Celebrating your first anniversary is a big deal, but finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend or husband doesn’t have to be. Whether you want something a little out-of-the-box, classic or low-cost, you can find a one year anniversary gift for him that matches his personality perfectly. 

Creative One Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

hot sauce kit

If your guy is the creative type, look for one year anniversary gifts for him that will allow him to tap into that innovative or imaginative side. 

What about a brewing kit, for the guy who gets creative behind the bar? If he’s jumped on the latest hard seltzer craze, then this might be the perfect gift. This fermentation kit gives you all the ingredients needed to brew a high-quality hard seltzer that all your friends will rave about.

A DIY kitchen kit, for the guy who gets creative in the kitchen, can be a gift to the both of you (he gets to cook, you get to eat!). There are tons of options available for DIY cooking kits, so you can pick one that fits your husband’s tastes and skill level.

And if you think he could level up his photography skills past his iPhone pics, consider the latest Nikon D850 FX-Format Digital SLR Camera, for the guy who gets creative behind the lens.

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Unique One Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

custom photo of favorite song

Maybe you want a one year anniversary gift for him that’ll be totally unlike anything else that any of his friends have, something completely one-of-a-kind?

A Story of Us journal that tells your story could be a good way to go, as nothing’s quite as unique (or as special). This journal in particular has a sophisticated and upscale feel, with prompts so you’re not just left staring at an empty page, wondering what to write.

A sound wave print of your favorite song or a special phrase makes an eye-catching piece of artwork for your living space or his office. Everyone will want to know the special meaning behind this print and explaining its significance will give you the chance to brag about your honey.

A star chart recognizing a special date and place is another frame-able gift that’s sure to become a conversation piece. Capture exactly what the night sky looked like on the day and in the place that you two shared a special moment, whether it was your wedding night, proposal or your first date.

Budget-Friendly One Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

scratch off map

When looking for special one year anniversary gifts for him, you don’t have to break the bank to impress. 

For $24, for example, you can surprise him with a book that provides an easy excuse to go on more dates. This top-selling gift provides all sorts of ideas for fun and romantic dates that are mostly free or pretty affordable. You might find that you want to start using it as soon as you open the box!

If you’re looking for something that feels luxurious without being wildly expensive, personalized leather luggage tags, for $20, could be the way to go. If your guy travels a lot, either for work or leisure, these will make any piece of his luggage seem a little more upscale.

Similarly, for the globetrotting man, a scratch-off map to fuel his wanderlust, for $20, is a fun addition to an office or man cave. 

Classic One Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

custom cufflinks

While there are plenty of unique and personalized one year anniversary gifts for him you might choose from, sometimes you can’t go wrong with the classics.

A pair of classic cufflinks is an excellent choice for the guy who has to get dressed up regularly. You can find cufflinks made from a variety of materials, so you can make this classic one year anniversary gift something that’s a little more personal. You can buy cufflinks made from bourbon barrel wood, if he’s a whiskey connoisseur, or cufflinks created from reclaimed seats from the stadium of his favorite sports team. The options are almost endless!

Make a new engraved watch a more special gift when you add a hidden message. This watch isn’t only a stylish addition to his wardrobe, it also will remind him daily how much you love and appreciate him.

And, of course, you can’t go wrong with a new bag for work or travel.

A designer fragrance sampler pack, too, can be a good classic one year anniversary gift, and a choice that works for pretty much any guy, no matter how picky he might be. If you think you’re dealing with a guy who has it all and wants for nothing, then cologne is always a safe bet.

Outdoorsy One Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

man in hammock

Does your guy hear the call of nature regularly? Then consider getting him some gear to make his outdoor adventures more safe, fun and stylish.

For example — cargo pants. Only, we don’t call them cargo pants anymore. Zanerobe Golfshot Tech Pants are the way of the future. Water-resistant, quick-drying, stretching and with zip pockets, they’re a must-have in any outdoorsy man’s closet.

For the outdoorsy guy who considers the great outdoors to primarily be his own backyard, a Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock makes a nice one year anniversary gift. Plus, you can use it, too!

Keep him and his drinks cool no matter how long he’s out in the woods, on a boat or tailgating. A YETI soft cooler offers superior drink and temperature protection that keeps ice rock-solid for hours and hours (and hours). 

Is your man’s favorite green space the putting green? Then move the outdoors inside, with a Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green that he can enjoy no matter the weather.

And, if he’s yet to jump on the Apple watch trend, catch him up to speed with a handy new piece of tech that will keep him connected on the go, no phone required. 

Experiences One Year Anniversary Gifts for Him 

couple laughing with beer

Of course, some of the best gifts are experiences. This is especially the case if you’re buying one year anniversary gifts for a man who doesn’t really need anything and who you honestly would just like to spend a little more time with.  

A cooking class, for example, isn’t necessarily about the cooking, though it helps if one or both of you like to cook. Instead, it’s a few hours spent learning something new together, having a little fun and then enjoying a meal at the end.

Concert tickets to see his favorite band show you actually do pay attention to his music and you’ll gladly spend a few hours listening to a group that’s not quite your taste, if it makes him happy.

Airbnb getaways are an awesome option, as you can go as budget-friendly or luxurious as you like, and you can make the gift experience last for a few days rather than a few minutes. Even if you’re staying in your own city, getting away to an Airbnb puts you in a new neighborhood and offers you amenities you don’t have in your own house, like a hot tub or a cool balcony.

Passes for outdoor activities, like an annual National Parks pass or ski passes, also show you pay attention and care about his hobbies. 

Memberships can also be purchased for film centers, museums and nonprofits — so you’re not only benefitting a good cause, you’re also giving your guy a gift that lasts all year long! 

Worried You Won’t Pick the Right One Year Anniversary Gift for Him?

We’ve all been there, so feeling nervous is to be expected, especially on the big one year anniversary. 

But remember — the gift is only one part of the celebration. 

Don’t focus solely on just finding the right item. Make sure your one year anniversary is just as memorable because of the time you spend together.

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Jan 24, 2020

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