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The 15 Best Baby Shower Gifts [That Won’t Break the Bank]

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Choosing baby shower gifts can be stressful. You don’t want to deviate too far away from the gift registry, but you also don’t want to buy the parents-to-be something boring, like diapers.

However, you want to make sure your baby shower gifts are a good mix of both thoughtful and useful. Having trouble coming up with a good gift idea on your own?

Here are the 15 best baby shower gift ideas the parents in your life are sure to love.

Unique Baby Shower Gifts

If you’ve known the parents-to-be for a while, you don’t really want to show up to the baby shower with baby shower gifts that are the same ol’ thing that the dad’s random coworker could’ve picked out. You want something unique, something that shows you really know and care about the parents and their little one. So get them something that’ll be difficult to replicate.

A hands and feet casting kit could be a good option. Hand and feet casting is totally safe for babies and results in beautiful pieces of artwork that parents will treasure for a lifetime. It’s one of those things that parents always wish they had done with their baby… once their baby is a little too old for it. Make sure they don’t miss the opportunity.

Monthly milestone updates on social media are all the rage for new parents now, but if there’s one thing a harried new mother doesn’t need on her plate, it’s coming up with some sort of cutesy backdrop for her baby’s one-month milestone photo. Do the hard work for her, with this milestone baby blanket. It comes with the baby’s name already printed in the background and is an easy way for parents to get those darling photos they want, but without the hard work.

A keepsake library is another one of those things that parents wish they’d thought of after it’s too late. From baby’s first lost tooth to first pair of shoes to a favorite picture book, this little library stores it all, in a stylish kit that reminds parents to hold dear to all those precious firsts.

Best Baby Shower Gifts on Amazon

You don’t have to go to a specialty retailer to buy baby shower gifts if you’re in a hurry or trying to shop for baby shower gifts on short notice. Just order one of these best baby shower gifts on Amazon, for the perfect present delivered straight to your door.

A Hatch Infant Sound Machine could be the godsend the new parents in your life soon need. This device is not only a sound machine but also a night light and time-to-rise alert, which is a gentler version of an alarm clock for toddler and elementary-age children. It results in better, more restful sleep for a child, which in turn results in better, more restful sleep for that child’s parents.

A no-contact thermometer makes dealing with a sick baby a little easier, as you now no longer have to disturb a sleeping infant in order to take their temperature. This thermometer is silent, records temperatures from two inches away and even stores the last 32 temperature measurements, for accurate record-keeping of your baby’s health data.

It might not be the most exciting baby shower gift, but it is the most useful. A diaper caddy keeps everything in one spot — diapers, wipes, lotions, a changing pad — for quick and easy use for diaper changes. They can store it right next to the crib or bassinet for easy access if they need it.

Other baby shower gifts that aren’t super exciting, but will most likely be on every mom-to-be’s list is a stroller and a car seat. There are hundreds of shapes, sizes and features when it comes to both strollers and car seats. Check her baby registry before picking one out!

A diaper bag is a great baby shower gift. We love this leather diaper bag from Miss Fong because it is not only functional but fashionable. It comes in a variety of different leather colors, offers organized inner pockets to store burp cloths, diapers, teethers and more. This diaper bag can be worn as a crossbody bag or a backpack and is a lifesaver when parents are out and about.


Best Baby Shower Gifts Under $30

Baby shower gifts don’t need to be expensive. You can easily find something new parents will love for under $30.

Pacifier clips, you ask? Yes, pacifier clips. Have you ever been with a baby who’s lost their “baba” or in a situation where the pacifier is found, but is covered in dirt and germs, with no way to clean it? Chaos and crying ensues. That can all be avoided, with these pacifier clips that are not only functional but also fashionable.

For something on the sentimental side, a  “Letters to My Baby” book prompts parents to capture the small, sweet moments in life, the ones that seem mundane, but that are actually very meaningful. The 12 letters can be sealed and dated and then given to a child on a significant date, such as a later birthday or graduation.

Swaddling is important for new babies. It keeps them calm, helps them sleep and somewhat mimics the comfort and protection they might have felt in the womb. However, new parents aren’t exactly endowed with a natural knack for swaddling. A swaddle blanket makes things easier, helping parents swaddle with a few, simple folds.

Best Baby Shower Gifts for Moms

The baby shower gifts shouldn’t just be for the baby. Mom is going through quite a lot right now, too, and deserves a little bit of love.

Let her record the frustrations (and joys!) of pregnancy in this pregnancy journal that comes in a kit that also includes an ink pad for making baby prints, a moisturizer suitable for both mom and child and a teething ring.

Skincare is incredibly important during pregnancy. This skincare kit for babes with bumps targets stretch parks, promotes collagen production and fights hormonal acne. The kit comes with three different products, a cute carrying bag and an eye mask.

And, if you’re shopping for baby gifts post-baby (we’ve all been a little late to the party before, no worries), this new mom necklace featuring the baby’s name, birth date and birthstone is a super-cute option.


The Final Do’s and Don’t’s of Choosing a Baby Shower Gift?

  • Do include a gift receipt. The mom and dad are not required to like and keep every gift they receive.
  • Do keep in mind the recipient’s taste/style. Remember — you’re shopping for someone else’s baby, not your own.And if you really don’t know what to give a gift card is never a bad idea. First-year costs add up and a gift card is a great gift for the parents to pick up something they may have forgotten to add to their baby registry.
  • Don’t bring the gift to the hospital if you can’t make the baby shower. That gift is not the priority during that moment.

Celebrating a new baby boy or baby girl coming into this world is so exciting! But finding the best gifts can be challenging sometimes. Baby gear is fun to shop for, but always keep the mama in mind before you pull the trigger on a baby shower gift.

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