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The 8 Most Comfortable Bras [And How They are Actually Supposed to Fit]

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We are well aware finding the perfect fitting bra is no small feat.

Our bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and lucky for us every brand also follows different sizing guidelines.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to continue to wear an uncomfortable bra just because it’s difficult to find the perfect bra.

It means you have to measure, pay attention to the details and don’t settle for being uncomfortable.

We’ve all dealt with that painful protruding underwire, mangled hooks and bras that are too tight.

We are here to help you find the most comfortable bras and guide you on how to find the best bra.

How to Know if your Bra Fits Correctly

Woman looking at different bras

There are so many factors that go into a bra fitting correctly. And in order for your bra to be comfortable, it should be comfortable in every single area. We aren’t going to get into how many different shapes boobs come in, but trust us, it’s a lot!

You need to listen to your body. If it’s digging in one area, it’s not right. If the straps keep falling down, it’s not right. If there is a big gap between your cup and breasts, it’s definitely not right.


When fitting yourself for the band, try it on with the last hook and eye on the bra (the biggest option) this way over time if the elastic loosens you have the option to tighten it.

A well-fitted band will fit around your body but not restrict your breathing or anything else.


Your breasts should fit snug against your cups. If there is a gap, the cup is too big. You might be able to fix this by tightening the straps, but if there’s still some room between the girls and the bra cups, size down.

If you and overflowing out of the cup, you’re probably aware the cup is too small and you need to size up.

This also goes for side overflow; this tends to be because the cup is too small, not that the strap is too small. If you size up a cup size and you still have some overflow side boob, then you can try increasing the band size.


Your straps should fit securely on your body without leaving any marks from digging into your skin. They also should not fall down.

A well-fitted strap will stay in place.

Most straps are made out of elastic, which is why they are adjustable. If your strap is falling down it’s time to tighten it and if it’s digging in try loosening it up.

How Does Sizing Work?

infographic of woman measure bust
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Did you know a 34C, a 32D and a 36B are technically all the same cup size? This is called sister sizing. Bra sizes that all have the same cup size, but the band size varies. You can have the same size boobs as your sister but might be a little thicker which will require a bigger band size.

When measuring yourself for a new bra, there are two key measurements, you are measuring for a proper band size and cup size. Most straps are adjustable on bras which is why there is no measurement taken for them.

These measurements are normally taken with a tape measure.

Measuring correctly will leave you with your measurements with a number and a letter. To make things even more complicated there are different sizing parameters by country too. Basically, your cup size is determined by your underwire measurements.

But this handy chart makes it a little easier to digest and understand exactly where you fall.

Bras sizing chart
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Where Can I Get Fitted for a Bra?

If you do not have a tape measure at home or do not feel comfortable trusting your measurements there’s another option.

You can always ask a friend to help you. Or you can pop in any department or lingerie store.

A sales associate will gladly help you get your measurements and most likely they will bring you a few different bras to try on too. It’s important to recognize what feels right and what might not feel right about every bra you try on.

Remember, all stores tend to have a slightly different sizing guide. You could be a 36B in one and a 32C in another.

How Often Should you Replace your Bra?

Replacing your bra really depends on how often you are wearing it. If you wear the same bra every day you will need to replace it sooner, but on average, you should replace your bras every 6 months to a year.

Bras will stretch out over time and stop supporting you. It’s best to have a few quality bras in rotation for maximum wear.

How to Properly Wash a Bra

Woman washing bra

How often you wash your bra is similar to how often you replace it.

If you are wearing the same bra every single day you are going to need to wash it more often. Washing a regularly worn bra once a week is a good baseline.

Now, if you get super sweaty that dirty undergarment needs to go in the hamper immediately after you take it off to be washed.

Technically, to preserve and completely clean your bra you should hand wash it. But, we all know that probably won’t happen.

We recommend getting a dedicated lingerie laundry bag for your bras.

Not only will this bag help preserve your bras and keep them from getting tangled up with the rest of your laundry, but they will also be easy to remove when flipping to wash to the dryer.

Bras should NOT go in the dryer. Air dry every time. Heat is the enemy and can cause your bra to lose its shape and potentially size. Don’t ruin something you spent so much time finding!

What Makes a Good Bra?

A good bra is not only about how it fits but also how it looks.

There are different bras for different activities. A push up bra isn’t necessarily going to work best for under your t-shirt. And your everyday full coverage bra isn’t going to work for the strapless dress you want to wear for your upcoming date night.

Quality material, comfortable design and versatility make for a great bra.

We have rounded up the most comfortable bras from push up to maternity bras. No matter where you are going or what you are wearing we have you covered.

