The 8 Comfiest Dog Beds For Large Breeds [Big Boy, Good Boy]

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If you previously have only had small dogs, you might be more accustomed to them using the couch, your bed, your lap and anything other than their doggy bed for snoozing the day away. But if you have a large breed dog, that may not be as feasible. 

Some dogs are just too big for lounging around on your lap, or even the couch (no matter how small they think that they are). We are looking at you, Great Danes! 

Big dogs have different dog needs, from toys to food to, yes, bedding. Big dogs especially need a dog bed suitable for their lengthy bodies and weight. Dog beds can help these larger breeds avoid some of their most common health issues and offer your best friend a cozy cushion for their afternoon cuddles and eliminate any joint pain they might be dealing with. 

Benefits of Dog Beds for Large Breeds

Okay, so you could argue that your dog doesn’t necessarily need their own bed when the carpet will work just as well but consider this.

Large breed dogs are more likely to suffer from bone and joint issues, as compared to most of their small breed counterparts. These issues can range from hip dysplasia to osteoarthritis, but whatever the issue may be, it’s not a fun time for your pup. 

A dog bed suitable for your large breed dog offers the same benefits to them as a good quality mattress does to you. Just think if you had to sleep on the hard floor every day, what that might do to your back and overall health. 

In addition to the health benefits, large breed dogs and your entire family will also benefit from having suitable dog bedding around, just in terms of convenience. If your pup has a bed, they can easily find a comfortable spot to sit with the family while you’re all watching television or otherwise gathered together, as well as when you travel or when they’re in their crate. 

What to Look at When Buying a Dog Bed for Large Breed Dogs

You’ll want to consider a few things when you’re shopping for a dog bed for your large breed dog, including: 

  • Size
  • Materials
  • Style
  • Brand 

These can all play a big role not only in the health benefits your dog bed provides to your pup but also in overall how much your dog likes their new large dog bed.


How do you know a dog bed is really big enough for your large breed dog? 

You want to ensure that your dog bed is large enough that your dog can curl up and also lie flat, comfortably, without their legs hanging over the side of the bed. Take into consideration how your dog usually lies when sleeping or resting to gauge how much space they might need. Extra-large dog breeds like Great Danes or German Shepherds, will likely need the biggest dog beds available.

A good starting place is measuring your dog’s kennel. If you have a standard crate suited to your dog’s breed and age, then it’s likely that you can measure the bottom of the crate and start there when looking for a dog bed, and then move up in size as you feel it’s needed. 


Dog bed materials vary widely. 

Firstly, look at what kind of material the manufacturer used for the dog bed filling. You want to ensure the material actually can support your dog’s weight and also give them that needed comfort. Again, think about how you might feel if you were sleeping on a mattress with subpar filling or stuffing every day.

Look for a dog bed with a firm, foam filling, similar to what you might find in an orthopedic memory foam mattress. If you go with a cheaper variant that’s filled with more or less just fluff, then you’ll likely find it doesn’t give your dog the support they need, they may not like the bed at all and the bed may be subject to more wear and tear over time.

Looking at the overall materials a dog bed is made from, do a quick check to ensure all materials are safe. Some foams can prove hazardous to your dog’s health, especially if they contain lead, mercury or other hard metals. 

Additionally, ask yourself if the materials will stand up to your dog’s overall habits. If you have a dog that’s a little rougher on things, then you may want to opt for a more durable dog bed, unlike a plush faux fur. 

Likewise, you may want a waterproof or water-resistant bed, especially if your dog is prone to accidents or is particularly slobbery. 


While most dog beds, especially those for larger breeds, come in standard rectangular styles, there are a few variants to consider. 

Some dog beds come with raised sides that allow your pup to snuggle up against them or rest their head at an elevated angle. While this is more common in dog beds for smaller breeds, you can find a few for larger dogs. If your pup likes to sleep curled up rather than stretched out, this style may be a good choice for them.

You can also find raised dog beds that are on a sturdy platform, which allows your pet to sit a few inches off the ground. This is a nice option for those who want to occasionally take their dog to outdoor settings (like when camping) and give them a clean place to relax. Additionally, the air flow is nice for dogs who tend to overheat. 

Older dogs will likely need a different pet bed than younger dogs. It also never hurts to look for a dog bed with a removable cover that is machine washable, so your bed lasts even longer. Most washable covers have a zipper, making it easy to take on and off and pop in the washing machine

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Lastly, as with any product you want to invest in long-term, you want to properly research each dog bed brand you’re considering, to learn as much as possible about their guarantees, warranties and manufacturing processes.


8 Comfiest Dog Beds for Large Breeds

Ready to start shopping? Here are the eight comfiest dog beds for large breed dogs. 

1. Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed


This Big Barker bed is like a tiny daybed for your pup, with its one elevated end, perfect for snuggling up, but while still offering enough room to stretch out. The microfiber bed is made with seven inches of therapeutic foam support (it feels similar to memory foam) and is a good fit for heavy dogs. 

You can purchase the bed in three sizes — large, extra large and giant — and there are four colors to choose from, including tan, brown, gray and red. The largest version is 60 by 48 inches.

Susan Mackasey, PR Rep for Big Barker also adds that, “the Big Barker Dog Bed is the first therapeutic mattress designed, tested, and proven to help big dogs lead long, activated, quality lives.”

