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The 18 Best Women’s Slip-on Sneakers

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We all have mornings where we struggle to find the right outfit for the day. Don’t let shoes be part of that equation.

Slip-on sneakers not only provide comfort and convenience, but they can quickly pull together any outfit. Whether you’re in a rush, hate having to tie and retie your laces, travel through airport security or just want to look cute and on-trend; slip-on sneakers are for you.

We have gathered our favorite slip-on’s. We promise not to judge you if you buy multiple pairs…

Dr. Scholl’s Madison Sneaker

Dr. Scholl’s takes pride in the way your foot feels in the shoe and at the end of the day. This Madison Sneaker is no exception, with an anatomical footbed your feet will thank you at the end of a long day.

Unleash your inner cheetah and start rocking these fashionable slip-ons.

Chuck Taylor® Shoreline Sneaker

Another classic, Converse has been making sneakers for decades, but if you’ve ever owned a pair, you know you are constantly having to retie the laces.

Don’t worry about tying your shoes, these Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneakers have fixed laces and an elastic heel for easy wear. These all-American shoes look like the traditional converse sneakers and match almost every outfit, but require much less effort to wear.

Superga Mule Sneakers 

Are classic-looking sneakers more your jam? These Superga Mule Sneakers look like regular sneakers from the front but are backless, which makes them ridiculously easy to slip on and off.

These are great for quick errands, taking the trash to the curb and chasing your dog around the yard after the kids left the door open.

Mark Nason Mayfair

Looking for an athleisure slip-on? These Mark Nason Mayfair Sneakers are for you! They are on-trend with the animal print look but offer a laced casual feel. They have air-cooled memory foam for ultimate comfort.

Go from the gym to the streets instantly in these kicks. These are also giving us running shoes vibes!

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 Vans Checkerboard Slip-On

 Vans Checkerboard Slip-On

The Vans Checkerboard Slip-On is a must-have if you’re into the old school ’80s look. These canvas slip-ons feature elastic side accents for the perfect stretch fit. A low profile design makes them ideal for wearing with everything from jeans to leggings to shorts.

Not into the checkerboard pattern? Vans also makes them in solid colors too!

Rens Original Women’s Coffee Sneakers

Love coffee? Love sustainability? Then you just found your perfect pair of slip-ons. Rens Original is a Finland-based company that crafts 100% vegan, 100% waterproof shoes from coffee waste. Laura from Rens Original shared, “Our sleek, fully-vegan eco-sneakers are 100%-waterproof, super lightweight and feature an easy slip-on design. The ‘kicker’ is that Rens’ full collection is made from recycled materials which makes it a highly-comfortable, unique and thoughtful gift”.

Adidas NEO Women’s Lite Racer Slip-On

Amazon has lots of Adidas sneakers for sale, but the NEO Women’s Lite Racer Slip-On is one of our faves! With a comfy, stretchy fit, these sneakers have a stylish mesh upper with rubber soles and three stripe accents at the heel.

They come in a variety of different colors, all of which are neutral and easy to pair with jeans, leggings or any of your other favorite casual bottoms.

Allbirds Women’s Wool Loungers

Machine washable and made from renewable materials, the Allbirds Women’s Wool Loungers might be the most comfortable shoes ever. Made from merino wool to regulate your temperature and keep your feet cool, these slip-on shoes feature a softly cushioned footbed and a comfortable slip-on sit.

You can wear these for running errands, taking a leisurely walk or lounging around the house – they’re perfect for any laidback occasion!

Cole Haan GrandPro Spectator Slip-On Sneaker

Cole Haan shoes are renowned for their mix of comfort and style, and the GrandPro Spectator Slip-On Sneaker is no exception. These slip-ons are crafted with premium leather uppers, rubber midsoles, rubber outsoles and elastic accents that make them super easy to put on and take off.

Available in solid colors as well as textured leathers and snake prints, these sneakers don’t just go with any outfit — they make the outfit!

Keds Double Decker Perf Suede Sneaker

With a foam footbed for extra cushioning, the Keds Double Decker Perf Suede Sneaker is perfect for wearing on any laidback day. Available in a range of pale, neutral colors, these comfortable slip-ons feature a perforated upper, a softly suede feel, and rubber outsoles. They have a timeless look that you can wear in any season, and they’re detailed with a small Keds label on the side.

There’s only one thing to keep in mind about these walking shoes: they are made from synthetic suede, so you won’t want to wear them in the rain.

Vionic Julianna Pro Slip Sneaker

If you like a pair of slip-ons with a slightly chunky, more sneakery feel, check out the Vionic Julianna Pro Slip Sneaker. This Vionic sneaker offers more than just a softly cushioned insole and arch support. These shoes actually provide orthotic comfort.

The mesh upper features a cool texture, while the outsole passes performance standards for service and on-duty shoes that need to be slip-resistant. And if you have a large foot or require a wide shoe, you’re in luck. Vionic sneakers are available in a wide range of whole and half sizes in both regular and wide widths.

Naturalizer Selah Slip-On Sneaker

The name Naturalizer is practically synonymous with comfort, but that’s just one reason to love the Naturalizer Selah Slip-On Sneaker. These sneakers are made with a suede and leather upper and feature a sporty, streamlined silhouette with a rubber sole and a molded midsole for total comfort.

