’t afford them. So far, Cubii has donated more than 700 ellipticals to those deserving recipients, and if you know someone who needs a Cubii in their life, you can nominate them to receive a donated Cubii on the brand’s website.

Additionally, Cubii holds Cubiithons, a way for Cubii owners to pedal for a cause, raising cash for deserving nonprofits. The last beneficiary Cubii hosted was Cradles to Crayons, which provides essential items to underprivileged children. You can nominate beneficiaries on Cubii’s website as well.

Benefits of Using a Cubii Elliptical


But beyond the socially responsible brand, why should you choose to use a Cubii elliptical over a standard elliptical?

Obviously one of the biggest benefits to a Cubii is the small size. This compact device can fit just about anywhere, making it perfect for those who have limited space. However, unlike other desk exercise equipment, Cubii still manages to perfectly mimic the motion of a full-size elliptical, for a stellar workout without the hassle.

Cubii is also very easy to use. There’s no assembly. Just purchase and start working out wherever you are.

Cubii offers a range of cool tech features, too. The Bluetooth-enabled device can sync to your FitBit or Apple Health app, but above and beyond this, there’s a separate Cubii app that allows you to join the Cubii community, where you’ll find support and challenges; track your fitness goals in real-time; and measure your workouts in strides, calories or miles.

The Cubii is also whisper-quiet, which means you won’t disturb your family or roommates while you work out.

Different Types of Cubii Ellipticals

There are three different Cubii elliptical options, the Cubii Jr, Cubii Pro and Cubii Elite.

The Cubii Jr. features an attached LCD monitor and allows you to track your strides, distance, RPMs, time exercised and calories burned. This model, however, is not Bluetooth enabled like the other options.

The Cubii Jr. comes in two color combinations, black and purple or black and teal. There are eight resistance levels to choose from and a built-in handle makes it easy to take your elliptical on the go. The Cubii Jr. starts at $249, or as little as $41.50 per month. For a limited time, you can receive a free Cubii workout mat with your purchase.

The Cubii Pro is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you to connect to the Cubii App, as well as the Cubii Community, and a Fitbit or Apple Health app. There are two color options to choose from, chrome and red. This elliptical also features eight resistance levels.

The Cubii Pro starts at $349 total or $58.17 per month.

The Cubii Elite’s main difference from the Cubii Pro is its design. It features a premium wood finish, which gives it a very classy, luxurious feel. It features all the same Bluetooth capabilities as the Cubii Pro. The limited-edition Cubii Elite is currently sold out, but when it becomes available again, prices start at $399.

Which Cubii Elliptical is Best for Me?


You should consider a few factors when picking a Cubii Elliptical, including your budget and intended use. If you only want a compact elliptical to get your blood pumping while sitting at your desk, and you don’t care to track your progress, then, by all means, go with the most affordable option.

If, however, Bluetooth connectivity and having a community of other users is important to you, go with the Cubii Pro. If aesthetic is equally important to you, get on the waitlist to find out when the next batch of Cubii Elite ellipticals is available. The only downside to this last option is that you’re paying an extra $50 for that luxurious, woodgrain look.

Where to Buy a Cubii Elliptical

The obvious first place to purchase a Cubii elliptical is right from the Cubii brand directly. The website offers a one-year warranty and purchasing from the brand directly gives you the added benefit of supporting Cubii’s social and philanthropic efforts.

Cubii products are also available via retailers such as Amazon, QVC and Wal-Mart. Ordering from somewhere like Amazon means you get the benefit of easy shipping and ordering, and you may benefit from a retailer’s individual return and exchange policies (such as QVC’s 90-day return and free exchange policy).

Think a Cubii Elliptical is Right for You?

If you’re looking for workout gear that will fit in a small space and be easy to use, but still get your blood pumping, then a Cubii Elliptical could be just the thing for you.

While the elliptical is on the more expensive side, you can always nominate yourself (or someone else!) to receive an elliptical via Cubii’s donation program.

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