15 Eco-Friendly Subscription Boxes [Save Money & Our Earth]

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Subscription boxes have become more than just a fun way to spice up your life each month; they have become a way of life.

Who knows when you will be able to leave the house.

But with great products coming to your door, who cares? Despite the love we have for subscription boxes, we can’t be the only ones to wonder where all the packing from the subscription box craze is ending up.

It’s no question that our landfills and oceans are filling up with plastic.

Luckily, there’s a better way to shop that doesn’t come at others’ expense or the environment.

Eco-friendly companies like Mate the Label and Mighty Nest have paved the way for sustainable products. And now, even more companies have joined the push for sustainability and have offered subscription services to make your shopping experience memorable even more sustainable.

Ready to make the switch to a more sustainable lifestyle?

Let us introduce you to our 15 favorite earth-friendly subscription boxes.

Wellness Boxes

If self-care is what you need, look no further than these wellness boxes.

Love Goodly

Love Goodly co-founders Katie and Justine know first-hand how critical the right products are to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is why they created a company dedicated to helping women make better choices for their bodies.

Love Goodly boxes are filled with eco-friendly products that include skincare and clean beauty products, lifestyle swaps, healthy snacks and other wellness products to help you live your best life.

Boxes starting at $34.95  


  • Four full-sized personal-care products delivered every other month
  • Vegan and cruelty-free products
  • Access to non-toxic wellness products through the Love Goodly website
  • Each box purchased helps support the fight towards a better world through donations to various organizations



Causebox supports families all over the world by purchasing artisan products at a fair price. If you sign up for their season box, you will receive an assortment of socially conscious and ethically produced products.

From home decor to non-toxic beauty products and everything in between, you can be sure that you are getting high-quality goodies that are not available in your average supermarket.

Choose between the annual or monthly subscription and enjoy fair-trade products all year round.

Boxes available for $54.95 or $200 annually 


  • Annual members get to customize their box
  • Fair-trade products that support small-scale artisans
  • Access to members-only market to purchase Items

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Sustainable Living Boxes

New to living sustainably? These boxes are designed to help you make a slow and lasting change — perfect for beginners.

Mighty Nest


At just $11 a month,  Mighty Nest provides one of the most budget-friendly ways to start your transition to eco-friendly products. Mighty fix subscribers receive one full-size item each month to help reduce waste.

Mighty Nest offers products in a plethora of categories, but we are especially fond of their cleaning products.

Box available for $11 


  • Subscribers have access to special member pricing on all products at Mighty Nest
  • Recyclable packing
  • High-quality cleaning products that can match any chemical-ridden competitor
  • Easy options to gift to others for the gift that keeps on giving


Greenup concentrates on all things sustainable and is a jack of all trades. Subscribers will receive a bi-monthly box filled with ethically-sourced items to help reduce waste and live a life without plastic.

Box starting at $38.33 every two months


  • 4-6 ethically produced products delivered to help you switch to a sustainable lifestyle over a year
  • Themed boxes delivered to your doorstep six times a year
  • 3% of sales go to help small businesses and nonprofits clean up our oceans


This monthly subscription box stems from Spirit Wild Farm, a natural apiary and sustainable farm in Washington. The farm and Earthlove combine the consumeristic, cold and industrial lifestyle that so many of us have fallen for by bringing pieces of nature back into our lives.

Boxes are themed and delivered quarterly. Like it so much you want to share? You can choose to send an Earthlove gift box with a complimentary notecard.

Box available for $54.95 


  • 6-8 full-sized eco-friendly products and one book in each box
  • Online marketplace to purchase artisan goods
  • Beegan or Vegan choices
  • Organic and Non-GMO food selections
  • 100% post-consumer, compostable packing materials
  • 1% of sales are donated to nonprofits with an environmental focus


Shorebox specializes in zero-waste goodies for all areas of life. Subscribers will receive four items that are designed to help your household reduce plastic waste.

Boxes starting at $20.50 


  • Subscribers get to customize their fourth item each month
  • Shorebox will plant a tree for every box purchased
  • Sustainably sourced items that are cruelty-free
  • Vegan options

Food Boxes

The food you eat matters, and sustainably sourced food just is known to taste better. Enjoy the most refined flavors with these food and snack boxes.

Hello Fresh


Meal delivery kits not only save you time each week, but they also help keep your food waste to a minimum. Hello Fresh focuses on finding locally sourced ingredients to find you the highest quality ingredients.

The reason we love them? Hello Fresh keeps a close eye on their carbon footprint, which is 25% lower than store-bought groceries. This company also encourages and includes information on how to recycle their packaging.

Don’t want to stick it out forever? No worries. You can cancel your membership but keep the inspiration (and recipe cards) to save for later use.

Plans start at $7.49 per serving 


  • Rated #1 Meal Kit by USA Today for 2019 and 2020
  • Plans for 2-4 people
  • Recipes with nutritional information to save for later use
  • Discounts for healthcare workers
  • Free meals for new members

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Okay, this technically isn’t a subscription box. But we think this earth-friendly and vegan wine company deserves some recognition. And you can become a VIP member and receive wine delivered to your door regularly, so it sort of still counts.

We love Maivino wine because it’s sold in large pouches that stay fresh for up to 30 days.

And these pouches do more than keep your wine supply strong –– they also have an 80% lower carbon footprint than traditionally packaged wine.

Pouches start at $35


  • Supported the “Save the Grape” initiative in 2019
  • Vegan
  • Each pouch holds two 750ml bottles of wine
  • Recyclable pouches
  • VIP Subscriptions offer discounts on your favorite wines

Ryan Brothers Coffee Subscription 


This ecocentric family business in San Diego is making a big move towards sustainable, artisanal coffee production. What started with two brothers and a coffee cart has grown into full-sized establishments in San Diego, San Marcos and Temecula.