Trust us when we say that these are not your grandmother’s Naturalizers. These have a cool, modern look that’s easy to pair with all sorts of pants, shorts and athletic bottoms.

Clarks Pawley Wes Sneakers

You’ll never have to worry about getting blisters on your feet as long as you’re rocking the Clarks Pawley Wes Sneakers. Clarks make some of the best slip-on sneakers ever, in part because they’re ALWAYS comfortable, in part because they’re stylish and chic, and in part because they wear well with time.

In suede with rubber outsoles, these sneakers feature ortholite cushioned insoles, round toes and a stretch elastic band that gives them a distinctive look.

Ilse Jacobsen Tulip Sneaker

There’s something about the Ilse Jacobsen Tulip Sneaker that makes us want to own them in twenty different colors. And that’s okay, because they actually come in more than twenty different hues.

These slip-on sneakers are sure to blend seamlessly into your casual wardrobe from neutral blacks and greys to bright shades of yellow, red and blue. They’re detailed with a teardrop texture with scalloped embossing, whipstitched details and thick rubber soles. They also come with removable cushioned insoles so you can swap them out for orthotic insoles or gel insoles, if that’s what you prefer.

Reebok Lite Slip-On Running Shoe

We absolutely love an excellent slip-on walking shoe, but slip-on running shoes offer the best of both worlds! The Reebok Lite Slip On Running Shoe is made with a mesh upper, an EVA foam midsole, a soft cushioned interior and a thick rubber sole.

If it’s a super sporty look you’re going for, these are a great choice. They’re the perfect addition to your favorite athleisure pieces, and though they have a chunky look, they’re super lightweight.

Whether you run miles every day or just want to look like you do, these sneakers are for you!

Rothy’s The Sneaker

If you’re an eco-conscious consumer that cares about how products are made, you need to check out Rothy’s. Not only is The Sneaker super comfortable and stylish, but it’s made from repurposed water bottles and crafted in a sustainable factory.

This sneaker has the look of a classic canvas slip-on, but it comes in a slew of colors and patterns that make it anything but ordinary. They’re seamless and knit to shape your foot perfectly, so you won’t have to spend a week breaking them in. You can also pop out the insoles and toss them into the washing machine to freshen them up.

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Skechers GOwalk Arch Fit Grateful Sneaker

If you’ve ever worn Skechers, you’re probably already a loyal devotee. If you haven’t tried them yet, the GOwalk Arch Fit Grateful Sneaker just may make you a believer. These easy slip-ons feature a knit mesh upper, an extra-supportive arch and a removable insole to keep your feet cool.

Easy to pair with all sorts of casual looks, these walking shoes are sporty and stylish – perfect for running errands, shopping or hanging out in total comfort.

SeaVees Hungtindon Middie

Most slip-ons have a low profile, but if a high top is more your style, you’ll love the SeaVees Hungtindon Middie. These kicks are made from soft suede and feature matching leather accents, a cotton canvas lining and elastic details that make them super comfy to wear.

Designed in a mid-height that hits at the ankle, these sneakers offer breathability with cooling airflow channels. That way, your feet won’t get all sweaty if you wear them all day long.

Blowfish Marley Sneakers

Do you love the look of a lace-up sneaker but hate having to tie and untie them every day? If so, the Blowfish Marley Sneakers are exactly what you’re looking for! These sneakers have an easy slip-on fit so you can wiggle your foot inside, but they’re detailed with crisscrossing elastic bands that actually look like laces.

They’re made with a canvas upper, a cushioned insole and a rubber outsole. Plus, they come in a variety of cool colors and patterns to add one-of-a-kind style to your casual wardrobe.

​What Are the Best Slip-On Sneakers for 2022?

In a year where most of us have spent more time at home than out and about, slip-on sneakers are a must! You can wear them with loungewear sets while you’re hanging out at home, wear them with jogger pants and hoodies when you’re running errands or team them with leggings and tees when you’re rocking an athletic look.

And when the time comes to head back out again next spring, they’ll look just as cute with all your favorite shorts, jeans and casual dresses!

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18 Best Women’s Slip-On Sneakers of 2022:

  1. Dr. Scholl’s Madison Sneaker
  2. Chuck Taylor® Shoreline Sneaker
  3. Superga Mule Sneakers 
  4. Mark Nason Mayfair 
  5. Vans Checkerboard Slip-On
  6. Adidas NEO Women’s Lite Racer Slip-On
  7. Allbirds Women’s Wool Loungers
  8. Cole Haan GrandPro Spectator Slip-On Sneaker
  9. Keds Double Decker Perf Suede Sneaker
  10. Vionic Julianna Pro Slip Sneaker
  11. Naturalizer Selah Slip-On Sneaker
  12. Clarks Pawley Wes Sneakers
  13. Ilse Jacobsen Tulip Sneaker
  14. Reebok Lite Slip-On Running Shoe
  15. Rothy’s The Sneaker
  16. Skechers GOwalk Arch Fit Grateful Sneaker
  17. SeaVees Hungtindon Middie
  18. Blowfish Marley Sneakers

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