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The 5 Best Shoe Subscription Boxes [New Shoes Are Always A Good Idea]

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If you love shoes (and who doesn’t?) you probably already do your fair share of online shoe shopping. From Zappos to DSW to all the designer brands, one thing is for sure: there is certainly no shortage of shoes online! But if you love surprises as much as you love shoes, there’s another route you might want to go:

The shoe subscription box.

For a monthly membership fee, there are a variety of shoe subscription services that will send you fresh new footwear every single month. Whether you’re into heels, comfy kicks, or flip flops, here are five best subscription boxes for shoe lovers worth checking out.

What to Look For in a Shoe Subscription Box

Before you sign up for a shoe subscription, make sure you’re choosing the right service. Look for a company that has a wide selection of your style. Choose a subscription that fits your budget. Do a little bit of research to understand how the company chooses shoes for you.

And, if you’re really picky about what you put on your feet, make sure you’re willing to do some returns. You will inevitably receive a pair you don’t love, so be prepared to make some returns or exchanges!

As great as an auto shoe delivery service may be, you can’t expect them to get it right 100% of the time.


JustFab is one of the most popular shoe subscription services, but if you’re into luxury brands like Louboutin and Jimmy Choo, you’ll want to pass. The most expensive shoes at JustFab top out around $60.

On the other hand, if you’re a trendsetter on a budget, you’ll love it.

Here’s how it works:

You take a style quiz to tell your “personal” JustFab shopper what kind of shoes you’re into. Then, each month you’ll access a personalized boutique with various styles to choose from.

A membership costs $39.95 per month, so you’ll need to buy at least one pair of shoes each month. You do have the option to skip your purchase, but you have to do so by the 5th of the month, otherwise you’ll still be charged the $39.95.

You can create an account and join free of charge, but the first time you make a purchase, you’ll be enrolled in the VIP membership club. If you’re not happy with the service or selection, you can cancel at any time.

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ShoeDazzle operates in almost the exact same way as JustFab, and there’s a reason why: they are owned by the same company. In 2014, JustFab acquired ShoeDazzle, and while the two brands are run separately, they’re pretty much the same.

ShoeDazzle also costs $39.95, they have a similar selection as JustFab, and their monthly purchasing/skipping option is the same. In fact, there’s very little distinction between these two subscription services at all.

Our suggestion? If you’re thinking about subscribing to one of these sites, browse first to see which has a better selection for your particular style and taste! It’s pretty much a toss-up.


If you’re a sneaker fanatic with a passion for streetwear, Jetsole is the subscription service for you.

This subscription service offers both clothing and shoes. It’s a true lifestyle brand and it’s certainly not geared toward the budget shopper. The company offers three tiers of subscription service, with the least expensive option priced at $85 per month.

For $85 per month, you can subscribe to JetBox Gear – but you won’t get any shoes. Each month you’ll receive between 3-4 tees, hoodies, socks, or other accessories.

For $155 per month, you can enjoy the JetBox Premium membership, which does include shoes. This box includes 3-4 garments or accessories plus one pair of sneakers. Sneaker brands include the likes of Jordan Brand and Nike Air Max.

Want to step it up? For $265 per month, you can subscribe to the JetBox Elite plan. Featuring brands like Air Jordan Retros and Vapormax, you’ll get one pair of kicks each month as well as an entire outfit and 2-3 additional items.

To get started, select the service you want and input your preferences on your personal styles, sizes, and brands. Jetsole stylists will then take it upon themselves to customize a box for you each month.


Sneakertub Shoes

Featuring brands like Adidas, Nike and Puma, Sneakertub is a monthly delivery service where stylists select items for you. If you want to add tee shirts or accessories to your monthly package, Sneakertub sells a variety of different monthly membership services to choose from.

If all you want is sneakers, a $49.99 per month membership will get you a new pair each month.

Want to add some tees and accessories? Sneakertub offers other monthly memberships priced at $69.99, $149.99, and $259.99. The more you spend, the more goodies you’ll receive in each shipment.

Overall, Sneakertub is a pretty cool option, especially for guys who can never get enough sneakers, tees and hats.

Monthly Flip Flops

If you live in flip flops and love a lot of bling, MonthlyFlipFlops is the only shoe subscription you need. For $29.95 per month (plus shipping), a new pair of flip flops covered in rhinestones and glitzy embellishments will arrive at your door every month.

Flip flops range in style from classic flat styles to wedges to platforms. They come in all different colors with different stones and decorative details. You can set your style preferences, but you don’t get to choose your exact pair – they’ll be automatically selected for you.

Like almost all subscription services, you can cancel your membership at any time. And that’s a good thing, considering the flip flop selection here is rather limited and pretty similar from style to style.

What Are the Best Shoe Subscription Boxes?

Shoe subscription services are not for the designer footwear fanatic. With the exception of some of the sneaker services, most shoe subscriptions off moderately priced shoes.

You won’t find any designer brands or finely-crafted Italian footwear in a subscription box, but you will find thousands of trendy styles that won’t break the bank.

Before you subscribe, check out the site’s selection and make sure you understand their policies for shipping, cancellations, and returns.

And if you find a service that you love, you better make some extra room in your closet, there will be lots of new shoes coming your way!

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5 Best Shoe Subscription Boxes: 

  1. JustFab
  2. ShoeDazzle
  3. Jetsole
  4. Sneakertub
  5. Monthly Flip Flops

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