But it isn’t the story of overcoming obstacles or their deliciously crafted coffee that helps Ryan Brothers Coffee make our list; it is their commitment to sustainable water practices.

Where other organizations have created tremendous water waste in their coffee productions, Ryan Brothers has found creative ways to reduce their waste and thereby reduce their ecological footprint.

Subscriptions are available for tea, coffee and hot cocoa to match your needs. 


  • Emphasis on community redevelopment
  • Cold-brew on tap
  • Discounts on the coffee you love
  • Early access to special deals and events, both online and in-person
  • Custom frequency of deliveries that can be changed anytime

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is another nontraditional in our subscription box list. But it’s on here for good reasons, and we think everyone should know about this company.

Members can purchase anything from personal care products and home items to snacks, pet supplies and supplements. And no matter what type of goodie you are looking for, you can be sure that you are getting a discounted price that traditional retailers can’t offer.

And for every membership purchased, Thrive donates one to a family in need so no one has to worry about finding affordable options for the products they need.

Memberships start at $5/month, while monthly boxes are customizable to match your budget and needs


  • Food items for most diet types (gluten-free, keto, vegan, paleo, whole 30, etc.)
  • Thrive App makes it easy to manage your subscriptions and make changes
  • Specials and member gifts
  • Carbon-neutral shipping
  • Zero-waste warehouses
  • Recyclable packing

Urban Organic Gardener

When it comes to sustainable food, nothing beats growing it yourself. And you will have the tools to do just that when you sign up to become an Urban Organic Gardener.

With this subscription, you will receive seeds and instructions to get you started on your own garden.

A seed subscription box is also a great way to build up your seed bank & help you plan your future garden beds if you aren’t quite ready to dig up the soil just yet.

Boxes start at just $5 


  • High-quality heirloom varieties
  • Non-GMO
  • Custom seeds to match your garden space and location

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For the Whole Family

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to those we love. These boxes are geared to helping the smallest members of your household stay healthy and happy.

Montessori Box

Parents will be the first to opt out of loud, flashy toys for the kids. But as it turns out, science is here to back them up. Dr. Maria Montessori discovered that children have an innate sense to learn, it isn’t something we have to entice them towards.

She also stands by the idea that children learn as much from their environment as they do from their teacher. And thus the Montessori toy was born.

And to save you the trouble of shopping around, you can get specially crafted Montessori toys delivered to your home each month with the Montessori Box.

The toys in these boxes are specially designed to encourage children to explore, build and create. They don’t have the lights and sounds of other toys on the market, but they are sustainably made with nontoxic materials and will help your child’s brain develop in healthy ways. And that’s something to celebrate.

Boxes start at $76


  • Boxes geared for children between the ages of 0-3
  • Themes focus on your child’s development stage
  • All toys comply with the Toys Safety Standard Specification

Smart and Sleepy

Our kids grow fast, and their rate of growing out of their jammies is no exception. Help your kiddo (and really the whole family) sleep better by making bedtime something to be celebrated.

Smart and Sleepy subscription boxes deliver organic, eco-friendly jammies and a new bedtime story each month.

Unfortunately, you can’t return anything that doesn’t fit. So make sure to keep your child’s sizes updated in your account before receiving your box.

Box starting at $30 


  • Fun PJ designs that aren’t available in stores
  • Jammies and book choices tailored to your growing child
  • A portion of sales donated to charity

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Pet-Friendly Boxes

As your family makes the switch to more environmentally friendly and natural products, don’t forget to make the switch for your pets, too.

Pure Earth Pets

Pure Earth Pets was born after co-founders Leanne and John realized how much waste was produced in the pet food and treat industry. They wanted something more sustainable and something that they felt comfortable giving their dog Dover.

And now, with a Pure Earth Pets subscription, your dog can enjoy the same quality goodies without the negative environmental and health impacts.

Choose from the Dog or Puppy box for $34


  • Intentionally curated boxes filled with goodies that support small businesses
  • Researched toys and treats to give your pets the best

Eco-Friendly, Pet-Friendly Insect Protection

It seems like families have to choose to either cohabitate with all the insects or resort to dumping some chemical-conglomerate mini atomic bomb around the house. But not anymore.

While it may not have the most exciting name, this eco-friendly, pet-friendly insect protection subscription box features First Saturday Lime, which is a patent-pending pesticide that combines calcite and citric acid to provide a better alternative to your pest problem.

Use once a month to protect your home from the common pests: ants, aphids, fleas, ticks and more.

The box is available for $18.99 


  • Child, pet & bee-friendly deterrent
  • Safe for organic gardens
  • Never worry about when to apply — it’s in the name!

Make Good Choices

With so many eco-friendly companies, it has never been easier to live a sustainable life. And what can be easier than having all your items delivered to your door in recyclable packaging?

If you have been reducing your waste for years or are just getting started living a more sustainable lifestyle, we are sure these boxes will add something special to your household.

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The 15 best sustainable subscription boxes:

  1. Love Goodly
  2. Causebox
  3. Mighty Nest
  4. Greenup
  5. Earthlove
  6. Shorebox
  7. Hello Fresh
  8. Maivino
  9. Ryan Brothers Coffee Subscription 
  10. Urban Organic Gardener
  11. Thrive Market
  12. Montessori Box 
  13. Smart and Sleepy
  14. Pure Earth Pets
  15. Eco-Friendly, Pet Friendly Insect Protection

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