If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that quarantine is no fun. We should all be doing our part to social distance, which means staying at home and minimizing our contact with other people. But just because we’re stuck inside doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to have a little fun. 

We are.

Want to bring some essentials and some entertainment right to your door? Here are 9 subscription boxes to help you get through quarantine. 

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club


Unless you want to use quarantine as an excuse to grow a huge, bushy beard, you might want to subscribe to Dollar Shave Club. After all, you’re going to want to look good for all those Instagram posts and Zoom meetings you’re having from home.

Featuring razors, face scrubs and other grooming essentials, Dollar Shave Club is the best way to save money on shaving supplies. It was good before the quarantine, and it will still be good when life gets back to normal.

Sign up now for a $5 free trial (the trial box alone will get you by for a couple of weeks). Once the trial is over, it costs $44 every two months to have all of the essentials auto-delivered to your door.

Mind Wander

Mind Wander Box

Mind Wander is a subscription box designed specifically with women’s mental health in mind. Featuring products to help you set and achieve goals, boost happiness and decrease anxiety, this subscription is more relevant now than ever before.

Mind Wander subscription boxes will cost you about $40 per month, plus shipping. Or, you can sign up for the Mind Wander mini subscription for $19.99 per month.


KiwiCo Options

Looking for new ways to keep your kids educated and entertained during quarantine? The KiwiCo subscription box is loaded with STEM activities.

You can choose your boxes based on your child’s age and interest. From arts and crafts to science, engineering, and geography projects, KiwiCo is a great way to get your child to learn new things. And they'll just think they’re having fun. 

Prices range from $19.95 per month to $29.95 per month.

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Winc Subscription box

Like to unwind with a glass (or a bottle) of wine at the end of a long day? Winc may be exactly what you need to help you get through these tough times.

When you sign up for a Winc subscription you’ll need to answer a few questions about your preferences and palate. That way, they can send you wines you'll be sure to enjoy.

With a regular membership you can get three bottles of wine for $39 per month (plus shipping). Or you can sign up for an Insider Access Membership for $59.95 per month.


Birchbox example

Quarantine is no reason to abandon your beauty routine! 

Birchbox is one of the best subscription services around if you love to experiment with new products for your hair and skin. It’s also an awesome birthday present that keeps giving month after month.

For $10 per month, you can enjoy a selection of 4 to 5 sample products curated specifically for your skin type, skin tone, and hair type. It’s a great little pick me up, especially if you’re the adventurous type who’s always willing to try something new!

Escape the Crate

Escape the Crate

There’s no need to go to an escape room ever again, Escape the Crate brings the escape room concept right to your door!

If you love figuring out riddles, cracking codes and solving mysteries, this is the subscription box for you. It’s fun for the entire family, and it’s the perfect departure from the traditional game night of playing board games or video games. 

Solving one puzzle in the crate leads to another, and so on and so on until you solve the mystery and “escape the crate.”

The cost to subscribe is $29.99 plus shipping for a bi-monthly crate delivery with a new mystery in each crate. 

Elephant Books

Elephant Books Subscription Box

There’s no better way to keep the kiddos entertained than with some good books. Elephant Books is our favorite book subscription for kids that love to read and learn. 

Elephant Books allows you to choose between paperboard books for children 0 to 2 or hardcover books for kids 2 to 6. A one-month subscription costs $20.99, and you can save even more by ordering a longer subscription package.

Mask Box

Mask Box

No, we’re not talking about N95 medical masks … we’re talking good old fashioned beauty masks. When the quarantine is over, we’re all going to want to head out looking our best. And that’s what Mask Box is all about.

Facial masks have become a part of a lot of people’s beauty routines in recent months. And the more time we spend at home the more time we feel the need to pamper ourselves (just a little bit).

From full sheet masks to under-eye patches, you can select a box to match your skin type or suit a specific purpose, like anti-aging or hydration. Subscriptions range from $9.99 per month to $19.99, depending on the package you choose.

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Butcher Box

Butcher Box example

Chicken and beef have been in short supply in a lot of grocery stores lately. (Maybe all of our vegan friends are onto something). But the meat lovers at Butcher Box are also onto something, delivering the freshest cuts of beef, pork, and other proteins straight to your door. 

With a Butcher Box subscription you can customize your own boxes or select from a variety of pre-packaged boxes full of different meats. They offer five different options at different price points so you can get exactly what you like and nothing you don’t.

There’s currently a waiting list to join the service, so sign up now! 

What Are the Best Subscription Boxes for Quarantine?

No matter your age, gender, or interest, there are subscription boxes out there for every single member of the family. 

And when you’re not allowed to leave the house, getting a package at your door might be all you need to bring a little smile to your face.

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Apr 9, 2020

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