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Top 5 Workout Headphones Under $50

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Headphone technology has come quite a long way in the past few years. Sweat-proof headphones with Bluetooth technology used to cost hundreds of dollars, but advancements in tech have brought those prices way down.

Here are the best workout headphones for under $50.

What to Look for In Workout Headphones

  • Water-Resistance – If you sweat a lot, this is even more important. Look for headphones with an IPX7 waterproof rating or higher.
  • Wireless – Cords can be a major tripping hazard in the gym and on the treadmill. While you won’t find many “truly wireless” headphones in this range, there are plenty of Bluetooth options on the market.
  • Secure Fit – If your headphones fall out while running, what’s the point?
  • Battery Life – The only problem with wireless headphones is that you have to charge them. Look for something with decent battery life (4+ hours), so you don’t have to charge them every single day.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo

I know I said there aren’t many “truly wireless” options in this price range, but this is the exception. Pretty much everything from Anker is high-quality, and the Liberty Neo earbuds are no exception.

The Liberty Neos are super lightweight (0.2 oz each) and feature 5 hours of playtime from a single charge. If the case is fully charged, you will get 15 more hours of playtime. They’re also highly water-resistant and fit like a glove in your ear, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out during reps.

Here’s another option from Tranya that is pretty similar.

Soundcore Sport Air

Soundcore is one of Anker’s sub-brands, so the Soundcore Sport Air is very similar to the Liberty Neos, except there is a wire connecting the earbuds. These also feature an IXP7 waterproof rating and great battery life (around 10 hours on a single charge). These are a little cheaper than the truly wireless version if your budget is tight or if you know you’ll lose wireless earbuds.

Anker Soundbuds Curve

Ok, I promise that this is the last Anker product on the list. I wanted to include the Anker Soundbuds Curve because they feature a wrap-around design, so there is no way they come off. Anker claims that these bad boys will last 18 hours (at 80% volume), and after only a 10-minute charge, you will have 3 hours of continuous playtime.

Otium Bluetooth Headphones

The Otium Bluetooth Headphones are a pretty blatant copy of the Powerbeats3, but the specs are pretty impressive considering the ultra-low price. I haven’t personally seen these in person, but they boast an IPX7 rating and 8 hours of battery life. Plus, they offer them in a variety of colors if you want to stand out a little at the gym.

TaoTronics Wireless Magnetic Earbuds

I like the TaoTronics Wireless Magnetic Earbuds mainly for the magnets that hold them together, so they don’t swing around when they’re not in your ears. The battery life (6-8 hours) and water-resistance (IPX6) are a little lower than other items on this list, but this is a reliable alternative if you don’t want to go with Anker.

If you’re willing to spend the $50, the Liberty Neo earbuds are definitely our top choice. If you want something that wraps around your ear, then go for the Anker Soundbuds Curves. And if you want some color and are willing to try out an unknown brand, the Otium Bluetooth Headphones seem like a pretty good option.

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