At around $250, this bed is an investment, but with 4,000-plus ratings and 5 stars on Amazon, you can pretty much rely on the purchase to be one of the best beds on the market. Not to mention it has a ten-year warranty guaranteeing the foam won’t flatten or lose shape or you get your money back! 

Mackasey continues, “not only is this bed extremely comfortable, in a clinical study conducted by University of Pennsylvania, owners reported that the Big Barker bed reduced joint pain & stiffness, improved joint function & gait, and led to improved nighttime restfulness in large dogs with arthritis.” 

2. Barkbox Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Dog Bed


For something a little more budget-friendly, you can try the Barkbox Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Dog Bed, which offers half of the height in terms of foam support, but only comes in at $70. 

The rectangular bed is made with three inches of memory foam and is topped with fleece for added comfort. The machine-washable cover can be removed, and the bed is waterproof, making it a godsend for those messy pups who tend to get their beds dirty sooner rather than later. 

The extra-large size is 41 inches by 29 inches. 


3. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed


If you know your dog loves beds with the raised sides all the way around, then you may want to consider this option from Friends Forever. There are three sizes suitable for large dogs, including large, extra large and extra large jumbo, the last of which measures 40 by 50 inches. This largest option supports dogs up to 130 pounds. 

The human-grade suede mattress foam supports healthy bones and joints, and the liner is water-resistant, as well as fur and hair-resistant — great for dogs who shed. 

With a non-skid bottom and non-slip material, so you won’t need to worry about your dog sliding all across your wood or tile flooring. 

The price? $240.

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4. Furhaven Pet L-Shaped Lounge Sofa


If you’re a pet parent who likes plenty of options, you’ll be pleased with the range of options that are available when you pick this L-shaped lounge sofa from Furhaven. You can choose from six sizes (including large, giant, jumbo and jumbo plus). There are three fillings to pick from (cooling gel foam, memory foam or orthopedic foam). Then, there are more than 10 colors and designs to pick through. 

The jumbo plus size is only $125 and measures 53 by 42 inches. It’s also nearly 10 inches tall. 

The bed comes with a 90-day limited warranty, but do note that the bed isn’t a good pick for destructive pets who like to chew and bite.

5. Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed


You likely have heard of the Casper brand that makes mattresses for humans, but did you know Casper makes dog beds, too? Your pup can now enjoy a luxury mattress just like the one on your bed.

The largest size is 45 by 35 inches, seven inches tall and suitable for dogs up to 90 pounds, so while it may not fit the largest breeds, it still works for your most common large breed dogs. 

The blend of memory and supporting foam relieves pressure off achy joints, and the excess fabric on top of this bolster bed is great for dogs who like to “nest” before they lie down. The sides of the bed are slightly raised for extra support. 

The cover is machine washable and easily removable, and both hair and moisture-resistant.

6. BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper


The BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper is on the budget-friendly side, at around $70 for the largest, 40 inches by 30 inches option. It has a super-cuddly, full and fluffy ring around the outside that’s 10 inches high, providing your pup a comfy place to lay their head and neck. The orthopedic filling is four inches thick. 

Made for dogs up to 100 pounds, the bed features a polyester, quilted cover that can be removed and washed. 


7. Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed


If you do think your pet would benefit from a raised bed that offers a little more airflow and a spot off the ground, you may like the Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed that starts at just $29. The largest size is 51 by 31 inches and fits dogs up to 100 pounds. The bed sits eight inches off the ground.

The bed is made from a breathable polyethylene fabric that’s flea, mite, mold and mildew resistant, but it doesn’t provide much in the way of support, so if that’s something you’re looking for, this bed might not be right for your dog.

8.  DogBed4Less Premium Orthopedic Dog Bed


If your dog likes to lie atop all your throw pillows, you may want to consider this bed, which is more of an oversized, overstuffed pillow than a mattress. The DogBed4Less bed is filled with shredded memory foam and sits about 10 inches high.

It comes with two covers, both water-resistant and in four colors, including brown, darker brown, light brown and gray. 

The jumbo size is 55 by 47 inches, and suitable for dogs up to 160 pounds, making it a great pick for even the largest breeds. 

The best part? It’s less than $100. 

I Bought the Dog Bed — Now What?

Don’t expect to buy a new dog bed, and your dog immediately jump for joy (although it’s possible). Some dogs take a while to get used to the idea of sleeping on their own dedicated bed. 

You can introduce your pup to their new sleeping area by placing some of their favorite toys in and around it, or by placing the bed in one of their favorite current sleeping areas, whether it’s by the couch, in the corner or at the foot of your bed. It may also help to put a familiar-smelling item on or near the bed, such as a favorite pillow or one of your own shirts. 

If your dog currently has another bed, you may try putting these items on the old bed first, then moving them to the new bed, one by one. 

From memory foam beds to egg crate foam beds, there are plenty of dog beds out there for your pup to love. If you have an extreme chewer, look for a bed with heavy-duty materials. If you have an older pup opt for a high-quality foam base to help ease any joint problems and give them a soft place to lay that won’t push on any pressure points.   

The best dog beds are the ones that your pooch actually uses.

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The 8 comfiest dog beds for large breeds:  

1. Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

2. Barkbox Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Dog Bed

3. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

4. Furhaven Pet L-Shaped Lounge Sofa

5. Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed

6. BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper

7. Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed

8.  DogBed4Less Premium Orthopedic Dog Bed

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