Virtual Reality Games: 5 Great Games Made In 2020 [Updated]

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In a world where there are increasingly more video games to choose from, plus game prices rising time over time, how can players decide what is worth the dollars and what should stay on the shelf?

Should users stick to classic games that have years of updates and perfection, or take a risk on a game fresh out of its beta phase?

The tides have turned for gamers, with virtual reality quickly climbing the ranks as one of the most sought-after elements among games, entertainment and technology.

The innovation has come a long way since its first beta games and systems, and now VR enthusiasts have plenty of options to choose from in all things virtual reality. That, however, is not always a good thing, since gaming equipment can be expensive, not to mention how many games there are to choose from.

For gamers with modest budgets who prefer to cut past the trial and error, here are the best VR games to play, or to keep an eye out for, in 2020.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond VR to Drop Later This Year

Gamers who use Oculus Rift should definitely be on high alert for this one. Respawn Entertainment has been tight-lipped about their supposed up and coming VR game, and it’ll finally arrive in 2020.

The game puts players in the shoes of an Allied agent of the Office of Secret Intelligence, who works with the French Resistance to overthrow Nazis in World War II.

Gamers will enjoy a thorough and captivating campaign, followed by a lively online multiplayer realm that will feature a full arsenal of World War II weaponry.

Get Immersed in a Full Scape of Fantasy on Skyrim VR

Gamers who haven’t played The Elder Scrolls’ Skyrim have been missing out on a sprawling fantasy world with breathtaking depth and immersion, and with Bethesda Game Studios reimagining the game in a virtual reality form, the player experience skyrockets in quality.

Skyrim VR enjoys a mostly positive review base, bringing in over 80% positive reviews on Metacritic. Players commend Bethesda Games on the epic landscapes and storylines.

This is another one that Oculus players can snatch up, but the HTC Vive loyals can get in on the dragon-slaying and mountain exploring too.

Skyrim VR’s core game has been out since late 2017, giving Bethesda plenty of time to run it through several rounds of updates. Three game add-ons have followed: Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn.


Bring the Famed Television Series to Life with The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners VR

Having just launched in January of 2020 by Skydance Interactive, this highly-anticipated game doesn’t leave much to be desired. With a satisfyingly large open-world design, intriguing item crafting and a thorough dialogue, VR enthusiasts have grasped onto this new release with eager hands.

The survival/horror themes of The Walking Dead, combined with the almost-too-close-for-comfort feel of VR, is guaranteed to stand up the hairs on the back of players’ necks as they plunge knives into the hearts of the undead.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is sitting pretty on IGN and Metacritic, with 90% approval on the former and 81% positivity on the latter.

Oculus gamers are welcomed to this game again, with the addition of those operating on Steam VR. A systematic release of updates and bug fixes are sure to come on a game launched so recently, but Skydance still promises a thrilling user experience.

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Dominate Other Universes in No Man’s Sky VR

Hello Games really hit the jackpot with this release. The 2019 launch rallied a lot of anticipation for a game that was called the first of its kind. As an ever-expanding and constantly updated game, No Man’s Sky is an infinite experience of adventure, survival, and a top-notch virtual reality program.

Players get to gallivant from star to planet and back again, exploring uncharted realms and engaging in firsthand combat.

No Man’s Sky rakes in 90% gamer satisfaction on GameSpot, with most reviewers commending the developers for staying on top of the bugs that came with the launch of a game of its nature.

Updates occur regularly to ensure that users never have to visit the same planet twice. Most virtual reality players can engage in the voyage, including those running Oculus, Vive, and also Play Station Virtual Reality.

Superhot VR Caters to the Trigger Happy

Believe it or not, Superhot was a PC-based beta that launched seven years ago. Since then, Superhot Team developers have made massive strides in improving the game’s fast-paced first-person shooter theme.

The game fits seamlessly in the virtual reality world, where players can revolve in 360 degrees as fast as they can, taking down approaching enemies from all sides.

Users may want to clear their playing area of potential collateral damage before they dive for cover from an unfriendly fire because the levels progress steadily in increasing difficulty.

Gamers can battle the hoards with guns, ninja stars, or their own fists, if they’re using Oculus, Play Station Virtual Reality, or Windows Mixed Reality hardware.

It’ll Just Keep Getting Better From Here

Fortunately for virtual reality gamers, more and more developers are seeing the opportunity that lies in releasing a VR game. While for them it’s usually a profit-driven affair, for users, it’s all the more opportunity to enjoy the entertainment that VR has come to offer.

Some of the founding VR games continue to expand and improve, while new ones are announced almost constantly.

Whether a VR gamer is looking for an intensive role-playing experience, explosive hand-to-hand combat scenes, or a horror scenario thrilling enough to kickstart the heart, the virtual reality world has plenty to offer.

Reviews from the gamer community, footage from beta testers, and the amount of time since the game’s launch can typically give a player a good idea of what games would suit the VR experience they’re looking for.

Be sure to check that the game is compatible with the virtual reality hardware of choice!

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