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We all have mornings where we struggle to find the right outfit for the day. Don’t let shoes be part of that equation.

Slip-on sneakers not only provide comfort and convenience, but they can quickly pull together any outfit. Whether you're in a rush, hate having to tie and retie your laces, traveling through airport security or just want to look cute and on-trend; slip-on sneakers are for you.

We have gathered our favorite slip-on’s from 2020. We promise not to judge you if you buy multiple pairs... 

Reese Quilted Sneakers

We are big fans of the classic all-white slip-on. Not only is an all-white shoe timeless you can wear it with anything. Target’s faux leather Reese Quilted Sneaker spices up any outfit. 

The quilted detail is a nice touch to a plain white look. This sneaker comes in four other colors (black, brush, grey and green); if you are worried about keeping your white sneaker clean.  

We suggest having a dedicated shoe toothbrush and dish soap on hand to keep these babies fresh. 

Vans Classic Sneaker

Vans checkerboard slips in maroon and white.

Known as the original skate shoe, everyone should own the classic checkerboard slip-on at some point. They were the OG of slip-on shoes. 

If you're not feeling the checkerboard, we like these Vans Unisex Metallic Sidewall Slip-Ons. They provide the same original look and feel like any other Van shoe, but shiny and neutral to match any outfit. 

If metallic isn’t your thing, there are plenty of colors to choose from and if you are only going to purchase one slip-on shoe, these are our favorites. 

Dr. Scholl’s Madison Sneaker

If you haven’t noticed, animal print is the number one trend for 2019. 

Dr. Scholl’s takes pride in the way your foot feels in the shoe and at the end of the day. This Madison Sneaker is no exception, with an anatomical footbed your feet will thank you at the end of a long day. 

Unleash your inner cheetah and start rocking these fashionable slip-ons.  

Chuck Taylor® Shoreline Sneaker

Another classic, Converse has been making sneakers for decades, but if you’ve ever owned a pair, you know you are constantly having to retie the laces. 

Don’t worry about tieing your shoes, these Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneakers have fixed laces and an elastic heel for easy wear. These all-American shoes look like the traditional converse sneakers and match almost every outfit, but require much less effort to wear.  

Superga Mule Sneakers 

Are classic-looking sneakers more your jam? These Superga Mule Sneakers look like regular sneakers from the front but are backless, which makes them ridiculously easy to slip on and off. 

These are great for quick errands, taking the trash to the curb and chasing your dog around the yard after the kids left the door open.  

Mark Nason Mayfair 

Looking for an athleisure slip-on? These Mark Nason Mayfair Sneakers are for you! They are on-trend with the 2019 animal print look but offer a laced casual feel. They have air-cooled memory foam for ultimate comfort. 

Go from the gym to the streets instantly in these kicks. 

Blundstone Thermal Series

Yes, we are aware these aren't sneakers. 

But, Blundstone Thermal Boots are a must-have this winter. These lace-free, waterproof slip-on boots will be your best friend no matter what the weather is like outside. Walkthrough puddles or snow piles with confidence in these boots. 

We know the price tag is steep on these boots, but they will get you through many winters and your feet will thank you. 


If you’ve never tried slip-on sneakers before, 2019 is the year to give this trend a try. 

It may change your life, or at least save you a few seconds when you are running out the door.

And we believe you can rock this look year-round!

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Nov 13, 2019
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