Most Comfortable Bra Overall: Warner’s This is Not a Bra

Women’s This is Not a Bra

With almost 4,000 reviews on Amazon, Warner’s Women’s This is Not a Bra is our top pick for overall most comfortable bra.

The t-shirt style bra comes in 27 different colors, offers complete coverage AND has an extra satin comfort wire system. This bra will not dig into your sides and you will not suffer from side spillage. It comes in sizes ranging from 34B to 40DD.

You aren’t going to want to take this bra off!

Most Comfortable Wireless Bra: True Body V-Neck Wireless Bra

True Body V-Neck Wireless Bra

This nearly seamless True Body V-Neck Wireless Bra is our top pick for the most comfortable wireless bra. Not only will you forget you are wearing it because it’s so comfortable, no one else will be able to see it through your shirt.

This bra has removable cups and a v neck and back that offer a pretty full coverage. This bra is available in XS (30 B-C ) to XL (38 C-D & 40 A-B).

Most Comfortable Plus Size Bra: Shapeez Shortee Back-Smoothing Bra

Shapeez Shortee Back-Smoothing Bra

Finding a great bra for big boobs is extremely challenging. Shapeez Shortee Back-Smoothing Bra is the most comfortable plus size bra for many reasons.

There’s no band in the back, which eliminates any back fat coming over your band and gives an overall smooth look. This bra does have an underwire and 4-way stretch that is moisturizing wicking so sweat does not pool throughout the day.

The only part of the bra that is adjustable is the straps.

But trust us, you will feel confident wearing this bra all day long because it doesn’t have any bra lines and you’ll look and feel smooth from any angle!

Shapeez does have its own unique sizing chart. Their sizing ranges from Small-A to 1X-DD. Make sure to measure properly before purchasing, you might be a different size in this line.

Most Comfortable Bralette: The Mesh Trim Bralette

The Mesh Trim Bralette

Lively’s The Mesh Trim Bralette is the ultimate weekend bra.

Sometimes you don’t want to put on a regular bra and this bralette feels like you aren’t wearing anything, but you have a little support. Plus, you probably don’t want to run errands with nothing on underneath so this is a great option.

It doesn’t have padding or a wire yet provides some support. This bralette comes in a few different colors so you can mix and match! Sizing comes in 30A-B to 38A-D.

Most Comfortable Underwire Bra: Warner’s No Side Effects Bra

Warner’s No Side Effects Bra

Warner’s No Side Effects Bra is equipped with extra panels on the side so there is no sideboob spillage. This underwire bra is free from elastic and extremely smooth, making it impossible to see under any top.

The No Side Effects bra does offer full coverage and support but is very flexible and light, which makes you forget there is an underwire in there supporting the girls. This bra comes in a variety of sizes from 34B to 40D.

Most Comfortable Push Up Bra: Lively The No-Wire Push Up Bra

Lively The No-Wire Push Up Bra

Everyone needs a quality push up bra in their collection.

The NoWire Push Up Bra from Lively is great because of its deep plunge making it a go-to for any occasion and any style top.

Not only is it wire-free it’s convertible to racerback if you need it. This bra is so comfortable you will forget you are wearing it, which is hard to do with a push up bra. Sizes range from 32A – 38DD.

You’ll feel confident wherever you go in this bra.

Most Comfortable Strapless Bra: Harper Wilde The Flex

Harper Wilde The Flex

Finding a comfortable strapless bra might be the hardest bra out there to find.

But, The Flex strapless bra by Harper Wilde is a game-changer. You can consider this bra a pillow for your boobs.

It’s super soft and has removable straps making it is easy to convert from a strapless to a regular bra. This would be a great bra for traveling because of its versatility.

This style comes in a few different nude tones and black so you can’t see it through your shirts. Sizes range from 32A to 42F.

Most Comfortable Maternity Bra: Motherhood Maternity Seamless Clip Down Maternity and Nursing Bra

Motherhood Maternity Seamless Clip Down Maternity and Nursing Bra

Finding a comfortable and supportive maternity bra is crucial. Mothers have a lot on their plate and the last thing they want to worry about is an annoying bra.

This Motherhood Maternity Seamless Clip Down Maternity and Nursing Bra is both comfortable and supportive AND super easy to transition for feeding time.

It offers medium support and it is so comfy you can even sleep in it. It Comes in XS to XL and in 3 different colors. The clip-down straps are great for nursing or pumping and nothing will be digging into you because this bra is wireless and seamless.

We completely understand bra shopping can be stressful and discouraging at times, but you should never settle for a bra that is not comfortable.

We hope you are able to purchase bras moving forward confidently. From bralettes to t-shirt bras it’s important to take the time and find the perfect fit for your body.

Comfort can be king even when it comes to your undergarments!

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